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How To Buy A Corgi: Why Do Corgis Cost So Much?

How To Buy A Corgi: Why Do Corgis Cost So Much?

When you are buying a pet, what are the things you pay most attention to: breed, color, size, age, price, health? These are all important factors when you are deciding to bring a dog into your home.

Let’s say that you intend on buying a corgi, and you need to know all the pros and cons in order to make the right decision. How to buy a corgi?

Besides the obvious factors you look for, there are many other details regarding the breed itself that differ from country to country, and you might expect different requirements once you arrive at the breeder. Therefore, you should be informed in advance on how to get a corgi. 

Throughout this article, we will explain the entire process behind buying a corgi, what paperwork you need to get done before you show up at the breeder, some basic information about the breed, and difference in price between countries.

So, stay with us and learn how to choose a healthy corgi!

How To Spot And Buy The Best Corgi? 

Before bringing any pet into your home, in this case, a dog, you should know the basics. They include if the dog is healthy, family-friendly, energetic, etc. Let’s list down the most important ones and say a few words about them.

Affection levelWhile some dogs are considered to be independent, others are in constant need of affection from their owners. Dogs who are grown inside apartments are more comfortable and affectionate around humans.
SheddingNot all dogs have the same amount of coat. Some dogs have extremely short fur, and others have so much that they shed more times a year. This means that they need a lot more grooming and attention. Remember that a dog coat is a sensitive surface susceptible to many diseases and infections, so be careful.
DroolingDog breeds such as bulldogs and boxers are excessive droolers, and this needs to be taken care of. Leaving wet spots all over you and the furniture can’t be right, so go check that out.
TrainingTraining is a vast and vital factor when it comes to your dog, especially if you plan on keeping him indoors most of the time. Bear in mind that different breeds require different training methods, and not all of them appear obedient at first sight. 
Energy levelsFor example, although corgis are small in size, they possess a tremendous amount of energy, while bulldogs are considered to be a more lazy and laid-back breed. So, it’s important what you’re looking for in a dog – an exercise or a cuddle buddy.
IntelligenceA dog’s intelligence should be developed. This includes buying smart dog toys, going on dog sporting events, following adequate training rules, etc. This will contribute both to mental and physical health.
Nourishment Every dog should have proper nourishment. On a daily basis, a dog should receive a dose of vitamins and high-quality dog food in order to keep him healthy. Also, you have to pay attention to their weight – it should be kept balanced. Your dog should neither be over nor under-weight. 
Weaher-tolerantWhen buying a dog, keep in mind that some dogs get through certain seasons more difficult than others. For example, the husky breed is not meant for places that are known for high temperatures, and dog breeds with thin coats do not deal well with coldness.
Maintenance It is no secret that some breeds are, as they say, “high-maintenance”, and by this, we mean that a considerable large amount of money will be taken out of your pockets every month – grooming, medication, doctor checkups. For example, corgi dogs fit in this same category, but we will get to that in a minute.

Now that we have covered the general information, let’s narrow it down to one breed, and that is the corgi breed. How to pick a corgi puppy? Keep on reading. 

Corgi Basics

Okay, you have made up your mind, and the breed that you are choosing is a corgi, but the question is – how to get a corgi puppy? Is the process terribly long, or there are some shortcuts? What is something you should know about this breed you are buying?

Let’s begin.

A brief introduction to The Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

This breed’s first appearance goes back to the 10th century when the corgi was brought to English soil. Although they were tiny when they arrived, they were used as cattle dogs and had challenging jobs to do. The Pembroke Welsh corgi was a herding dog who also used to transfer goods and livestock from farms to well-known markets.

This particular breed is also known for being very famous among the royal family. The Pembroke Welsh corgi was a personal favorite of Queen Elizabeth II since she got her first one in 1933 as a gift from her father, King George VI. Since then, she has owned more than 30 corgis. 

However, this breed was not distinguished from the Cardigan Welsh corgi until 1934. The American Kennel Club finally decided that the two breeds should not be regarded as one. 

The Pembroke Welsh corgi may seem a bit calmer than the Cardigan breed, but it is still high-maintenance. They both need a lot of attention regarding grooming, health insurance, exercise, affection, etc. A lack in any of the fields may result in your corgi’s mental and physical health. 

