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Corgi Personality and Temperament

Corgi Personality and Temperament

The Corgi is an Instagram celebrity dog breed. Numerous videos of this dog made it extremely popular in the past few years. The various features of Corgis goofing around and having fun made the Corgi the “it” dog of sorts. Everyone wants to adopt this adorable ball of fur!

However, Corgi isn’t all fun and games, the Corgi’s personality is rather complex, almost like that of humans. Before you make the final decision about adopting a Corgi, you should check out the Corgi personality and temperament!

We did thorough research about the Corgi’s traits and behavior, and so much more. For the Corgi personality & temperament – just keep reading our article! 

How Do Corgis Behave?

The Welsh Corgi was once a herding dog, meaning the dogs spent a good amount of their day working. Because of that, it’s in the dog’s genes to be extremely playful and energized.

Nowadays, the Corgi doesn’t herd livestock, but he’s considered more of a family dog. Since Corgis are highly adaptable, there is no doubt that he will fit right in with your lifestyle. 

The dogs still have that herding instinct, even many centuries after. So, don’t be surprised that your Corgi is attempting to herd you and your family to one room!

How Do Corgis Act?

So, the Corgi dogs are generally very happy and playful – those are the general characteristics. Welsh Corgis are for the most part never shy or vicious. They are known for their loyalty and intelligence. The Welsh Corgi is surely one of the smartest dog breeds out there. The Corgi can learn a lot, and he can be of use around the house!

Are Corgis Needy?

The Corgi needs to be stimulated and challenged mentally. You can give your pup various tasks to fulfill, and he will gladly do that! Maintaining your Corgi is not always easy. In a way, Corgis are needy and they might take up a lot of your time.

Every Corgi is unique, but some traits like high energy levels and loyalty persist. We will talk about differences that exist between the two Corgi breeds – the Pembroke and the Cardigan, the differences between the sexes, and whether the pets are spayed and neutered.

These are the general rules, but you shouldn’t consider them to be very strict. Your pup could be the exception to all rules, by any chance!

What Are Corgis Like As Pets?

For Corgis, a defining characteristic is that they are “big dogs in small bodies”. They love the attention, love to be played with, and to goof around. Generally, the Corgi is very social, likes to befriend new people and animals, and is generally a happy pet.

They enjoy playing with their owner or other dogs, love to show their affection to their owner as well. In general, the Corgi likes to be involved a lot in the family’s activities – so make sure that your Corgi goes with you camping or wherever!

The Corgi may be looking for attention, but he likes to please his owners, as well. He loves to be a source of entertainment and will feel much better if he is. A usual Corgi will provide you with entertainment all the time because one of their characteristics is a good sense of humor!

What Are Corgis’ Personalities Like?

We already mentioned some of the things that make the Corgi so special. Here, we’ll talk more thoroughly about the great personality traits of Corgis, and some that aren’t so great.

First, let’s discuss the energy. Since the Corgi was once a working dog, the excess amounts of energy are always there. Keep this in mind if you lead a rather busy life. Your Corgi will require playing, frequent walks to the park and a good amount of exercise to feel good. If your Corgi doesn’t get enough exercise, some problems will follow, and we will discuss them further in this article. 

Thankfully, tiring out a Corgi isn’t very difficult – it won’t take too much effort to tire them out. In reality, if you take the puppy on one long walk during the day, you will find the dog resting for at least the next few hours. Corgis are very intuitive, due to their nature – and they can feel things people may not. The corgi was once not only a herding dog, but the dog also protected cattle from various predators.

The Corgi has a keen sense of hearing, so he might respond to sounds you may not even notice. Usually, that is a good thing, but it can be a hassle because the dog usually responds by barking. The Corgi is very smart and you will have no trouble teaching your furry baby various tricks. Meaning, you can teach the pup almost anything. You might even be surprised by how much your pup can learn!

Overall, the Corgi is loving and will shower his family with attention. The Pembrokes love to cuddle and even just hang out with their family!

Are Corgis Difficult?

Adaptability is also one of the more prominent personality traits of this dog breed. The Corgi can adapt to different situations easily and without a fuss. That is highly unusual since many animals experience stress when put into unfamiliar surroundings or situations.

