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15 Corgi Mixed Breeds (with Pictures)

15 Corgi Mixed Breeds (with Pictures)

We all know and love corgis. They are dogs that have gained the most popularity over the past few years, so if you don’t own one or don’t know someone that does, you’ve probably seen the adorable clips and pictures that these dogs bless us with.

Sometimes people (intentionally or unintentionally) mix corgis with other breeds for some amazing and surprising mixed breeds.

Today, we are going to present you with 15 corgi mixed breeds that have been the most popular when it comes to non-purebred corgis. All of these mixes are relatively known, meaning that they’re a bit more common than some other mixed breeds that involve corgis.

Without any further stalling, let’s jump in and see these amazing mixed breeds that involve corgis and some fun facts about them!

1. Corgi Terrier Mix = Corrier

A terrier is quite a popular breed to mix other breeds with. There are countless (now independent) breeds that have started as a mix of terrier and something else.

Well, let’s bring it back to corgis. It’s only natural to mix a corgi with a terrier since both of these breeds are high-energy and love to play around. This mix provides you with an energetic and loving dog perfect for physically active people and families!

2. Corgi Lab Mix = Corgidor

Two of the most popular house dogs are corgis and labradors. Mixing these two is as logical as our previous mix. Both of these breeds are quite careful and loving, although corgis do provide with a strong character that is mellowed down by the lab genes.

This mix is starting to become quite popular since the size of corgidors is perfect for families with both limited living space & a big backyard.

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3. Corgi Pomeranian Mix = Corgipom

This mix makes complete sense to people that love the pomeranian spitz. These small dogs with big characters do tend to be seen in public in some fabulous handbags rocking some authentic outfits.

Mixing this with an energetic corgi might result in a dog that has a strong character that will need some work, but will leave you with an obedient and loving dog that’s smaller than a regular-sized corgi. Some would say that these are fun-sized corgis!

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4. Corgi Border Collie Mix = Borgi

The border collie is a working dog that seems to never run out of energy. Reminds you of someone? Yes, that’s right – corgis number two! Both of these breeds are high-energy working herding dogs and they come from a similar region!

When combined, these two breeds provide you with an excellent mix that’ll leave you gasping for air after a long walk while they still have enough energy to play and jump around. If that’s not your “cup of tea” then you should consider some of the other mixes on this list.

5. Corgi Siberian Husky Mix = Horgis or Siborgis

Corgis are loving and attention-seeking dogs on their own, but when you mix them with a Siberian husky, you get a mix that’s impossible to stop petting!

This mix is characteristic of their loving character and excellent behavior around children. Like with the previous mix, both of these dogs are working dogs so you have to expect high energy levels when dealing with them.

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6. Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix = Auggie

Aussie shepherds are known for being one of the best herding breeds out there. Their instincts for protecting their own are extremely conspicuous and easy to notice. When you add corgi genetics into that mix, you get an awesome family and protection dog.

Besides providing you with protection, they provide their owners with endless kisses and cuddles all day long. These dogs love attention and will do anything to get it. This makes them easy to train and get along with. Just don’t ignore them!

7. Corgi Shiba Inu Mix = Corgi Inu

Now we’re getting to the mix of two of the most popular dogs breeds in the last couple of years. Goofy videos surfacing all over social media of corgis or Shiba Inus. These dogs are similar in character and are both very energetic.

Mixing them leaves you with endless materials of goofy videos to share with all your friends on social media. These dogs have amazing characters, and when mixed they are a real treat for anyone that comes into contact with them.

8. Corgi Dachshund Mix = Dorgis

Besides having probably the best name on this list, this mix is quite often seen as the best one that involves corgis. Both of these dogs have short legs with a lengthy body which is accented pretty well when you mix them.

But, the amazing looks aren’t everything. This playful and joyful mix is perfect for anyone that’s living in a limited living space and has small children or other pets. A dorgi is always ready to play and have an amazing time!

