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Are Corgis Good With Puppies? Will They Hurt Them?

Are Corgis Good With Puppies? Will They Hurt Them?

As you’ve gone for a walk in the park with your loved one, it must’ve felt amazing to see a couple walking two dogs of different ages at the same time. Then, as you’ve remembered that your corgi is alone, you started to wonder: “Are corgis good with puppies?”. Is that even manageable?

From my experience, corgis make a fantastic role model for younger pups, as long as they are adequately trained to behave themselves!

Corgis, known for their sharp predatory instincts, wouldn’t they try to hurt other smaller animals? Aren’t corgis too aggressive when it comes to sharing a meal with other dogs? Will corgis use their size advantage against smaller dogs?

Many concerns exist in the realm of corgi enthusiasts when it comes to pairing corgis with other animals, particularly younger dogs. Let’s slowly shatter those misconceptions by gradually learning new stuff – beginning with pairing corgis with puppies!

Introducing A New Puppy To Your Corgi

Even if I had all the time in this world, I still couldn’t name every existing dog breed on this planet! Don’t get me wrong, I do know a lot of them, and what’s interesting is that all of them will love you unconditionally for the rest of their life if you do the same for them!

What is truly fascinating is that they will love you and love every other dog that is a part of their family. Some people might try and argue with me on this statement, but it’s the truth; as long as you properly teach them to coexist with one another, they will be inseparable.

You could flush the stuff above down the toilet if you didn’t properly introduce them first. There are many cases where dogs don’t come into your life simultaneously, and that scenario will be the main topic of this article. What happens when you introduce a new puppy to your corgi?

Puppies are an excellent addition to every family, even if they have up-and-coming plans on having babies soon. To ensure that everything goes smoothly when you bring a new puppy to your home, you must thoroughly follow a set of rules.

Luckily for you, I’ve had a similar encounter a few years ago with my corgi; this is how it went and how it should look like every time:

  1. If you live in an apartment, take your corgi for a short walk around the building. As your corgi is outside, tell your partner to go to the same apartment with a new puppy. Slowly put it down and let it sniff around the place for several minutes.
  2. Watch closely how the puppy reacts to the environment. All of the stuff inside the flat may confuse the puppy at first, leading it to be afraid. It’s a perfectly fine reaction as the puppy is too young to understand what’s happening to it.
  3. When it calms down completely, call your partner and tell them to return upstairs with the corgi. You might wonder why aren’t the roles different? Isn’t it more logical to bring the new puppy to a flat that has a corgi already inside?
  4. In most other cases, where a different animal is brought home for the first time, it’s necessary to bring it directly to the corgi. But with dogs, bringing the new one to an empty place is better as it has time to prepare itself for a potential introduction.
  5. As your partner is heading upstairs towards the apartment, he must leash the corgi. If your corgi isn’t on a leash and enters the flat like that, it will inevitably charge at the puppy the first second it smells its presence.
  6. No matter what breed the pup is, it will be terrified if it sees an adult dog charge at him. Your corgi might not even consider the puppy a threat; most of the time, it will be just curious to see who that is!
  7. The puppy is too small to handle the potential pressure of the corgis’ presence if he suddenly comes too close to it. Always leash your corgi before it enters the apartment to ensure that nothing terrible happens!

After they meet for the first time, you will need to pay close attention to the reaction of the corgi as it realizes that the puppy will stay here potentially forever. If you taught your corgi to behave itself properly, there wouldn’t be any problems at the time being.

It’s necessary to educate them to always be considerate towards one another, especially the corgi. The older dog will need to provide the younger pup with a healthy example of how an adult dog should behave!

Can They Learn To Eat Together?

No matter how old your corgi is, it knows exactly what and where all the stuff is located in the apartment. Not just your stuff, but its as well; the balcony where it sits and enjoys the view from above, the couch where it rests, and above all else, its bowls for food and water!

Some stuff fluctuates with time, and we have to learn and adapt to all the changes that affect our lives. The same can be said for your corgis – if there is a new part of the family, it will need to learn to share its place where it drinks water and eats food!

Even in ancient times, family members ate simultaneously, and while sharing the meal, they talked about everything. It’s a bonding process that binds everyone together. The same tradition occurs in the animal world, and they always feast on their food together.

Early in the morning, when the time comes for their first eating session together, you will need to teach them to behave at all times. For starters, separate their bowls at least six feet, put the food inside the bowls, and tell your dogs to sit and wait.

They must learn to wait for your command before starting to eat. If you already taught that to your corgi, it will be an excellent example for the young one how to behave before it’s allowed to eat. All puppies are fast learners – with some consistency, they will learn to wait for the command like the corgi!

With every passing week, start to shrink the distance between the bowls by a single foot at a time. Observe their reaction when they begin to realize that they are eating closer to each other. If any of them exhibit any aggressive signs, punish the dog that shows those signs and teach it to behave itself.

If you follow this method, I guarantee that you will see results rather quickly! Isn’t it just wonderful when your dogs share the meals at the same time, just as we do with our closest ones? I think it is!

Can You Leave Corgis With Puppies Unattended For Several Hours?

All of us are victims of some kind of job. You know what I mean – the bills won’t pay themselves on their own! Many people don’t have the luxury of working from home, in their comfort zone with their loved ones. Instead, they have to travel to work, leaving the dogs alone.

So, what happens if you leave your corgi with a new puppy unattended? Like with the previous stuff, it’s crucial to teach them to behave appropriately when left alone. Corgis will be significantly larger than the pup, giving them an advantage when playing together.

In the realm of dogs, a play can turn into a fight quickly if one does something to provoke the other one. Dogs aren’t like us – we can solve most of the stuff by talking to each other. Dogs don’t have that luxury, and they often resolve some issues by getting in a fight.

Corgis size and knowledge will be the crucial factor that will bring them victory in the fight. Since the first day you introduce a new puppy to your corgi, you’ll need to train your corgi never to use its size advantage against the pup. Strength needs to be used to protect, not harm!

You can leave your corgi with a new puppy unattended only when you are absolutely sure that it won’t cause any harm to the young pup!

Are Corgis Good With Puppies? – To Sum Up

If all of this was too confusing, let’s start by asking the question again: “Are corgis good with puppies?”. Will corgis try and attack the young ones if they irritate them in any way?

By properly teaching them to coexist, they will inevitably grow fond of one another! There is a common misconception regarding corgis that they are one of those vile creatures that love to attack everything that moves. I don’t need to explain to you that that is just not true, don’t I?

All corgis are loving and caring creatures that will give their lives to protect anyone dear to them, especially young puppies. It’s in their blood to be as gentle as possible towards pups. Genetics aren’t enough, and you will still need to educate them never to use their size advantage against younger ones.

From day one, corgis must behave adequately to give an example to the puppies to become one day as strong and gentle as corgis are!