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Are Corgis Good With Birds? Can They Be Matched?

Are Corgis Good With Birds? Can They Be Matched?

These days, it has become unusual to go to your local market or post office and not stumble upon a corgi on a leash. That is especially true if you live in the United Kingdom. It’s not that hard to guess why – even the Queen has a couple of corgis hanging around somewhere in her castle!

People often try to pair them with other dog breeds, even other animals! On that note, some people questioned me, “Are corgis good with birds?”. Can they learn to coexist?

Despite all odds, corgis can treat birds rather nicely, but only if you teach them to behave at all times!

It’s well-known that corgis rarely allow other animals to become a part of their personal life. So how can you even mix birds with corgis? Wouldn’t that be dangerous, considering that corgis are dogs with a strong hunting drive?

As long as you properly introduce your new bird to your corgi, there won’t be any problems! Want to find out how I achieved that? Grab your favorite cup of coffee and start scrolling down!

How Should Corgis Behave In An Apartment?

Corgis’ popularity skyrocketed when the Royal Family announced that they have corgis in their household. Since then, corgis have gradually begun to be spotted all around the world. Seriously, you can’t pass your local dog park without spotting one corgi, am I right?

The landscape changed a lot in the past few decades. The world has become more urban than it ever was. Tall buildings are slowly built every day, and cities are becoming more prominent with every passing second. Many people that used to live in the countryside began moving to cities.

Generally speaking, cities provide more jobs, are a more accessible place to succeed in life, and are safer to live in. Unfortunately, that means fewer people are left in the farmlands who can provide us with healthy food, like fruits and vegetables.

So how does that even affect corgis? Well, like every other dog breed out there, corgis require lots of free space to have a healthy life. An optimal place for them to live in is a house that has a large backyard filled with green grass, trees, fresh air, and lots of sunshine.

You are probably starting to realize what I’m getting at here – with more and more cities popping out of nowhere; there are fewer good places for corgis to live in. Fortunately for us, corgis can adapt to live even in small spaces that flats usually provide.

It may be challenging at first, but I assure you that corgis can live in apartments. It will have its ups and downs, but like with everything, if you put in enough time and effort, it can be manageable. 

Hear me out on this:

  • Whether you are rich or poor, corgis will love you unconditionally as long as you treat them with dignity and respect. They may be needy at times, and putting effort into their needs can be gruesome sometimes, but it’s worth every penny!
  • Corgis can get irritated rather quickly if something bothers them. I’m sure that you know this; at those times, they will start to bark constantly until the thing that irritates them is gone. That can be a problem if you live in a building.
  • Unfortunately, you are not alone in your establishment – many others live above you, below you, and even next to you. The noise that comes from your flat from all of those barks can be troublesome to your neighbors.
  • To save your nearest ones from those noises, you will need to educate your corgis properly. Luckily for you, you won’t need a spacious place to teach them how to behave themselves. It won’t even be time-consuming as corgis are rather intelligent dogs!

When you overcome the barking process with corgis, you can peacefully leave them alone in the apartment and go to work. But what happens if some stuff highly irritates them? Can corgis be appropriately trained to coexist with other animals, like birds?

I had my fair share of concerts thinking about that in the past, but I overcame my fears and tested that out. It turns out that corgis can tolerate all bird types. It’s challenging to pair those two, but I succeed in that. Let me share with you how I accomplished that!

How To Properly Introduce Birds To Corgis?

Many people aren’t satisfied with just having one animal in a household. I was guilty of those thoughts too! If you are like me, and you were thinking about introducing new friends, specifically birds, to corgis, be prepared for a challenging task.

Before you even start thinking about adding some birds to your family, head to your local pet shop to find an adequate cage for the bird. Pet birds need to have a home of their own, just like we do! You should buy them a cage that is spacious enough so that your bird can adequately live in it.

If you are a beginner to birds, I highly recommend that you take only one, as pairing two birds at the same can be difficult. They will undeniably form a bond that will surpass even the bond that you intend to share with your bird, and that has its set of problems in the long run.

When you head home for the first time with your new bird, you will need to follow these few steps to ensure that nothing terrible occurs:

  1. Before entering your apartment, you need to have someone with you to go in as you stay outside with the new bird. Tell your partner to go in and leash the corgi before you introduce the birt to it. 
  2. Corgis can recklessly charge towards you to find out what you are holding in your hands from sheer excitement. To ensure that any unintentional mistakes don’t happen, leash the corgi and allow it only slowly to approach you slowly.
  3. If the corgi is expressing excitement too much, use the leash to calm him down. You can even offer him some treats to reward them whenever they are behaving correctly. Remember to give them only a tiny amount as dog treats are high in calories!
  4. Only when the corgi politely comes to you; start to slowly descend the cage on the height of the corgi’s head. It’s necessary to pay close attention to your corgi’s reaction when it comes close to the bird.
  5. Corgis are herding dogs, and it’s in their blood to hunt other animals whenever they see fit. No matter how much effort you put into educating them to behave appropriately, their innate instincts can’t be changed.

You will know if your corgi has accepted the bird to be a new part of the family by how it overall reacts to the birds’ presence. If the corgi exhibits any aggressive behavior, like trying to enter the cage in hopes of catching the bird – it’s a clear sign that they won’t be a compatible duo.

Anything below that kind of behavior is normal and is a healthy sign that the corgi accepted the bird. That shouldn’t be a cause for celebration as you’ll need to put a lot of work into teaching them how to coexist as friends adequately.

You will need to keep the birds’ cage somewhere high, where your corgi can reach it even if he does some shenanigans. It’s important to distance them from one another in the first couple of weeks as birds are naturally scared of every animal that is larger than them.

As time passes and the bird starts to grow fond of your presence, you can begin to release it from its cage from time to time. When that happens for the first time, it’s necessary to pay close attention to the reaction of your corgi when the bird starts to fly around the room.

If your corgi shows interest in chasing the bird, you should immediately leash the dog and take it to another room. As long as your corgi is alerted by every move that your bird makes, it’s a strong indication that the corgi will try to attack your bird.

On the other hand, if the corgi isn’t curious by the bird flying around the room, it’s a healthy sign that your corgi won’t try to harass the bird. I can guarantee that, with time, you can teach your corgis to behave properly with your birds!

Are Corgis Good With Birds? – Summarisation

Many people are scared to introduce new animals to their corgis, as they’ve shown signs of hostile behavior in the past. By asking yourself, are corgis good with birds, you will unintentionally discover a compatible duo that can hang around together!

Contrary to some beliefs, corgis can tolerate birds, as long as those birds don’t try and provoke the corgis in any form. To ensure that they can have a healthy relationship between them, you will need to introduce them to each other appropriately.

Remember always to keep the birds’ cage somewhere high, as corgis might consider reaching it if that is possible to them. Whenever you decide to release your bird to fly around the room, you should always be close to the corgi as it may exhibit some levels of excitement that can frighten the bird.

With so many cities at our disposal, we are left with tough choices about what animal we can adopt besides corgis. An apartment may be too small for most animals, but luckily, birds can tolerate small areas. Corgis and birds will be incredible friends, as long as you teach them to become ones!

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