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9. Corgi Chihuahua Mix = Chigi

Chihuahuas are often seen as aggressive and loud dogs, but that’s not entirely true. Gaining some size from being mixed with a corgi, Chigis get the confidence they need to tone down their (quite loud) barking.

Much like when mixed with a Pomeranian spitz, you get a dog that’s not quite the size of a corgi, but small enough to be easily carried around town. Amazing companionship is what this mix is often known for, so if you want a dog that you won’t be able to separate from, this is your mix!

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10. Corgi Beagle Mix = Beagi

Similar size is probably the only thing people would say that these two dogs have in common, but that’s not exactly true! Although beagles are hunting and not herding dogs, both of these breeds are known for their high energy levels.

A beagle seems to never get tired, and corgi is a perfect mix for that. Sometimes lazy, sometimes hyperactive, you never know what you’re going to wake up to. This mix is amazing for people who love casual walks or hikes and need a companion in their adventures.

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11. Corgi Queensland Heeler Mix Called = Cowboy Corgi or Corgi Cattle Dog

This is probably one of the most well-known dogs containing corgi DNA on this list. People often get this mix and recognize it as a separate breed, but that’s not exactly technically true. This is not a recognized breed, although quite popular in the last few years.

Corgi cattle dogs are famous for having the body of a corgi, and the freckles/coat of a Queensland heeler. Their authentic looks provide them with a popularity that’s probably as high as one of the corgis alone.

12. Corgi Schipperke Mix = Corgi Schip

The third mix of corgis with smaller breeds indicates that people really enjoy and love these miniature corgis that have some additional characteristics of breeds they’re mixed with. Schipperke genes provide this mix with very high energy levels and restless character.

A debate about are these dogs spitz or mini herding dogs leaves us in a debate about what to tell you, but one thing is certain – you’ll love your potentially black mini corgi!

13. Pitbull Corgi Mix = Corgi Pit

In spite of Pitbulls being stigmatized as aggressive dogs, people have shown that they are quite the opposite. When mixed with a corgi, you get a loving furball that never leaves your side and makes a scene every time you stop petting them.

This mix is not well-known like some other mixes on this list, but we assure you that it’s one of the best mixes for young families and people that work from home. The endless stream of love and care that these dogs provide their owners with is unmatched!

14. Corgi German Shepherd Mix = Corman Shepherd

We can all agree that the German Shepherd is the most popular dog breed in the world. This means that this is the combination of two of the most well-known dog breeds out there. Although logical to some people, others don’t seem to find this mix logical.

German shepherds are quite bigger than corgis, but that’s what makes this mix so amazing. Both of these are working dogs, and having a corgi that’s a bit bigger than purebred with the characteristics of a German shepherd is amazing for active people that love to exercise.

15. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Jindo Mix

The only mix that doesn’t have an amazing nickname on this list doesn’t mean that it’s the rarest or the least popular. This mix isn’t seen as much as some others on this list, but it certainly isn’t rare either.

Jundo is an amazing breed that’s gracious and well put together, while corgis are energetic and with a strong character. When mixed, these breeds leave you with a dog that knows when to act gracious, and when to get dirty and play in the mud. They’re extremely easy to train and they’re extremely well-mannered.

Final Thoughts

All dog breeds have some characteristic physical and mental traits, and when mixed with another breed you get a totally different experience.

All of these 15 corgi mixed breeds are amazing in their own way, so if you don’t know with which one to go, and you don’t have limitations such as tight living space, we’d say that you won’t make a mistake going with any one of these mixes.

In addition to that, you can pick and choose what mix best fits you, so you can keep some of the characteristics of corgis while mellowing down their “tougher side” with a mix that’ll suit you the best.

Finally, we have to tell you that none of these breeds are recognized by any major dog or corgi associations in the world, but we’re also here to tell you that that shouldn’t worry you nor impact your decision.

A dog is a dog, and it’s special especially if they contain some corgi genetics! So, don’t worry about what other people say and go with the mix that’ll best suit you and your loved ones!

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