Now, the Cardigan Welsh corgi:

When it comes to the Cardigan Welsh corgi, there is not much difference. The most visible difference between the two breeds may be seen in color. Other than that, maintenance is pretty much the same.

The Cardigan Welsh corgi also dates back a long ago, and some say even more than the Pembroke breed. They were not always favorites and got their fame and acceptance in the 1920s. 

Similar to the Pembroke breed, they can live between 12 to 15 years, 16 if you are lucky. As far as size goes and weight, they don’t get higher than 14-15 inches and heavier than 30 pounds (that is, of course, if you don’t go overboard with the meals).

They are famous for their loud bark, and not everyone gets used to this easily. Although it can be managed to some extent, it never entirely goes away. You have to accept the fact that this is a part of their personality, and they have a rich one. 

This brings us to the question – are corgis hard to find nowadays? Not at all. Today they are very popular and can be found almost everywhere. 

Let’s take a quick look at this table showing general corgi characteristics. 

Affection levelshigh
Energy levelshigh
Health low

Now, after you have seen this, you might be wondering – how expensive are corgis and are corgis easy to own? It depends, and we are about to answer that question. 

Before Buying

Although your main goal is to buy a corgi and bring him into your loving home, before asking yourself how much are corgis, you should also think about whether this is the dog for you – meaning that you should have a checklist of things you should absolutely know before buying.

Here some of the things you should know before buying a corgi puppy:

  1. Your corgi has taken all his medical tests – This is the first and most crucial piece of information you should get checked. You should consider buying a corgi only if he has a clear medical history behind him.
  2. His coat has been nicely maintained – A healthy corgi will have a nicely groomed coat when you visit the breeder for the first time. It should not appear too thick or too thin. Also, there should not be any visible external wounds. 
  3. The breeder can confirm that he is a good watchdog – Originally, corgis are meant to be herding dogs, and they have always possessed a sense of responsibility. Your breeder should confidently state that the time the corgi spent in the breeder’s ownership, he has shown signs of a good watchdog – loyalty, patience, etc.
  4. The corgi doesn’t show destructive behavior – Once you meet the dog and spend some time with him, he shouldn’t show any destructive behavior seen through excessive barking, hyper energy, signs that he is not adequately trained, etc.
  5. The corgi doesn’t shed too much – Although corgis are known to shed more than twice a year, excessive shedding might indicate that there is something wrong with the health of your corgi.
  6. The corgi gets along with other dogs – Not all dog breeds are overly-friendly, but they all should be trained to be okay with the presence of other dogs. If your corgi shows territorial aggression, then you should definitely reconsider buying him.

Also, many buyers come with the question about is there a difference in how much are baby corgis and an older corgi dog. This usually depends on the breed. A pure breed baby corgi will surely cost you more.


Dog lovers, have you ever heard of Petland? One of the biggest retail pet industries in the USA that has been around for more than 45 years. Here, current and future pet owners can find various breeds as well as some essential equipment. 


  • Sells pet equipment
  • Encourage pet owners
  • Offers protection

Petland stores are situated all over America. You can find them in:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Texas

Okay, the next question is – how much do corgis cost at Petland? 

Well, for that you will have to visit their website. The prices are negotiable and depend on the dog’s characteristics and current state.

For example, when you look up corgis for sale, you will find a picture along with some additional information like grooming, training, disposition, and so on.

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Teacup & Cowboy Corgis For Sale

Other than the fact that we know about the two primary breeds – the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh corgi, there are others as well. Have you ever heard about the term “teacup corgi” or “cowboy corgi“? If not, let us introduce you. 

The first question that might pop into your mind is what makes them different from the regular breeds? From this, you might have guessed that it has to do with size and color, perhaps. Also, there is a variation in price because of the breeding process. 

Teacup corgis – what do they look like? In fact, they are a mini version of the corgi breed, mixed with an even smaller breed, hence the term “teacup”. 

You can get a teacup corgi by breeding a regular corgi with:

This process is known as the dwarfism gene. You all know that corgis were known as a “dwarf dog”, and now it is becoming even more real. 

This little creature weighs only 5 pounds and reaches barely 10 inches in height. Breeding this miniature-sized pet isn’t cheap at all. So, how much are teacup corgis?

