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Choosing Safe Dog Toys and Treats for Corgis

Choosing Safe Dog Toys and Treats for Corgis

When buying a dog treat or toy, make sure to take into consideration the size, age, and personality of your Corgi. Your Corgi may not play with it or attempt to eat an item that is too large, with the exception of the Giant Boomer Ball. A toy or treat that is too small may be potentially hazardous because your Corgi may choke on it.

Owners should also supervise their Corgis each time they get a new toy or treat to make sure there are no problems with them.

Is your Corgi a chewer? Does he or she like to chew, and chew hard, until the treat is completely gone or the toy totally destroyed? If so, you must either limit the amount of treats your Corgi is getting, which is especially important considering how important it is to maintain your Corgi’s weight, or select a treat that will last a long time. The same goes for the toy.

Stuffed toys are not recommended for Corgi chewers because they will completely destroy it in no time. Not to mention they will leave lots of saliva around and may even swallow some of the stuffing, which can be potentially hazardous to their health.

For chewers, consider either getting the Kong Original Red Tuffy (the Original Kong Dog toy) or buying the Kong Power Chewer. The first red kong toy is for the regular chewers and the second one, is for frequent, tough chewers. Another toy to consider is the Kong Goodie Bones, again red for the regular chewer and black for those power chewers.

Dog Toy and Treat Recommendations

When choosing a dog toy or treat for your Corgi, consider what kind of play your Corgi enjoys doing. Considering that Corgis were bred to herd cattle, a good toy to consider is the Giant Boomer Ball. Your Corgi can chase and herd the giant ball around; bringing to play the herding instincts they were originally bred for.

If your Corgi doesn’t have the urge to herd and prefers to play fetch instead, consider these toys: the Kong BallKong Flyer Dog ToyEverlasting Fun Ball, the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball, the Gripper Ball, or the Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Ball. If your Corgi likes to swim, consider choosing a toy that your Corgi can play in the water like the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball, the Kong Training Dummy, the Kong Cool Kong Floating Retriever Toy, or the Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Ball.

If your Corgi enjoys a good game of Tug of War, considering getting your Corgi the Rubber Tug. Perhaps your Corgi prefers carrying soft toys around the house instead. In which case, you should consider getting your Corgi stuffed animals or stuffed toys, but be careful when purchasing these items. Since all dogs carry things via their mouths, the toys will be wet with saliva and since they are stuffed, they will probably be dripping wet.

Also, be sure that your Corgi is not a chewer and will chew up the stuffed toy, wasting an otherwise perfectly good toy. While your Corgi is sure to have fun destroying the toy in seconds, you as the owner will have to pick up the toy’s remains. However, if your Corgi just like the stuffed toys because they squeak, consider getting squeaking toys that are more durable like the Jolly Pets Jolly Critters, the JW Pet Ruffians Dog Toy, or the Kong Wubba Toy.

Consider treat toys like the Buster Food Cube or the Everlasting Fun Ball, where you can place either treats or your Corgi’s kibbles inside and have your Corgi work for their treats or meals. If you are getting any Kong toy products for your Corgi, consider buying the Kong Stuff’N Snaps, which are treats especially designed to fit inside your Kong toys. Or perhaps the Stuff’n Paste, which when sprayed on toys, makes the toy more tasty and appealing to your Corgi.

If you want a toy that’s both fun and healthy for your dog, consider buying your Corgi a Kong Dental Kong Toy, a toy designed to help reduce your Corgi’s plaque and tartar build-up, but at the same time allows your Corgi to have fun.

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Other Good Tips to Remember For Safe and Fun Dog Toys

Above are only just a few of the vast selection available. A helpful tip on buying dog products online would be to read the reviews other owners write about their experiences with the product with their dogs, especially with the toys. It is always helpful to know what to expect or have an idea of how your Corgi will react with the toy.

As for dog treats, a good tip is not to buy your Corgi any rawhide bones or potentially sharp treats. While rawhides are good for your Corgi to calmly lie down and chew, they can be as dangerous as raw chicken bones for your Corgi because when your Corgi chews them down into tiny pieces, those pieces can become tiny sharp shards that could potentially puncture your Corgi’s throat as he or she swallows them. Therefore, be very careful when deciding on purchasing a rawhide or treat that could become tiny sharp pieces.

If you do decide to buy them, supervise your Corgi and make sure you take them away from Corgi when they become small and sharp. Also make sure to give treats in moderation, too much and your Corgi may end up being overweight. There are a lot of dog toys and treats to choose for your Corgi. Whatever toy or treat you decide to get your Corgi, make sure that it is both safe and that your Corgi enjoys it.