Don’t be worried about how your pup will go through the process of moving. The whole family tends to be stressed out from moving, but the only chill family member will likely be your pet! Your Corgi pup acting difficult is highly unlikely. Corgis just aren’t difficult dogs!

Are Corgis Obedient? 

Teaching the dog obedience training can be difficult as is, and training the Corgi is no picnic, either. The Corgi can be taught to be obedient, since the Corgi participates in dog shows and competitions, too. So, Corgis can be obedient, but it all comes down to you and how willing you are to train your Corgi. If you don’t train him, he will train you!

Are Corgis Independent?

One of the things that aren’t so great about the Corgi is their independence. At times, it will feel like your dog isn’t listening to a word you say because he is so focused on something else. The Welsh Corgi had a lot of responsibility back in the day, so it’s deeply ingrained in their genes that they can do stuff independently. So, if you don’t train the dog properly to obey you at all times, he will train you.

Don’t lose your nerves if that still does happen at times – it’s natural, but if it persists, you ought to consider going to a professional pet trainer for help. However bossy and disobedient at times, the Corgi isn’t evil or looking to harm anyone or anything.

How Stubborn Are Corgis?

The Pembroke or Cardigan just feels like he knows best at times, so he will do as he pleases. So, you should show the dog his place, but let him have a little freedom to sometimes act out. You will find it works to your advantage for both sides.

Moreover, the Corgi can become a little stubborn if they feel they aren’t appreciated enough. No matter how old your dog gets, the Corgi still needs to be shown affection, and often. 

Are Corgis Friendly? – Are Corgis Friendly Dogs?

They are very friendly and will make friends with other animals due to their nature. A long time ago, Corgis took care of much larger animals, and don’t have a problem with socializing. Some Corgis, of course, may be a little challenging when meeting other animals. We will discuss this further in the article, so read on!

What Are Corgis’ Temperaments Like?

We talked about the personality traits mutual for many Corgis. When it comes to temperament, it can vary on several things – but again, some things appear more often than others.

Are Corgis Territorial?

The Corgi can be a little unpredictable at times. The Corgis can get territorial and they aren’t afraid to start fights at the park, for example. However social, your Corgi can make trouble if need be, so keep that in mind.

What Are Corgis Like To Own?

Above every other trait the Welsh Corgis have, they are first friendly, social, and playful – above all else. Their bad personality traits like being stubborn or protective make up a lesser part of their character.

Conclusively, they need to feel like they are equal parts of your family like everyone else. Involve your Corgi in various family activities because they will hurt if they are left out of something. With training and a firm hand, the excess energy the Corgi has will be channeled into showing affection to all his family members.

We already know that Corgis have a keen sense of hearing and they are on check all the time. If they do hear something suspicious, they will react to it by barking. Do keep in mind that these reactions have to be trained out of existence or at least to a level that your family can stand.

Despite their small size, Welsh Corgis make great watchdogs as they will bark to alert their owners of a stranger’s approach. Some Corgis may bark a little too much, but this behavior can be managed via obedience training. Corgis were once protecting animals much larger than themselves, so protecting humans isn’t something unusual to them. If anything, you will know if something bad is going on. 

Are Corgis Working Dogs?

There are some other things we wanted to discuss their temperament and it has to do with their herding instincts. A long time ago, yes, Corgis were working dogs – and they can still be if they need to! The Corgi was a heeler, a herding dog.

Heeler dogs would nip at the heels of large animals to get them to move as the dog wants them to. So, Corgis may nip the heels of small children and animals in their attempts to herd them. Like the barking, this natural behavior can be managed through training in that they either learn not to do this or learn how to herd a specific kind of animal, like sheep.

Are Corgis Dangerous?

The Corgi’s herding instinct is exactly that – an instinct, so it will be impossible to get rid of it. When your family members are scattered around the house, it may make the dog anxious. That’s usually when he will attempt to herd you.

Don’t let this worry you, since the Corgis mainly aim to please their family and to make them happy. If he realizes that he is hurting you, he will likely stop doing it altogether. So, no, Corgis aren’t dangerous. Be vary about children, if they haven’t met your Corgi yet, though. 

