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Are Corgis Nippy? How To Train Corgi To Stop Nipping?

Are Corgis Nippy? How To Train Corgi To Stop Nipping?

All dog breeds and especially corgis, are irresistible friends to have in your life, regardless of how many family members you have. So if you are alone, with a partner, or have several children, corgis will always be a fan-favorite dog breed that won’t ever cause you trouble!

Although corgis are relatively calm and collected, they might exhibit some troublesome behavior until they come of age, such as nipping. This condition concerns most people, making them ask me, How to train corgi to stop nipping?.

As it turns out, there are several ways you can train your corgis to stop with the nipping, and I’ll tell you the two most effective methods!

What makes those two methods more effective than others? For example, are corgis nippy more in the morning or in the evening? Is it OK to yelp loudly as soon as your corgi nips you? All of your concerns will be resolved as soon as you start reading this article. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down!

Why Do Corgis Nip?

You need to know a lot of stuff before you adopt a corgi, even more so if it’s a young one. First and foremost, you will need to find out where you can locate a person or pet shop that is trustworthy. 

That shouldn’t be a problem if you have good connections within the corgi enthusiasts community to offer you some information. But, unfortunately, most dog breeders, especially those dealing with corgis, aren’t careful towards corgis, as they tend to sell them as soon as possible.

Never put yourself in a risky situation by buying an unhealthy corgi puppy that didn’t stay close to its mother. As you all know, all puppies, especially corgi puppies, need lots of milk from their mother to sustain themselves throughout the early days.

Their mother needs to have a balanced and nutritious diet containing lots of protein and fiber to produce healthy milk for her puppies. On top of that, if a breeder doesn’t feed the dam with enough food, she might not produce enough milk for her young ones.

Buy or adopt only if you are 100% sure that you are getting yourself a healthy puppy that will remain healthy throughout its entire life. There are some issues that can’t be prevented, known as genetic diseases. If you want to know more about them, click on the link here!

Bypassing them can be pretty tricky, as you can never know when your corgi might start to suffer from one. Keep that in mind, as you need to stay, from day one, at all times, close to your young corgi and monitor its every move so that it doesn’t accidentally do something to harm itself!

Putting aside corgis’ genetic issues, they are still relatively healthy dogs that don’t easily get ill, as their immune system is quite strong. Just make sure that you offer them a proper diet and take them for a walk multiple times a day.

As your baby corgi is growing up, its body size will get bigger. Not only that, as your corgi gets older, it will inevitably form a unique personality that will affect your and its life in one way or another. Stay close to them at all times and teach them to behave themselves properly always!

The last thing that will, with time, get larger is corgis’ teeth. As it turns out, when your corgi is between five and eight weeks old, it will form most, if not all, of the 28 puppy teeth, making it fully capable of chewing most of its food.

It’s all fun and games until baby corgis start to use their teeth to nip you. Many people have difficulty when they get into this phase with their corgi, asking me why corgis nip so much? Don’t worry, as soon as you’re done reading this text; there won’t be any more problems!

How To Train Corgi To Stop Nipping? Train Your Corgi From Day One!

When you get yourself a corgi puppy, there are several things that you should do if it starts to nip you all the time, those being:

  1. Don’t waste a single day! When you wake up from your bed, check on your baby corgi first thing in the morning. Oddly enough, young and old, corgis’ day starts as soon as the sun begins to shine, and they tend to stay on their feet all day long.
  2. I suggest putting your young corgis in a box with high walls, forcing them to stay locked throughout the night. If you leave your baby corgi to roam freely until sunrise, it will inevitably try to chew everything that it finds attractive to bite in your room!
  3. As it turns out, allowing this kind of behavior will lead corgis to unintentionally think that it’s an OK thing for them to bite everything. Soon enough, they will think that they can even start to bite you, resulting in the nipping of your ankles.
  4. Nipping might be fun and games for them, but if you allow them to nip you every day, that habit will stay within them for the rest of their lives. Also, if you didn’t know, corgis are getting a new set of adult teeth as soon as they pass the six-month barrier!
  5. It gets pretty painful when they nip on your ankles with a set of sharp teeth, leaving you with some bite marks. So as soon as you realize that your corgi is nipping on your ankles, make sure that you force them to stop doing that.

Several different methods will be of use to you; listen carefully:

Put Them On Time-Out

Imagine waking up early in the morning; your partner is bringing you coffee and breakfast in your bed, the day is starting phenomenally. Suddenly, you realize that you need to leave the bed and go straight to the bathroom. As soon as you stand up, you get nipped by your corgi.

The pain isn’t what should irritate you – young corgis tend to nip when they feel like they have the authority to do so. Never allow your corgi to feel superior, as some issues can manifest when they come of age and become stronger.

Momentarily after you feel a nip from your corgi, you should grab it and head straight to a secondary room. There, you should put it down in a spot where it should remain for several minutes. In this way, you are teaching your corgi what happens when it nips you.

Leave it behind, turn down the lights in that room, and calmly walk away from the room. It might seem cruel to do so, leaving your young corgi to stay all alone in the dark, but it will surely force them to think why they are currently in that spot.

Your puppy might start to cry or howl after several seconds have passed after you’ve left it behind; ignore that. That kind of attention-seeking is wrong in that situation, as puppies will try to force you to run straight towards them, to help them out immediately.

Your corgi needs to learn why it is currently in detention, and to do so; it needs to be in that situation for at least several minutes. Don’t leave them more than ten minutes; seven minutes is what worked for one of my corgis and me when it was still young.

Enter the room after the seven-minute mark has passed, turn on the lights, and give them a stern look for several seconds. Your corgis will, soon enough, realize why you are angry at them. Get them out of the room and allow them once again to start to play around the house.

If your corgi continues to nip you even after this, you should repeat the process several more times until it stops with the nipping. Corgis are intelligent dogs, and they will learn from their mistakes even when they are still young.

Yelp When You Get Nipped

You might ask yourself, are corgis nippy all day long? Well, of course, they are! Until they acquire adult teeth, young corgis will try to nip your ankles, slow you down and force you to crouch and cuddle with them.

Never encourage that kind of behavior, as any bad habits that young corgis pick on will remain even when they get older, potentially resulting in serious injuries. Instead, as soon as you get nipped by your corgi, you should perform a loud yelp.

Corgis are incredibly caring, and as soon as they hear that yelp from you, they will be confused at first and try to understand what made you cry for help. It’s improbable that they will realize that they are making you yelp, so don’t expect a miraculous result the first time you yelp.

After several yelps, your corgi will catch on why you are oddly behaving whenever it nips you and will stop to do so.

Consider buying your young corgis some fluffy toys. It’s good for their teeth to chew on something; just make sure that your ankle isn’t one of those things!


Immediately after you start to think about adopting a baby corgi, you should consult someone knowledgeable within the corgi community. Several issues might cross your mind as soon as you get yourself a corgi, starting with how to train corgi to stop nipping.

There are several ways to teach your corgi to stop with the nipping, starting with the time-out and yelping method. The first one revolves around separating your corgi from you and putting it in a dark room, all alone, to force it to think about what led it to that position.

The other one consists of yelping as soon as your young corgi nips you. That way, you will signalize that you are experiencing pain, making the corgi realize that it shouldn’t continue to nip you ever again.

Don’t expect that these two methods will be successful the first time you do them. Be calm and repeat these two methods until your corgi realizes that it should stop nipping you!