There is certainly some difference in how much do corgis cost, especially when it comes to a breed that is not the primary one. 

If you have some extra money you are willing to spend on a pet who requires constant attention and that pet happens to be the teacup corgi, you can freely say that a teacup corgi will go for $2,000.

But, why do corgis cost so much? Because of their health requirements mostly. They need a bit more attention than the regular one.   

If this mini breed costs so much, then how much are cardigan corgi puppies? Not much cheaper if you were hoping for that. One Cardigan Welsh corgi will cost you anywhere from $600-$1000, so prepare your wallet. 

Moving on to the cowboy corgi. 

Unlike the teacup version, a cowboy corgi is a mixture of the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the American Cattle dog. What a difference from the previous one, right? 

While a teacup corgi is mostly viewed as a cute addition to the family, this one was generally used for herding. But don’t be misled by this breeding process, these are still small dogs, and the difference in size is almost unnoticeable.

The only things that really distinguish them from a teacup corgi are their temperament and personality. While the teacup corgi is a bit more gentle and playful, the cowboy corgi has inherited herding instincts from both his parents and has a strict way of behaving. 

This is why the cowboy corgi is the perfect farming dog. So, if you have a farm with lots of animals and need someone to be in charge when it’s time to hit the grass fields, this is the breed for you.

The next thing is the price, of course. How much are cowboy corgis? There is no concrete price for this breed.

Cowboy corgis can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1000, depending on the parents’ health condition and the breeder himself. 

These differences in prices only make it difficult to establish how much do corgis sell for in general, but this is something that will never reach a constant price. 

Fluffy Corgi Puppies

Lately, more and more people have been interested in breeding fluffy corgis. Is this something new, or is this “fluffy” just a style adjustment?

You are correct. A fluffy corgi is not a new breed. It is the same old Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh corgi, just with a longhaired coat, that’s all. But, why this trend? 

The fluffiness is just a gene mutation passed on from their parents. The owners decide not to go with regular grooming while the corgi is still a puppy, so their coat grows thicker and longer. 

Some people claim that it is “unethical” and “unhygienic” to own a fluffy corgi. They are probably thinking about the excessive shedding and all the hairs that will be flying around your household. 

The good news is that you can have this all under control if you are determined enough. This one might just need a bit more cleaning and maintenance.  

The question follows: how much do fluffy corgis cost? The answer to that question is the same as for this one – how much are cardigan corgis? 

As we mentioned, we are talking about the same breed, so you should prepare anywhere from $600 to $1000 in cash just for starters. 

Are corgis expensive? Might be. But aren’t they adorable, especially when they are fluffy?

NOTE: If you have young children (up to 5 years old) in your household, be careful when breeding a fluffy corgi. It might not be a problem for you, but your child might end up developing some serious health issues and allergies. This also applies to individuals who have severe allergy reactions. 

Corgi Prices – Australia 

The corgi breed has become very popular worldwide, and it has even reached the far continent of Australia. If you are a resident here and plan on buying, you might ask yourself – how much do corgis cost in Australia? You might not get the answer you are looking for.

This is because different breeders set different prices, and some of them might be over the top. Sadly, this is often the case, but you can avoid being scammed. 

Many breeders or just owners are willing to negotiate on the price with the potential buyer. So, how much are corgis in Australia?

On average, you will have to prepare around $1000 and be open to a bargain if you want to save a couple of dollars. This is what every Australian will tell you.

You might not know that there are many websites meant for buying and selling pets – in this case, corgi dogs. You can even find some equipment here. 

One of the famous ones is DogzOnline – Australia’s pure breed dog community. This is a well-known platform for dog owners who intend to find a loving home for their pets.

You can see everything – from newborn corgi puppies to corgi seniors. And the prices are also different. Usually, owners post pictures and some additional information. 

There are some people who have trouble finding the right corgi breeder and a fair price for their pet, so they try to find help online. 

Gumtree’s website offers potential buyers the chance to state their requirements and prices they are willing to pay for a corgi.

If you are situated in a particular area, for example, New Zealand NZ, and you are looking to buy a corgi, you can go to New Zealand and get some information.

So, how much do corgis cost in NZ?