Are Corgis Stubborn?

Corgi’s independence can make it difficult to work with. Corgi’s strong will can make the training challenging, and the pup can have challenging moments throughout adult life. Most of the unwanted behavior in your Corgi can be dealt with using obedience training. So to answer the question – your Corgi will be stubborn at some point. If you cannot handle it – the Corgi and you will have problems.

For the most satisfying relationship between you and your dog, you will have to learn to live with his moments of independence. Training will help your dog respect you and your authority, but with Corgis, it will only get you so far.

Do Corgis Have Bad Tempers?

Generally speaking, no, Corgis don’t have bad tempers. If you tease them, you can annoy them like any other animal out there. Corgis are energized and happy – they aren’t grumpy by any means.

Energy Levels

Corgis are known worldwide for their playfulness and goofiness. It’s only obvious that this pup has an excess amount of energy at its disposal. And do they use it! The big amounts of energy these dogs have require exercise, but luckily, only moderate amounts of it. Your dog doesn’t need to exercise all day to keep happy and healthy.

Are Corgis Good At Agility?

Yes, Corgis are very agile and energetic. The basic things to check this out is to give your pup some activity time and to get them to chase the ball. You might even be surprised at how fast your pup is!

The Corgi is eager to fulfill tasks given because he aims to please and he needs the intellectual challenge. Your Corgi will be at his happiest if he is placed to work or do something for you!

On the other hand, that makes the Corgi unsuitable for virtually every household. Your Corgi will need copious amounts of exercise and playing with. So, he is a great pet for families that have the time for the dog. If you want a hassle-free dog, you should truly look at other breeds. Having a Corgi and a busy schedule doesn’t go together well!

The Corgi will, of course, enjoy just spending time with his family and friends. They are friendly and they don’t need to be showered with attention. Do note that the dog needs to be stimulated mentally, and that’s about it. What’s more, the high energy levels of Corgis means they can play vigorously for a while. However, the pup will get tired quickly – so they don’t need hours-long playtime or 7-mile runs to get tired.

A few short walks during the day, and one medium to long one should do the trick. Afford your pet some playing in the yard or the park, to make them happy. At the very least, if you have a busy week, you should give the Corgi one daily walk. Do remember to take him out to the park to run a little at least 2 to 3 times a week.

This is of utmost importance – Corgi’s high energy requires to be spent, or your pup will start to act out. If he doesn’t get enough exercise outside, he will exercise at home. If you are worried your pup isn’t walked often enough and you see he made a mess of your house – you’re right. That’s one of the moments where your pup will start acting out – so be careful!

Some people are worried that the Corgi isn’t ideal for apartments, but houses with yards only. That’s not entirely true – Corgis are very adaptable to all kinds of surroundings, and they can get used to living in an apartment, just like most dog breeds.

It bears repeating that you will need to take your pup outside every day to play. The pup will spend his excess energy and won’t run around your house like mad!

On the other hand, besides the physical exercise, the dog needs mental exercise, as well. The Corgi needs to stay busy during the day. You can read up on things you can teach your Corgi to do around the house. He will likely be excited to solve a problem for you or learn a new trick.

To keep your Corgi busy means his herding instincts are not likely to come out. If the Corgi is bored and unstimulated, he will start acting out!


Barking is a normal part of every dog’s life – it’s their way to speak. In the modern world, barking isn’t a sign of threat or anything else, to be honest. Most people just find it annoying. For example, if there is a dog in the apartment building and it barks continuously, all neighbors are going to be annoyed in no time. That’s why many dogs are trained to stop barking or to keep it at a minimum.

Many dog breeds nowadays don’t bark much, or at all. That makes them perfect for people with thin walls – because it’s not likely that your neighbors will lose their mind when your dog sees something outside.

However, Corgi tends to bark a lot. We truly do mean a lot, since the Corgi’s working days, barking was a way to tell others that something is off, wrong, or that there is a potential danger coming on. Corgis do have a delicate sense of hearing, so they can hear even the slightest sounds. If they do not recognize that sound, they may feel like that is a potential threat and bark at it.

