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Why Do Corgis Make Good Pets? How Good Are Corgis As Pets?

Why Do Corgis Make Good Pets? How Good Are Corgis As Pets?

As a fan-favorite dog breed, corgis can be found globally. People adore them, as it’s a never-ending cycle of fun and laughter whenever corgis do something. Not all people had the opportunity to meet a corgi, so they come to me, asking: “Why do corgis make good pets?”.

There are no universal answers to this question, as there are no two-of-a-kind corgis in this world.

We can only examine how corgis behave when dealing with others. Are corgis good with other dogs? How do they act in front of cats? Can corgis be a good friend to your children? Is it a wise idea to get a corgi when you get older?

No matter the circumstance, corgis will always tend to behave appropriately to the best of their ability. Of course, only if you taught them to do so. There are many benefits to living with corgis. Interested in finding out what those are? Don’t be shy and start scrolling down!

Do Corgis Make Good Pets?

Most young people, especially those who live in the United Kingdom, have close encounters with corgis. I suspect that many of them, who don’t own a dog, ask themselves do corgis make good pets?

There aren’t two identical corgis, but their personality will always be the same, no matter if they’re young or old. Corgis’ life is always the same; they will try to seek new adventures whenever they go for a walk from a young age.

It’s important to remember that corgis need a lot of fresh air and exercise, especially if you live in an apartment. All corgis that live in a small flat don’t have the luxury of going outside whenever they want. They can tolerate that, as long as you take them for walks, every day.

Corgis behave themselves whenever they go for a walk outside. Be sure to always put a long leash on them, as they will tend to run from one end to another to examine everything that happens close to them thoroughly.

A close encounter with other dogs might be difficult for most dogs, but not to corgis – they are playful with most dogs. Corgis never behave aggressively towards other dogs, as long as they don’t have a particular reason to do so.

If by some chance, an unknown dog starts to bark on the corgi or you, I guarantee that your corgi will bark back. They are incredibly protective and will give everything they have to negate the threat heading your way!

Corgis Are Capable Of Living With Other Animals

Not all people have the same preferences. Some prefer to have cats. Others are more fond of dogs. Some even have a high interest in having birds or other exotic pets. There are even people that like to mix different types of animals in the same household.

On that note, many people ask me how good are corgis as pets when they need to coexist with other animals? Luckily for them, corgis can coexist with other animals as long as you teach them to behave properly to those animals.

No matter what type of animal you want to have in your household with corgis, they will bond with them sooner or later. You will need to establish a set of rules that your corgis will need to follow to maintain a great relationship with other animals.

Corgis are intelligent dogs – start teaching them from a young age to behave when dealing with other animals. If you have a corgi and want to bring another dog to live with you, it’s necessary to provide them both with a space of their own.

All dogs are territorial animals, especially corgis. If you live in a house that has a backyard, try building two dog houses – one for your corgi and the other for its companion. In some instances, corgis will even be willing to share their own dog house, making them highly compassionate!

If you plan on bringing a cat to your house but have concerns about whether your corgi will accept the cat – don’t worry. Corgis are herding dogs; they have a strong instinct that forces them to protect weaker animals.

We all know that cats are significantly weaker than dogs. Corgis might be small, but they can successfully harm everything that puts their cat friend in danger. Cats even find the fur of corgis to be comfortable for them to sleep on, and corgis even allow cats to sleep on them!

Pairing birds with corgis might be difficult at first, but corgis will make a strong bond with time, even with them! Just make sure that you put the birdcage somewhere high, above the reach of corgis. They can get excited and potentially knock down the bird cage to release them to play with them!

Corgis Are Wonderful With Kids!

People that have kids, and want to have a dog alongside them, have a tough time choosing the right dog breed. As corgis are the 11th most popular dog breed globally, most people wonder – are corgis good pets to have with children?

Fortunately for them, every corgi adores spending time with kids, regardless of their age! Having a corgi alongside kids will prove beneficial in many ways.


  • Corgis are loyal dogs to everyone in the family, especially to kids. They are capable of reading the emotions of little children excellently, making them a great starter friend for your kids to learn from how to behave towards other animals.
  • Having a kid grow up alongside a corgi is good as corgis have a long lifespan, clocking from 12 to 15 years. They will be there for the majority of your kid’s life when they are still young.
  • When your kid grows up a bit and forms some muscles, he can start to take the corgi for walks around the neighborhood. Corgis have an average of 25 pounds, making them extremely easy to handle on a leash.
  • Corgis are known for being energetic – if your kid is training a specific sport, you can count on corgis to follow them, step by step. They are excellent for going on long runs, as they have formidable stamina.

Babies require lots of attention. It’s unreasonable to think that you should stay with your baby 24/7. Whenever you go to the toilet, to take a quick break, or go to the kitchen to check on the oven, you can count on corgis to stay close to your baby and protect them without question!

Corgis Are Great Even With The Elderly!

In most countries, when people turn 65, they officially retire from their jobs and start to live a more carefree life. Having a lot more free time for themselves will make them wonder what to do with all of that free time.

Most of them start to look for some new hobbies, like traveling the world or reading all the books they never had the time to read. Whenever older people come to my place, asking for advice on what dogs they should adopt, I always offer them corgis as a safe pick.

That might seem odd at first, but hear me out:

  • Corgis are capable of adapting to every known situation. Even if you are living in a small flat, as long as you love them, they will stay forever by your side. 
  • Some older people will want to keep their bodies in shape but won’t have the will, every day, to go out and exercise. Corgis will help them out, as they will nag their owners, all the time, to take them for walks.
  • Corgis are gentle dogs and will try their best to match the speed of the people that have them on a leash. Whether they are fast or slow, corgis will always be considerate and won’t run anywhere.

Most dogs tend to get sick easily. The elderly shouldn’t have to worry about such things and should only get dogs that will be healthy at all times. Luckily for them, corgis are precisely that – as long as you feed them properly, they won’t have any health-related issues!

Don’t get me started on the corgis’ diet! Just by stepping into your local pet shop, you will undoubtedly have a variety of different commercial dog food that will be optimal for your corgi.

Most kibbles are made of animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, and some traces of fats. All of these components are necessary for corgis to eat. Fortunately, dry dog food for corgis isn’t expensive; just make sure that you buy the right amount, as corgis enjoy eating a lot of food!

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Why Do Corgis Make Good Pets? – Closure

As you can see, there are many good reasons to consider getting a corgi as your companion. To those that haven’t paid enough attention, if you ask yourself why do corgis make good pets, you will discover a phenomenal friend for yourself.

Corgis are adorable pets that will cuddle with you whenever you are in a mood to do so! With every passing minute, a corgi will fall in love even more with you, as they tend to look at us, the owners, as angels, sent directly from heaven.

If you plan on getting a new animal and pairing it with a corgi, I guarantee that you won’t have any problems with that. Whether it’s another dog, a cat, a bird, or something even more exotic, corgis are capable of bonding with everyone, as long as they respect them.

Offer corgis some sweets, and you will have yourself a loyal friend that will stay by your side for the rest of their life!

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