Posts on this website are not all the same. While some people state a concrete price and other important information about the dog, others offer some contact information for further negotiation.

Corgi Prices – America

Besides the UK, the corgi breed is undoubtedly thriving all over the USA. And since we are talking about a large territory, the prices and requirements are not the same everywhere.

Corgi is high-maintenance, and the prices can get pretty high as well, but they can also be extremely low. People tend to get excited when they see that there is a corgi for sale and the price is below average. A careful buyer should look into this, and here is why.

First, you should look for a respectable dog farm. This means that they have been verified and recognized as a business and have a standing-good reputation.

Next, within this, you should look for high-quality breeders. This means that the person you are buying a corgi from is not some “wheeler-dealer” who is just in it for the money. According to the AKC, a good breeder should:

  • Let you come and visit the corgi
  • Genuinely care for all of his animals
  • Put the purchase of the dog on a contract

The American Kennel Club estimates Pembroke Welsh corgis prices anywhere from $1,000 to $2,200 and the Cardigan Welsh corgis from $1,200 to $1,800.

This makes the average cost around $1,500. 

Again, we are talking about the entire USA, so let’s get specific – how much are corgis in the US? Here are the top countries with the highest demand for the corgi breed and their prices. 

These include:

  • How much are corgis in California?
  • How much are corgis in Florida?
  • How much are Corgis in Illinois?
  • How much are corgis in Michigan?
  • How much are corgis in Texas?
  • How much do corgis cost in Pennsylvania?
  • How much do corgis cost in Ohio?

California (CA)

If you are in California and you are wondering how much do corgis cost in California, go visit, and there you will find dozens of advertisements of breeders and owners selling their corgi puppies. 

So, how much do corgis cost in California? Well, these people are not compliant as far as money is concerned, and they keep their prices high.

An average corgi purchase in California is close to $2,500. Not cheap at all. Some even raise the price to $3,000.

Let’s all hope that there is space for negotiating.

Florida (FL)

Florida residents who would like to buy a corgi puppy can also go visit and change the location from California to Florida, or they can go to Uptown Puppies – the largest breeding corporation in Florida and look for their ideal corgi puppy. 

Uptown Puppies offers you a detailed description of all currently available dogs. But, let’s talk cash – how much do corgis cost in Florida?

Unfortunately, to buy a corgi in Florida, you will need a lot of cash because these breeders are more expensive than the Florida ones.

They value their corgis so much that they can ask between $2,800 and $3,400 for a corgi puppy. 

Illinois (IL)

Illinois is a bit cheaper when it comes to corgi prices. The average price of a corgi puppy in Illinois is $1,800, and this is close to the average price mentioned by the American Kennel Club earlier. A purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi can cost you $2,200.

Michigan (MI)

If you are looking for a corgi in Michigan, you will be surprised by the variation in prices. While some sell corgis for $900, others raise the price to $3,500. You can expect everything.

There are even breeders who sell a group of corgis – one example of this goes for $12,345.

Texas (TX)

GoodDog is one of the most famous breeders’ websites for selling corgis. On this website, breeders continually post updates about their corgis and how many puppies are available at the time. So, how much do corgis cost in Texas?

An average cost for a corgi puppy or a corgi adult in Texas is $1,200-$1,500 – a reasonable price. 

Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania residents can search for a corgi at “Ridgewood Puppies“. They are located on 5051 Lincoln Highway, or you can contact them by dialing 610-873-7045. Besides corgis, they can also offer you some dog equipment and supplies. 

An average corgi puppy in Pennsylvania costs $1,250. 

Ohio (OH)

By visiting, you can get a full range of available corgi dogs in Ohio. The prices here are not high at all, and you can expect the prices to go between $1,200 and $1,400.

These were the countries where most corgis are bought. The prices you have witnessed will undoubtedly change over time, but this breed’s popularity will remain. So, if you come across a corgi you like, but the price is out of your budget, try negotiating – it might work.

Corgi Prices – Asia

The two most common corgi purchases in Asia happen to be in Singapore (SG) and the Philippines (PH). Are there any differences in prices? Let’s take a look.

How do corgis cost in Singapore?

If you are in Singapore and you are looking to buy a corgi puppy, you should prepare around $1,000. But there is one other thing you should pay attention to. In Singapore, every dog must be licensed. 