The Corgi may be a small dog breed, but they are kind of a “big dog in a small body”. Their big dog energy comes with a pretty loud bark, so not only could the dog wake you up barking, he could wake up the whole street. Do note that barking is clearly not something you can eradicate from your Corgi’s behavior. It’s exclusively something you can keep at bay, but for the most part.

Your Corgi will bark sometimes, no matter what you do. Obedience training can only get you so far, and a firm hand will make your Corgi bark as little as possible. Because of the sense of hearing, and their protectiveness, you shouldn’t leave your Corgi outside when you go out for work.

The dog may be interested in a sound and they might start barking at it. Since you are not there to help him keep quiet, he might not stop barking for the entire afternoon. You should consider leaving the pup inside every time you go to work. If that isn’t possible or you don’t want to, take your pup out for a long walk before work or play with him.

If you exhaust him, he will likely just be looking for a nap, and won’t make a problem. Even if he sees a cat, he will let it go since he wants to rest after the exercise.

Differences Between The Pembroke And The Cardigan In Personality & Temperament

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi may look alike, but they do carry certain differences. For example, the Cardigan is slightly taller and heavier pound-wise, and they have more rounded ears. If you have trouble separating the Cardigan from the Pembroke, just look at their tails. If it has a long, puffy tail, it’s a Cardigan, while the Pembrokes have a small bobtail or no tail at all.

What’s similar about them is that they both used to be working dogs, and they worked with livestock. It wasn’t until the 20th century that they were bred for their looks.

That’s not all – there are various other differences between the two Corgi breeds, aside from the Cardigan’s richer history. The Cardigan exists for 3,000 years now, while the Pembroke exists for around a millennium. Let’s check out the table:

FactThe Pembroke CorgiThe Cardigan Corgi
Height:10 – 12 inches for females; 9 – 11 inches for females11 – 13 inches for males; 10 – 12 inches for females
Lifespan:12 – 15 years13 – 16 years
Weight:Up to 30 pounds for males; up to 25 pounds for femalesUp to 38 pounds for males; up to 33 pounds for females
Color:Red, sable, and blackRed, sable, black, tan, brindle, and blue merle
Ears:Pointy and medium-sizedLarger, more rounded
Tail:No tail, bobtail, or a short, curly tailA long, fox-like, fluffy tail
Friendliness:Very socialMore reserved

Furthermore, they have certain features reserved for their breed only. That applies to personality traits and their temperament, as well. Knowing about the temperament traits of each Corgi breed might help you decide that breed is ideal for you. So, let’s discuss the traits!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Personality & Temperament

Pembroke Corgis are slightly more popular as a dog breed than the Cardigan. Because of that, there are far more Pembrokes in the world. Generally playful and overall loyal, the Pembroke Corgi may be one of the best pets out there.

Are Corgis Royal Dogs?

One of the reasons why the Pembrokes are so much more popular is due to the Queen. The Queen had over 30 Pembroke Corgis during her rule. The Queen also had a fair amount of Dorgis. A Dorgi is a cross-breed between the Dachshund and the Pembroke Corgi.

Are Corgis Dominant?

One of the most noticeable features of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is that they are never shy. That is because the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was bred to herd animals many times larger than themselves. Although most Pembroke Welsh Corgis are now kept as pets, they still retain the same boldness and brains needed for their herding. That’s why the Corgis can get dominant at times.

Because of this, their outlook tends to be bold yet at the same time kind. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known to bond very closely with their owners. They are very loyal, intelligent, and are a very trainable breed since they love to please their people.

What’s more, the Pembroke Corgi is said to be trained easily – even easier than Cardigans. They do need intellectual stimulation often, though. Do note that the rules will have to be enforced often with a firm hand because the Pembroke tends to be strong-willed sometimes. The Pembrokes are more obedient than Cardigans, but they do have their moments, as well. 

Independence is something every owner of a Corgi struggles with. This is a mutual trait for both Welsh Corgi breeds. They need to chase the ball or have some energy outlets provided each day. This is a dog that needs to work and keep busy to keep himself happy and content.

