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Can Corgis Go On Hikes? Are Corgis Good Hiking Dogs?

Can Corgis Go On Hikes? Are Corgis Good Hiking Dogs?

As you all know, corgis require lots of love and care. Most of that stuff comes, primarily, in the form of providing them with a proper food regime. Don’t think that the job is done as soon as you put the food in their bowl!

You need to provide your corgis with fresh air and exercise daily. Many different questions come to mind, one of those being: Are corgis good hiking dogs? Can you take them to the mountains?

Despite all odds, corgis have enough strength to endure the harsh terrains in the forests fully, but only after they come of age!

What is the optimal age for corgis before you can take them for a hike? Is there some stuff that you need to bring with you before you start your car’s engine? Can something bad happen to your corgi when they begin to travel throughout the forest?

One thing is certain, all of your concerns will be put at ease as soon as you start to read this article. What are you waiting for – start scrolling down!

Can Corgis Hike? Prepare Your Corgi For A Hike

I always like to recommend my clients only to adopt corgis if they can provide them with a spacious place to live in. The most preferred one is a house with a large backyard. An apartment isn’t particularly optimal, but with enough effort, you can work it out with your corgi!

For all of you who have a corgi, especially those who live in a small flat with your dog, it’s essential to exercise with your corgis daily. Sometimes, you will get bored with just taking your corgis for a walk around the neighborhood. Even bringing them to the dog park isn’t a perfect solution.

That might prompt the question, can corgis go on hikes?

Corgis are intelligent dogs – they crave activities that will challenge them in more ways than one. Although most exercises require corgis’ muscles, sometimes they need to use their brain to overcome more complex tasks.

Taking corgis for a walk every day, using the same route every time, will shortly become boring for both you and your pup. You must spice things up a bit; once in a while, take them to a new place to discover new stuff!

Most people don’t know what to do and where to go with their corgis, so I like to tell them to take their corgis for a hike. Not all people have the opportunity to live in the mountains, but luckily for them, there will always be a mountain somewhere close by.

The Earth is a fascinating place – it offers us beautiful landscapes to overcome. Be generous and take your corgi for a hike so that they can also enjoy the beauties of this world. Before you start your journey, it’s required to prepare everything necessary for a safe hiking session.

A common question many people have is can corgis hike when they are still young.

First things first, never take your corgi for a hike if they are young. Puppies don’t have enough stamina necessary for a long hiking session. On top of that, it gets pretty complicated for them to walk with all of the tree roots that have sprung out of the earth in the woods.

Corgis need to first come of age to be able to conquer those rough terrains. When you celebrate the third birthday of your corgi, you can start taking them for hikes. Going on hikes with your corgi before that can be dangerous – be patient and wait a bit!

Before you start your car’s engine, make sure that you bring enough water for both you and your corgis. Conquering the woods is nearly impossible without a reliable source of water. Although we don’t crave water that much, corgis get thirsty all the time!

Whenever discussing the importance of water, it’s necessary to point out that food is also needed for a successful hike. Corgis require eating three meals in a day, and it can easily occur that one of those meals will overlap with the moment when you are hiking somewhere in the wilderness.

Never allow your corgi to skip meals, especially if you bring them somewhere where they need a food source to sustain themselves. Take a couple of cups of commercial dog food with you to offer your corgi with food when the time comes.

Some people even go to extended lengths and sleep the night in the forests whenever they go hiking. Sleeping somewhere in the wild with your corgi will bond you two together even closer. Just make sure that you bring a spacious tent for both you and your pup.

When You Arrive At Your Hiking Spot

Leaving a single thing behind can be a problem when hiking with a corgi, sometimes even forcing you to return home to get it. Don’t spoil the fun for both you and your corgi, and be sure to bring everything necessary for a successful hike with your corgi!

After you arrive at the spot where you will park your car, make sure that you leash your corgi before opening the car’s door. Leashing your corgi will be handy, as all corgis will get too excited whenever they realize that they have arrived somewhere new.

In the midst of all of that excitement, your corgi might rush out of the car before you even realize it, making it difficult to catch them later. You need to understand that other people will enjoy the beauty of the mountains alongside you and your corgi.

Some of them might even bring their dog with them. You must leash your corgi before getting it out of the car to prevent him from rushing to other peoples’ dogs. You never know how the other dogs will react to that – might even register that as a potential threat to their respective owners.

Don’t spoil the fun for other people – train your corgi to behave appropriately at all times. There will come a time when you will take the leash off your corgi to let it roam freely throughout the forest. 

Never allow your corgi to run too far without your permission. Many people wonder are corgis good at hiking, knowing that they have short legs.

Always make sure that you keep an eye on your corgi. They might have short legs, but that won’t stop them from charging at something appealing to them. Corgis adore exploring – there will always be something new to discover whenever you take them for a hike.

Pay close attention to what your corgis are doing whenever they get a bit further from you. Many bugs in the forest won’t be particularly happy if a corgi notices them. Ants especially are short-tempered and won’t tolerate any corgi trying to dig into their anthill.

You need to prevent your corgis from digging in those locations, as ants can get angry if a dog attacks their main base. Alongside most other bugs, ants have their set of attacks that they use to defend their lives. Some species of ants will bite corgis to the point where it can get hazardous.

Although corgis have good stamina, they will get tired eventually. Alongside the question are corgis good for hiking, many people ask me what to do with their corgis when they get too tired to walk on their own.

As the question suggests, if your corgi can’t continue to walk effectively on its own, you should pick him up immediately. Never force them beyond their natural capabilities and listen to them at all times. There might be some kind of a problem as to why corgis can’t continue to walk.

Usually, some cuts on the tip of their paws will occur. The rough terrain that trees provide for them is fully packed with thorns and other sharp objects. If your corgi shows some signs of hobbling, make sure that you inspect its paws immediately.

You can significantly decrease corgis’ chance of damaging their paws if you spray them with some paw wax. Use the paw wax to spray the corgis’ paws before, during, and after every hike, as the spray will moisturize their paws, making them less susceptible to any form of cuts.

Follow all of the stuff above to ensure that you never have any trouble going on a hike with your beloved corgi. Accidents happen from time to time – it’s your duty to educate yourself properly to make sure that you decrease the chance of any unfortunate events from occurring!

Are Corgis Good For Hiking? – Closure

Corgis are gentle dogs that will expect you to pet them all the time. Not only that, a walk to the park will always be at the top of their expectations. Sometimes, corgis will get bored from taking the same route every day. Help them out by asking me are corgis good hiking dogs.

Contrary to some beliefs, corgis are perfectly capable of going on hikes! Most of them will be shivering with joy when they start to realize that you are taking them to the forest. Corgis will enjoy every second whenever they find themself searching for new stuff to do while hiking.

Make sure that you bring every resource necessary for a successful hiking session with your beloved corgi. A reliable source of water, some food, paw wax, tent if you plan to sleep in the forest with your corgi, and much other stuff listed above!

Don’t be shy and put a leash over corgis’ necks. Mix things up and turn your car wheel to the left, where your local mountain is located. Take them for a hike once in a while, and I guarantee that your corgi will be thankful!