According to Animal and Veterinary Service, a one-year license for a sterilized dog is $15 and for a non-sterilized one is $25. This is considered mandatory, and the cost for sterilization in Singapore is from $150 to $500.

Owning a corgi breed in Singapore should be taken seriously. The rules are strict, and by obeying them, you are saving a considerable amount of money.

Moving on to the Philippines. How much are corgis in PH?

One way of selling corgi puppies in the Philippines is as a group, which is not cheap. A group of Pembroke Welsh corgis can cost you from $7,000 to $25,000. And although this might seem crazy for some, people still come and buy a herd of corgi puppies.

Corgi Prices – Great Britain

We have saved the best for last, and that is where the fame of this breed reached its high point – the UK. Surely, at one point, you have been wondering – how much are corgis in the UK? Well, we are here to answer that question for you.

We are all familiar with the fact that the corgi breed was most noticeable and famous when Queen Elizabeth II owned dozens of them. She owned more than 30 corgis, and all of them received royal treatment. No wonder celebrities started buying them as well. 

However, after the Queen announced that she would not be introducing any more corgis into her home, their popularity became questionable. At a certain point in the UK, the sale of corgi puppies decreased so much that the breeders were struggling to find loving homes for their corgis.

Nevertheless, this was still one of the traditional breeds in the UK, and their sale got back on track in no time.

So, how much do corgis cost in the UK?

A corgi in the UK will cost you around $2,000.

Mandatory Health Tests

Like we said earlier, when considering buying a corgi dog you should make sure that the breeder has taken your corgi to the vet to do some preliminary health tests.

Mandatory health tests for corgis include:

  • Hip evaluation
  • Degenerative myelopathy DNA test 
  • PRA genetic test 

Hip Evaluation Test For Corgis (Pembroke And Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

Purpose: The aim of this test is to examine the joint phenotype of the corgi breed fully. This should be considered a mandatory health test because a large percent of corgis deal with problems in the way their hip joints develop over their lifetime. This is often the result of their body shape and the incredible pressure their tiny legs have to endure. 

Disease: Canine hip dysplasia is one of the most common conditions that affect dogs of all breeds. This is a combination of genes and some current components. It can be discovered by radiographs that it X-rays (this is not painful for the dog). These radiographs will determine the stage and progression of the disease. The early symptoms of this disease include decreased activity, difficulty to move, pain, stiffness, etc. 

When it comes to treatment, we can make a distinction between the less and more complicated cases. The less difficult cases should engage in physical therapy, eating healthier, treatment by medication (anti-inflammatory medication). On the other hand, the more severe cases will have to undergo surgery, and there are three types: double or triple pelvic osteotomy, femoral head osteotomy, and total hip replacement. 

Price: The cost of this test ranges between $300 and $600.

Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Test (Pembroke And Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

Purpose: The degenerative myelopathy DNA test helps the owners determine whether their dog is a candidate for a genetic disease. This test does not give any definite results, and it just deals with the level of probability. The laboratories that take these tests can send a copy of the test to you. Since this is a genetic condition, this test’s taking should not be overlooked because it can affect the offspring as well.

Disease: Degenerative myelopathy is a canine disease that affects the spinal cord and results in weakness and, sometimes, complete paralysis. This disease should not be taken lightly because, in the early stages, it can resemble hip dysplasia. The number one cause for this disease is genetic, so the DNA test is like a confirmation that your corgi is either in danger or that he is 100% healthy. The signs of this disease are the dog falling over easily, weakness in the limbs, scraping, etc. 

Unfortunately, there is still no treatment for this kind of disease, but there are a couple of things you and your dog can do. You can update your exercise routine, throw in some extra vitamins, and ensure that your dog remains not injured.

Price: This test is not expensive at all, and it will cost you around $150.

PRA Genetic Test (Pembroke And Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

PRA genetic test: PRA genetic test, or Clear by Parentage as it’s also called, is a genetic test that refers to all the predispositions of any diseases (genetic or not) that your corgi may have or develop during its lifetime. This mainly has to do with the medical history of their parents. Suppose you have received any information from the breeder or former owner that the parents of your corgi have been diagnosed with any disease. In that case, you should immediately consider taking this test. 