Providing your Pembroke with moderate exercise and shows of affection will make your pup loyal and loving. If your pup is living in such a situation, he will adapt to new surroundings even more easily and he will not be a hassle to maintain.

How Friendly Are Corgis?

What’s more, the Pembroke is a little more friendly than the Cardigan. The Pembroke will befriend all guests and will try to make them happy as well. The Pembroke plays well with other pets in the house, and even small children.

Their alertness to their surroundings can make the Pembroke the ultimate watchdog. The only downside to that is that the Corgi barks a lot when he senses a threat. Pembroke doesn’t like cats very much, due to its nature as a herding dog. Once upon a time, the Corgi had to chase away cats from the farm, as the cats could cause trouble.

On the other hand, Pembroke is a good friend to a lot of animals, even large ones. Pembroke once herded sheep and cows, which are very large, and he doesn’t deem them a threat, but a potential friend. Pembroke also requires to be involved in all kinds of activities. Their big-dog energy requires you to play with the dog often, and a lot.

What Are Corgis Like To Own?

You will need to show your affection and include the dog in family outings. If you do not, the Pembroke will act disobediently to show he’s unhappy with the situation. Once you get the hang of it, you and your Pembroke will have a loving relationship. If you make the puppy happy, he will make you happy as a result.

The Pembrokes aim to please and they love being the center of attention. Their great sense of humor is an endless source of entertainment, and the Corgi will become the star of the family in no time. The Pembroke may be more challenging than other dog breeds, but his loyalty and love go the extra mile. In the end, it pays off!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Personality & Temperament

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a richer history, and it exists as a dog breed for a very, very long time. Initially, a working dog, the Cardigan became a house pet in the 20th century, along with the Pembroke. Unfortunately, the Cardigan Corgi is a vulnerable dog breed, because there are fewer and fewer puppies registered each year. That’s especially sad if you consider the fact how great this dog breed is.

Cardigans are extremely resilient and they have a rather long life span. Their average lifetime is longer than the Pembroke’s, by a year or two. Affectionate and loving, the Cardigan is one of the best choices for a pet out there. Cardigan Welsh Corgis are known for being even-tempered, loyal, and adaptable.

This breed loves to have fun and always wants to be involved with his family. The Cardigans will also reward their family with devotion and lots of affection. For this herding dog, caring for their people comes naturally to them just like taking care of much larger animals. The Corgis did it for a few thousand years, so it’s no surprise they still feel the need to.

They are alert and reliable, meaning you can depend on them to inform you about threats to your home. The Cardigans have a very delicate sense of hearing. Like the Pembroke, the pup can bark endlessly when they are concerned about a threat. Training the pup will help with that, but expect some barking from time to time.

Training the Cardigan can be frustrating and very challenging. They are harder to train than the Pembrokes because they are strong-willed. The Cardigan’s independence is deeply rooted in his genes. Meaning, you can get rid of it for the most part, and your dog will listen to you.

On the other hand, there will be moments when your dog is feeling like he knows best, and it might annoy you, too. Use a firm hand to show your Cardigan who is in charge. If you are serious, you will be able to bend the dog to your will. However, you will still experience some disobedience from time to time – it’s only natural. 

Having too hard of a time training your Cardigan can frustrate even the calmest of people. In case that happens, consult with a professional trainer for help with your pup. When we’re talking about energy levels, the Cardigan requires moderate exercise, just like the Pembroke. They can tire out easily, so multiple short walks might work best for you and your pup.

The Cardigan needs the exercise to get rid of his energy, and he needs to be involved in family activities to feel loved and cared for. However, the Cardigan is usually content with just hanging out with his family during quiet time. Some cuddles are enough to make the Cardigan feel the love of his family. That’s one of the differences with Pembroke, which needs a lot of affection.

That doesn’t mean that your Cardigan can live without displays of love. If you don’t show your appreciation from time to time, you will find that your Cardigan is unhappy with how things are going, and he might act disobediently because of that.

The Cardigan’s loyalty makes his ties with the family very strong. They are social and friendly, but mostly to people and animals they already know.

