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Are Corgis Good With Other Dogs? Do Corgis Like Other Dogs?

Are Corgis Good With Other Dogs? Do Corgis Like Other Dogs?

Every good dog owner wants to know if their dog is good with other dogs. That’s exactly why every corgi owner should ask itself are corgis good with other dogs.

The answer is not that simple, but in principle – yes. Corgis are good with other dogs. As you all know every dog breed has its unique characteristics, and corgis are no exception. Even though these dogs might look fluffy and playful, they can be extremely territorial and protective.

These traits are nothing to be worried about (every dog is shaped by its owner), so it’s on you to show initiative and prevent some possible complications.

If you want to find out how you can do this, and maybe pick up on some tips and tricks to socialize your corgi and make it more friendly with other dogs, I suggest you keep reading!

Personal Characteristic In Corgis

Corgis are sweet and gentle dogs most of the time. They do not pose a real threat to other humans or animals.

Their playful spirit and high energy leave you feeling like they can’t even bite properly sometimes. I assure you this is the case most of the time, but there are some instances where your corgi might display a little bit different behavior.

Keep in mind that the biggest part of your corgi’s behavior is relying on two things. First is its genetics, and the other one is you (its owner).

Corgi genetics is a specific subject. As you all know, corgis are loving dogs most of the time. The question is do corgis like other dogs and how do corgis get along with other dogs?

The answer is mostly yes and perfectly well in most situations.

Corgis do well with other dogs if socialized early on in their life. These dogs are famous for their love of setting rules when a set of rules isn’t set for them by their owner.

In some situations this can pose a problem, for example when we talk about territorial instincts. In case you as a corgi owner don’t teach your dog to share space with other dogs, it won’t learn to do so.

But, if you make an effort to show your dog that it’s fine to be around other dogs on the territory that it regards as his, your corgi will be completely relaxed.

An exception to this rule can be female dogs that are in heat. If two females that are in heat at the same time are met in the same space, you can expect some tension between those two.

To prevent this, you can always spay your female corgi if you don’t want any puppies, or pay close attention to other dogs in your surroundings when taking out your dog while it’s in heat.

As you had a chance to conclude from this, you as an owner play the biggest part in your corgi’s behavior.

This varies from moments where your dog is tense just because you are too, to the moments where your dog behaves on its own.

You have to be aware of this in order to be a good corgi owner. From the day you start training your dog, to every situation that tests your corgi’s good behavior, you need to stay focused and keep your eyes on your dog.

Are Corgis Friendly With Other Dogs?

They most certainly are.

If you’ve ever owned a corgi, you have probably experienced your corgi being the happiest little thing when you enter its favorite dog park and it sees its best friend.

This is a perfect example of what kind of dog corgis are. They are not arrogant or vicious dogs, but caring and loving (not only to their family members but to other dogs and people).

Don’t be mistaken – like other things in your corgi’s life, you are responsible for this one as well. If you socialize your dog early on, it will be prone to accepting other dogs much easier later on.

The trick I used when my corgi started socializing is I would take it to my nearest dog park, but I wouldn’t let my corgi off the leash. We’d go from dog to dog, and my pet would have an opportunity to get familiar with any and every dog there

This made it realize that there were some bigger and some smaller dogs there, and that they all accepted it in their playground.

On the other hand, my dog would realize that the playground isn’t theirs, but rather a shared space. This plays a big role in your puppy’s growing-up process.

I’d recommend you do the same thing because I know how much it helped me and my corgi throughout our journey to socialization.

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Household Behavior

The best question to ask yourself when talking about household behavior is can corgis live with other dogs? And you might ask this question with perfect validity.

Corgis are very sociable with other dogs (and other pets in general) – especially if you’re thinking about getting two corgis at the same time. The more time they spend together, the better their relationship will be.

This is probably the best way to have two corgis at the same time or even two dogs. It’s not imperative that if you have a corgi and want to get another dog that it has to be a corgi as well.

These dogs get along with all other breeds of dogs – big, small, loud, or quiet. Your corgi will probably find a way to make a friend in them.

You can also ask yourself on the same subject – do corgis need another dog? And if they do, can corgis get other dogs? 

The answer to these questions is maybe more complicated than you’d like it to be.

This solely depends on your corgi’s personal characteristics. If they enjoy other dogs’ company, they might get lonely from time to time.

If this happens, and the occasional trip to the dog park doesn’t solve it, you might want to think about getting another dog. This will probably make your corgi very happy, as they will get a new companion in life.

Even the Queen always had multiple corgis’ at the time, and that tells you something!

If you decide to go in this direction you should know that two corgis work and live in duets. They can even split roles between themselves. You can train them to work as a team, making your life much easier.

Initiative Takers!

Why do corgis do well with other dogs is no mystery. The herding mentality that they have held on to for so long makes it easy for them to take initiative.

Even during playtime with other dogs, you can see your corgi leading the pack. This is a deep-seated characteristic of theirs. We often forget that what they were bred for. These dogs have been taking care of dozens of animals throughout history, and it’s not foreign to them to do the same in dog parks.

This is one of the reasons why they are not on the top of the list of dogs that are recommended to have if you have a small child in the house. Corgis have a tendency to take initiative with children as well.

Some corgi owners even say that their pets have gone as far as to nib on the children’s heels just to make them do something.

Everything about this corgi-specific characteristic is good when kept under control. Don’t let your guard down when talking about this, because your corgi will most certainly take advantage of your lack of interest in their initiative spirit (always know who’s the boss!).

As well as other working dogs, corgis need regular exercise. This will keep them at bay if they start getting out of hand with other dogs or children. If you relive your corgi of excess energy, it’s much less likely that they’ll do something counterproductive.

Long walks or runs, or even trips to dog parks can be a perfect way to do this. If you start implementing these in your corgi’s life, I guarantee you that every time they take initiative, it’ll be in a productive way.

I advise you to do this because there’s a chance some dogs won’t react well to your corgi taking initiative. This is one of those rare moments where your dog can cause a dispute in the dog park.

Do Corgis Do Well With Other Dogs? – Conclusion

Are corgis loving dogs? Are they suitable for the house? Are they good with other dogs?

The answer is yes! Like with most of the questions related to these dogs, corgis have it all. An early and quality socialization process, as well as some experience and research, can make your corgi be an example for other dogs in your surroundings.

Just remember that most of this is your responsibility (as a corgi owner). I know it’s not easy, but it will all be worth it when you see your dog on its best behavior every time they set their little paw outside.

One more thing I’d suggest for the end is to take your camera with you because corgi’s interaction with other dogs can make for some fantastic videos!

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