This way, you will be aware if he is in danger of some health issues in the near future or if he has already been dealing with something, and you have not known.

This test operates in three stages:

  1. Testing your dam and sire for diseases found in your breed
  2. Confirming percentage for your litter
  3. Ordering clear by parentage certificates

When buying a corgi, this should be the first on your list of documents the breeder should provide. Without it, you are at risk of bringing home a possibly ill corgi dog.

Price: The price of this test is close to $200.

Ultimate Corgi Buying Guide – Conclusion

Buying a dog requires much more than just going and picking one at the breeder. You might not like it, but there is a lot of “digging” and paperwork you have to get done before you bring home a healthy dog.

Firstly, you must be familiar with some of the basic dog characteristics: shedding, friendliness, drooling, affection, nourishment, and many more. You need to know what you are looking for. Not all breeds are ready to run around with you all day. But, if you are looking for a “gleeful” breed – the corgi breed is the perfect choice for you.

The corgi breed has a long and fascinating history. There are two types: the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. The Pembroke breed goes back to the 10th century. Although they were tiny when they arrived, they were used as cattle dogs and had challenging jobs to do. The Pembroke Welsh corgi was a herding dog who also used to transfer goods and livestock from farms to well-known markets.

This was also a personal favorite of Queen Elizabeth II. On the other hand, the Cardigan Welsh corgi is pretty much the same as the Pembroke one. The only differences are in color and the fact that some say that the Cardigan Welsh corgi is a little bit older than the Pembroke one, but that is history. 

The two breeds were finally separated in 1934 and slowly began to gain popularity. They both live up to 15 years and do not get higher than 15 inches, but don’t overfeed them.

Before buying a corgi, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to. You should make sure that he has all of his health tests taken, that his coat is clean, that he doesn’t show any aggressive or destructive behavior, and that the breeder lets you spend some time with him before buying.

Petland is one of the largest corporations in America that deal with selling pets and pet equipment. This is an excellent place to come to if you are looking for a corgi. They are situated all over: Missouri, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, etc. The prices of dogs are negotiable and depend mainly on the country.

We have mentioned the two primary breeds, but what about teacup, cowboy, and fluffy corgi? They exist too. A teacup corgi is a corgi mixed with another small breed (chihuahua, for example). They are a lot smaller than the regular corgi, but other than that, there is not much difference. On the other hand, a cowboy corgi is a Cardigan Welsh corgi mixed with the Australian Cattle dog.

The purpose of this “mix” is to produce the perfect farming dog – and there you have. He might be a little taller, but the personality remains the same. Finally, a fluffy corgi is just a regular corgi with long hair. This is a trend for owners who simply like it “fluffy”. But bear in mind that this means extra time for maintenance.

Now, let’s talk about the actual prices of corgi dogs in the world. First, Australia – here you can find a corgi for about $1000 if you are good at negotiating, even cheaper. In New Zealand, it’s the same thing. There are many websites where people post advertisements, and while some state the price right there, others need to be contacted first. 

In America, you can expect anything. We are talking about many countries, and the prices undoubtedly vary – from extremely high to surprisingly low. The most expensive corgis are in California and Florida. There, breeders and owners can raise the price to $3000. Some countries, like Michigan, sell a group of corgis together for more than $10,000. We can say that the state of Texas keeps it real and sells their corgis for $1,200-$1,500.

In Asia, owning a corgi dog is a bit different. Although the prices are not that high and range from $1,000 to $ 1,500, some additional costs get in the way. If you are in Singapore, you have to get your corgi sterilized, which can cost you anywhere between $100 and $500.

Last but not least, The United Kingdom – where the corgi popularity started. People here value their corgis, and you can see them selling for $2,200. However, once the Queen declared that she would no longer be bringing corgis into her royal home, the sales drastically declined. Breeders were struggling to find homes for their corgis. But luckily, this lasted for a short period of time, and now the breeding and selling of the traditional English breed is back on track.

Before buying a corgi, you must make sure that he has taken some mandatory health tests, and these include hip evaluation, degenerative myelopathy DNA test, and PRA genetic test. You will be sure that your corgi is not a candidate for any hereditary conditions by taking these. tests So, before taking your corgi home, ask the breeder for evidence.

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