With guests or other dogs at the park, the Cardigan can sometimes be distant, especially if they perceive the stranger as a potential threat to themselves or their people. Just like Pembroke, the Cardigan isn’t afraid to start a fight with other dogs.

The Cardigan learns quickly, and he can be taught new tricks even during the adult years. He loves to help and be involved in things your family does.

The Training

Training the puppy when it’s still young is one of the most important things you can do. Proper training ensures that you have an obedient and loyal pup as long as it lives. However, training the pup can be a real challenge, especially if this is your first time training the dog. This is true for Corgis, as well – with Cardigans presenting more trouble when training.

Even if you struggle with it, you should stick with training for at least a few weeks – or until you feel that the dog learned the lesson. Don’t be discouraged if you feel your actions don’t result in your puppy’s obedience. You need to be persistent, even if you get frustrated. A firm hand will go a  long way with Welsh Corgis.

What you need to keep in mind about Corgis is that they have a mind of their own, of sorts. They will act as they please from time to time, and there isn’t much you can truly do about it, except discourage it from happening again. Corgis are a brilliant dog breed, meaning they can decide for themselves what’s best. That trait doesn’t go well with obedience training.

Are Corgis Naughty?

If this is your first time encountering dog training, you should consider hiring a pro to help. Professional trainers will have a better approach to it, and they might bend the Corgi’s will for training. The reason behind that is that Corgis can get naughty and mapulative during training, remember that. They are independent due to their history as herders, but they can and will be trained.

The key to training Corgis is consistency. Staying consistent throughout the training will give you the best results and that you mean it.

Are Corgis Well-Behaved? How Do Corgis Behave?

Whether your Corgi will be well-behaved comes down to the training and your relationship with the pup. If the Corgi feels your strong authority and your command, he will bend to it. One of the main aspects of training the Corgi is “respect training”.

It’s an absolute must if you want the Corgi to listen to you, rather than you listening to him. Otherwise, you will feel that your pup is controlling you, which he will try (and might even succeed) to do.

Differences Between The Genders

For some breeds, the differences between the sexes are more prominent. In other words, picking out a gender could be very important. So, you must do your research about the differences between the genders. That could be the deciding factor if your family would work better with a female or a male dog.

Furthermore, if you already have a male dog at home, you should now get a pet of the opposite gender. You might be asking why?

To be honest, two male dogs could be best friends – but it’s more likely that they will fight all the time, breaking the house as a result. Two female dogs are more or less of the same – they will attempt to hurt each other constantly. Consequently, two dogs of different genders will likely be friends and not cause a mess, ever. Do note that there is an adjusting period of a few days to a few weeks.

Generally speaking, the differences between the genders are large. Is that true for Welsh Corgis, as well? Well, not entirely. The Corgis don’t differentiate much between the genders. Their behavior is more or less the same whether they are male or female.

The same thing is with their appearance since the female Corgi is usually more or less the same height as the male. The female is usually around five pounds lighter, though. Let’s check out the table:

FactFemale CorgiMale Corgi
Height9 – 11 inches10 – 12 inches
Healthy Weight20 – 25 pounds25 – 30 pounds
UpsidesNo destructive behavior
Very affectionate
Good with kids
Easy to train
No alpha dog behavior
Easy going
DownsidesDifficult to train
Gets stubborn
Gets destructive when lonely
Shows less affection

However, do note that every Corgi is unique and you will deal with different problems. Those, for the most part, have nothing to do with gender.

So, deciding on gender is a rather poor choice for a Corgi pup. If you want to choose well, you should consult the breeder about the parents’ behavior. That is usually the best way to decide as you will get a better insight into how the pup will fit into your family. Especially if you have more pets, or you have children.

We will discuss the particular traits that apply to female Corgis and male Corgis. Take all that information lightly, as it can all vary on the pup. You could get the only exception to every rule, and it usually happens this way. So, let’s begin!

Characteristics Of The Female Welsh Corgi

When it comes to some prejudices about the female Corgi, it would be the alpha dog’s behavior. The female pups tend to show more independence and to act more stubborn. Those personality traits usually fall on the females, since they usually think they know the best and they will strive to act as they like. Corgis that require to be showered with affection are usually female.

