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Do Corgis And Labs Get Along?

Do Corgis And Labs Get Along?

I bet that every time you take your beloved corgi for a walk, you have some issues. They don’t like the collar or the leash is too tight; it’s always something with those goofballs. Especially when you arrive at your local dog park, where dozens of different dog species are.

Watching other dogs behave properly makes you wonder if there are any compatible types of dogs for your corgi. 

As Labradors are one of the most commonly seen dogs in the world, it must have crossed your mind: “Do corgis and labs get along?”

There are no universally accepted answers to that question as all dogs have a personality of their own.

We can only seek the experience of educated breeders who have a long history of managing corgis and labs simultaneously. Luckily for you, I am one of those breeders, and I am here to share all of my knowledge with you that I’ve collected throughout the years.

Take a break, get your corgis, and venture through this article that will help you out with finding them an optimal pet friend!

Initial Thoughts About Corgis and Labradors

Big Ben isn’t the only thing that originates from the United Kingdom – corgis and labradors also do. It is safe to assume that encounters between these two species are regular daily out there.

The fact that corgis and labs are still widely spread around the UK should give you a glimpse at what I’m trying to get to. As neither breed took the lead in the general population, they represent a compatible duo, whether they live together or meet on the streets only.

I’ll mainly speak of Pembroke Welsh Corgis as they are the fan-favorite ones (even I’m guilty of having a couple of them!). 

They belong to the pastoral or herding groups of dogs. That means that they have a predatory instinct. Through modifying their behavior, humans have been able to groom them into becoming herding dogs steadily.

That is done by altering corgis’ instinct to treat livestock as prey but keeping their natural hunting skills. By doing so, they have become one of the best pastoral dogs currently present among them all.

Interestingly, comparing corgis and labradors side-by-side, you will encounter similar traits all around the place. Labs belong to the group of gun dogs. That group divides into three primary types:

  1. Flushing dogs
  2. Pointing breeds
  3. Retrievers

Labs represent the third type – hence labrador retriever. They are typically used in waterfowl hunting, a practice of hunting mainly geese and ducks. It is their job to follow the point of the gun calmly, and when its owner shoots down a bird, they need to remember the location of the fallen bird.

Don’t let their instinctual behavior discourage you; these days, they are mainly used as house dogs. Their character is the same as tossing a coin in the air; on one side, you have a hunting dog, but on the other, you have a phenomenal pet that will love you dearly his entire life.

With a bit of mismanagement in the raising of corgis and labradors, there will be a possibility of developing unwanted behavior. With that in mind, I’ll address their crucial similarities and differences and how they affect their relationship.

The Behavior Of Corgis

It’s not a big secret why so many people choose corgi pups; as a playful and happy dog, it makes them an ideal home pet. If you plan to have kids soon or have them already, corgis will help you out with them as they are caring and will always profoundly connect to small children.

If you find yourself in a risky situation, you can count on your corgi to jump into the fire and help you out. They are extremely loyal dogs that don’t fear nearly anything. It is funny when you think about that as they are small-sized dogs. If superman wanted a dog, I guess that he would take a corgi!

A bond between you and your corgis will start to form as soon as he lays his eyes on you for the first time. As long as you continuously love and respect them, they will undoubtedly return the favor. Corgis are loyal companions and won’t ever consider leaving your side.

Even at their youngest age, they will exhibit their tendency to eat all the time. Corgis are greedy creatures, meaning that they won’t stop eating until their bowl is empty

That can lead to some serious troubles if you don’t address them on time. It is necessary for you, as the owner, to force them into an obedient state at all times. Teach them to never bark or growl towards you as they eat by sticking your hand into their bowl to make them realize that you are the boss.

They require lots of attention because they are needy. I advise you to keep a close eye on them even in their early days as they tend to grow into grumpy and sometimes aggressive dogs. Correcting bad habits is hard, so teach your corgis from day one to behave themselves properly!

The Behavior Of Labs

There is a reason why Labrador retrievers are constantly on the top of every list as the most commonly picked species of dogs. They don’t require much attention regarding their behavior as they are extremely friendly towards anyone.

If you love going on long strolls in your free time, then consider labs as your plus two. They are energetic dogs that will appreciate every kind of exercise, no matter how heavy it may seem. It is their job to follow you to the end of the earth if necessary!

Labradors are brilliant dogs. They are highly interested in learning tricks and commands. Keep in mind that you should start teaching them at a young age, as older dogs have less interest in those things.

Heck, they try to make friends with everything from inanimate objects to dogs actively attacking them! That represents the main reason why labs are an ideal partner for your corgi. With corgis’ tendency to sometimes heavily nag other dogs, it can be challenging to find them a suitable friend.

Labradors will tolerate every irritating behavior that corgis exhibit.

Size Difference

Corgis and Labs differ from one another in terms of size. I’ll provide you with a side-by-side comparison of their attributes:

Average weightMale and female: 27.5 pounds (12kg)Male: 67.5 pounds (30.5 kg)
Female: 62.5 pounds (28.5 kg)
Average heightMale: 11 inches (27.5 cm)
Female: 10.5 inches (26.5 cm)
Male: 23 inches (58.5 cm)
Female: 22 inches (55.5 cm)

Let me remind you; corgis are always nagging other dogs.

It’s funny when you realize that they will try to do so even with labs. Just look at the weight and height difference; labs are more than twice as large as corgis. It makes you wonder – are corgis incredibly courageous or just unaware of their size!

Still, there have never been any reported cases of labradors attacking corgis, even with ones that share the same household. I can guarantee that as I do simultaneously have a couple of corgis and labs.

Are Corgis and Labradors Compatible?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any studies that can prove that corgis and labradors are meant to be compatible. We, breeders, are left behind as the voice of reason and knowledge that provide every piece of information. 

Every dog has a story of its own; some have a friendly personality, others are aggressive. Raising different breeds of dogs at the same time might prove troublesome, but not all the time.

My honest opinion is that corgis and labs are compatible. They are both energetic breeds that enjoy spending every second of the day playing and goofing around. 

You should only consider pairing them if you have enough space to keep them both together. Labs are medium-large dogs that require at least a house with a backyard to fulfill their daily needs. The same can be said for corgis, even though they are smaller in comparison.

No matter how much time and effort you put in training your corgis, they will inevitably exhibit some aggressive behavior. That should never happen to you, but other dogs aren’t exempt from that reality. 

In my honest opinion, labradors fit in nicely here as they are always gentle, social, and cheerful dogs. Genuinely capable of refraining themselves at all times, they make a perfect duo from day one. Even if you didn’t raise them simultaneously, they could work things out even in later stages of life.

Do Corgis And Labs Get Along? – Final Thoughts

If you ever feel like your corgis might want an additional friend, I can give you a suggestion by making you consider labradors. As they are both from the United Kingdom, they share a common history throughout the years.

With their hunting genetics, corgis and labs will gladly partake in every kind of adventure you offer them. Energetic as they are, they will restlessly follow you and keep you company whenever you are together.

The size difference is formidable but not necessarily detrimental. Even though corgis are sometimes grumpy, labs’ high tolerance will keep you at ease when corgis charge at them with bothersome thoughts.

Both are loyal pets and won’t shy when confronted with any unplanned circumstances. They are perfect companions to your young children and will help them out whenever they can.

I do not doubt that even you can manage that phenomenal duo with lots of love and care!

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