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Pros And Cons About Corgis: Good Things And Bad Things

Pros And Cons About Corgis: Good Things And Bad Things

Corgis are one of the most recognizable dog breeds across the world. Nowadays, it’s impossible to pass by your local dog park without noticing a couple of corgis playing inside the park. They can be found everywhere!

Whenever you see corgi in the streets, the chances are that you will start to think about adopting a few of them. So if that’s the first thing that comes to your mind, you should carefully search through the Pros and cons about corgis.

Luckily for you, this article will cover all of the necessary stuff you need to know before adopting a corgi!

What are their most redeeming qualities? Can you leave them alone with your kids or babies? How do they behave when you take them outside? Are corgis healthy dogs, and are they susceptible to some genetic diseases?

If you choose to continue reading this article, I guarantee that you will find all of the answers to all of your questions. So make yourself comfortable and give your corgis a chance – you won’t regret it!

Good Things About Corgis

Whenever you decide to expand your family by adding a new pet into your household, you should choose wisely, as your decision will affect everyone’s life. In most cases, getting a dog is the safest choice, as they are the best pets for all types of families!

The hard part comes when you need to decide which dog breed will work for you. Regardless of how many family members you have, adopting a corgi will always be the safest choice for all of you. But why is that? What are the good things about corgis, and why would you want to buy one?

I’ll do my best to explain what are the main benefits of owning a corgi, starting with:

1. Corgi Puppies Are Easily Manageable

Choosing the very best corgi for your family might be difficult, as there are no two of a kind corgis in this world. Every single one will have a distinct personality that will make them unique, but some stuff connects them all.

From the day that they’re born, all corgi puppies will be heavily protected by their mother. She will make sure that they’re correctly fed and will guard them against anyone that’s new to them.

Corgis come in different colors, those being mainly black or orange. To me, it didn’t particularly matter what color they were when I adopted several of them. What’s important is that you should check both their mothers’ and fathers’ pedigree.

Your new corgi needs to have healthy parents.

If corgis’ parents have a strong pedigree, the puppies won’t have any problems in the future. Likewise, you won’t have difficulty choosing the perfect puppy for you; just look at all of them for several seconds and follow your insects; the right one will approach you!

When you choose a puppy for you and your family, ensure that you travel with it safely towards their new home. I’m sure that everyone will be delighted as soon as you present them with the newest member of the family.

All corgis are intelligent dogs; regardless of their age and experience, they are more than capable of learning how to behave. So from day one, you will have an easy time teaching them some tricks, and, on top of that, all corgis will enjoy learning new stuff!

2. Corgis Will Behave Properly Towards Everyone

There are no universal rules that tell us how we should live. Some of you are maybe alone at the moment, but most of you will have several family members living with you. Most dogs aren’t capable of dealing with young people, but corgis aren’t one of them.

If you plan on having a baby soon, or if you have a baby already, don’t worry; corgis will never misbehave towards that baby. On the contrary, all corgis are incredibly protective towards babies, as they think of them as the youngest part of the pack.

Corgis have strong instincts within them that originate from wolves. As you all know, wolves are never alone; several others constantly surround them. Every one of them has a job that needs to be done, and they tend to execute those jobs with perfection.

Corgis aren’t different from that; on the contrary, they may even take their jobs more seriously than wolves! Once, I had to run to the market, and I left my baby with my corgis. To my genuine surprise, even though I wasn’t present for several minutes, not a single corgi moved a muscle.

All of them remained right where I left them, and they all guarded the baby without second-guessing my order. The same thing can be said for young kids, as all corgis will remain calm when dealing with them. Most corgis even adore small kids and will want to play with them!

As for all of you that have entered adulthood, corgis will be a phenomenal companion in your life, as they’re low-maintenance dogs. Even if you have to leave them alone for several hours straight, there won’t be any problems. Corgis will wait patiently for you until you return home.

We all care deeply for the oldest members of our household as they’re the main pillars of everyone’s family. Most dogs have a tough time adapting to older people, but that isn’t the case when talking about corgis. Corgis adore seniors and will do their best never to harm them!