When we are talking about Corgis acting stubborn, it’s usually the female dogs. They are also a little more difficult to train than the male pups. The female pup will fight for her independence during obedience training. That’s why “respect training” is one of the most important factors of training female Corgis.

All the difficulties you have training females are gone once you get the pup spayed. She will be much more obedient afterward.

On the other hand, if you want the female pet to procreate, she will be more difficult when in heat. All training will likely go out the window during that time! Keep in mind that spaying costs far more than neutering. You might not be prepared for the price!

Although more difficult to train, female Corgis are more affectionate. They require to be shown affection, but they tend to give back more than they receive. There is one more upside of the female pups: they don’t tend to make a mess when left home alone. The female might be feeling anxious and lonely, but she is not likely to make a mess.

Moreover, the female Corgi is nothing to worry about when she is around kids. If she decides she wants to play with them, she will pay extra attention not to hurt them because her maternal instinct kicks in.

Characteristics Of The Male Welsh Corgi

The general prejudice is that the male Corgis are much more laid-back. They are friendly, and they love to spend time with their owner doing whatever. Even if you run errands, your male pup will be happy to do it with you. They don’t show much alpha behavior, but they aren’t too affectionate either.

The male Corgi will appreciate cuddles and treats, but he will not show much affection than that. In fewer words, the male Corgis are a little colder than females. The upside of having a male Corgi is that they are easier to train; the male will accept your authority easier and the moments of disobedience are fewer. The males don’t show that they are independent as often.

However, if your male pup isn’t neutered, he will go his way when he feels a female dog in heat nearby. He will try to escape the yard or pull away from the leash, so be careful not to let him get away. No training will completely eradicate this behavior. It’s the natural desire to procreate, so just be careful if you notice that he is looking to get away from you!

Are Corgis Destructive?

Generally, the Corgi isn’t a destructive dog. However, it can happen when the pup is full of energy and left alone in the house. What’s more – the male Corgi is more prone to housebreaking and destructive behavior. If he gets anxious when he is home alone, he will eat shoes, bite pillows, and so on. That behavior is highly unlikely with female pups!

Frequently Asked Questions About Corgi Personality & Temperament

Do Corgis Have Good Personalities?

  • Yes, Corgis have good personalities overall. They are joyful and energetic, but do keep in mind that every dog is for themselves.

Are Corgis Moody?

  • No, Corgis aren’t moody whatsoever. They are rather happy and friendly all the time – moodiness is not something to be expected.

Are Corgis Nice Dogs? Are Corgis Good Dogs?

  • Corgis are very nice and very good. Good obedience training ensures that your dog acts well with others and that they behave accordingly.

Are Corgis Clingy?

  • Corgis are not very clingy, but they need to be close to their owner. They need affection and they need some cuddles, but they don’t need to be spoiled rotten.

Are Corgis Ethical?/Are Corgis Unethical?

  • Well, this is debatable. When we’re discussing the ethics of Corgis, we are discussing breeding certain pups to get more puppies with certain characteristics. Now, doing just that is considered unethical. So, if you want an ethical Corgi, consult the veterinarian on ethical breeders, and consider adopting a Corgi pup, rather than buying one.

Are Corgis Terriers?

  • Yes, Corgis do fall into the breed of Terriers. They may look different at first, but they are Terriers, too!

Are Corgis Angry?

  • No, overall anger is not something often encountered with Corgis. That doesn’t mean that your Corgi will never be angry. Some anger is to be expected when the dog wishes to mate with a female dog in heat – and not being able to. Other than that, Corgis aren’t very angry dogs.

Final Words

To conclude, adopting a Corgi could be the best addition to your family. The Corgi could easily be your best friend and your companion. Every Corgi is for themselves – it’s rather difficult to put a finger on the characteristics that apply to all Corgis. You could adopt the one that doesn’t fall into any category!

So, if you do get one like that, don’t let that discourage you. Every Corgi can be friendly and loving, you just have to get it out of them! The Corgi could make your life for the better. After all, when you see that happy furry face – how could that not make your entire day?

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