3. Taking Your Corgi Outside For A Walk Is Simple

As soon as your corgis come of age, you should buy them a leash that makes them capable of walking outside. Head to your local pet shop and have a little talk with the personnel there; ask them what’s the best leash for your corgis, and they’ll offer you one!

Oddly enough, most dogs need to be held on a short and tight leash, as they tend to get themselves in lots of trouble, but that isn’t the case for corgis. You can rest assured that even if you buy a long leash that’s capable of stretching, your corgi will never abuse it.

All corgis tend to stay close to their owners whenever they take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Only a few dog breeds can come close to the amount of joy that corgis offer to their respective owners whenever you discuss what it’s like to take them for a walk.

Bad Things About Corgis

Unfortunately, every coin has both sides, and there is a thin line between the good and the bad side of every story. The same can be said for corgis, as they have several concerning attributes that all potential owners should be aware of. So, what are the bad things about corgis?

Take a look:

1. Corgis Need To Stay In Shape

Although most people think that having a dog is an easy task, that’s just not the case, especially if you plan on having several corgis. All dogs and especially corgis, need to have a spacious place to live in. I always like to recommend my clients adopt corgis only if they live in a house.

Even if you live in a small apartment, don’t worry; corgis are capable of living even in those conditions, as long as you take them for a walk several times a day. As for all of you that live in a house with a large backyard, you can simply put your corgis outside.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you should leave your corgis all alone for the rest of their lives, as they’ll need you to interact with them every day. Corgis require several different toys to play with, as they need to be mentally challenged every day.

If you don’t play enough with your corgis, or if you don’t provide them with enough toys, the chances are that your corgis might develop some mental issues. The most common one being depression. You shouldn’t allow yourself to put your corgis in any harm’s way; interact with them!

Just because you provide them with a spacious backyard doesn’t mean that you’re relieved from taking them outside for walks. Regardless of its living conditions, every corgi needs to be taken for walks every day if you want to ensure that they stay in shape.

On top of that, corgis need to have a diverse diet that will allow them to stay on their feet all day long. Corgis might be small dogs, but if they’re offered a proper diet, they will form a set of strong muscles that will make them more durable to all sorts of accidents.

Disregarding that rule will lead them to become fat. There mustn’t be any issues when planing the correct diet for corgis, as any mistakes can lead them to become obese. As you all probably know, there is a thin line, for corgis, between being fat and obese.

2. Some Corgis Are Capable Of Becoming Ill

Regrettably, for our little furballs, corgis are capable of manifesting several genetic issues. It’s not their fault that they were born with an ability to become ill; most corgis carry some malicious genetic codes. The most famous being hip dysplasia.

You’re probably aware of this, but some corgis have a habit of hopping whenever they’re continuously running. Most of the time, that kind of hopping isn’t troublesome, but in some rare cases, it can mean that your corgi is suffering from hip dysplasia.

As soon as you realize that your corgis are acting weirdly, you should immediately take them to your local vet so that he can run some scans. As it turns out, corgis’ short legs aren’t meant for running all the time, as they can wear them off quite quickly.

The hip joints that connect the corgis’ legs with their spinal cord have a specific mechanism that allows them to move. It consists of a ball that moves around in a socket. If the ball makes any rough contact with the socket, it will damage it. 

Frequent damage to the socket will potentially lead them to manifest hip dysplasia. In most cases, a regular treatment consisting of several supplements will be enough, but sometimes, your corgis will need to undergo surgery if the joints deteriorate entirely. 

Don’t worry; the surgical treatment has a high success rate, and it will allow your corgis to continue moving. Their health should always be the number one priority to you!

Pros And Cons About Corgis – Final Thoughts

As there are many different dog breeds out there, finding the perfect one for you can be troublesome. Questioning yourself with the pros and cons about corgis might help you out with deciding on which dog you should pick.

When all things are written on paper, corgis are one of the best companions to have in your life! As pets, they love to interact with all family members, regardless of their age and experience. Corgis adore spending time with babies just as much as they enjoy playing with seniors.

They require a lot of attention, and sometimes, if you leave them alone for too long, they might start to suffer from depression. You’ll need to stay close to corgis all the time, as they need to bond with you continuously. As long as you offer your corgis healthy food and lots of exercises, there won’t be any issues. Keep them entertained, and you will have a loyal friend for the rest of your life!