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Can Corgis Howl? Why Do Corgis Howl?

Can Corgis Howl? Why Do Corgis Howl?

Let me suggest something; take your corgi for a hike. By doing so, you might even consider building a tent and sleeping outdoors with your pup. If you choose to do so, don’t be shocked if you hear some wolves howling.

Wolves are dogs’ predecessors – they are responsible for most of the dogs’ instincts. Thinking about all of this might make you wonder, “Why do corgis howl?”. Should that worry you?

All dog breeds, including corgis, howl whenever they want to inform us of something!

What is the most common reason for corgis to howl? Do they howl when they require some food or water? Will corgis howl at night in response to something that they’ve felt in the room or outside?

No matter how much you think about it, you will never know the exact reason why corgis howl immediately. It’s necessary to listen to them carefully whenever they howl. Some of them might even howl if they’re in pain. Learn how to tell why exactly are corgis howling by scrolling down!

How Does It Feel To Live With Corgis?

The Queen of England didn’t wake up one morning and came up with an idea to adopt several corgis for no reason. So instead, she has done the research necessary for finding out what is the most optimal dog breed for her to have in her castle.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that she decided to take corgis. As a breed representing the whole nation of England, the corgi is a fan-favorite dog for all people worldwide, especially to the people of the United Kingdom.

You just can’t go for a regular stroll around the neighborhood without seeing someone that is casually walking with a corgi on a leash. The same can be said for all dog owners that go to their local dog park – there is no chance that there won’t be a single corgi in the park!

It’s easy to understand why, as corgis are an irresistible choice for every type of family. Whether you live alone, with your significant other, or have several kids, corgis will perfectly adjust to all circumstances!

Corgis are relatively easy to handle, as long as you’ve taught them to behave themselves appropriately at all times. However, every once in a while, they might do something stupid or inappropriate, and in those times, it’s necessary for us, their owners, to address the mistakes they make.

Can Corgis Howl?

Sometimes, corgis will try to tell us something that they want us to do for them. This shouldn’t surprise you, but corgis cannot perform human speech, contrary to us that use it daily. So they need to find a way to communicate with us, to inform us of something.

Corgis use many ways to do so, and today, I will specifically talk to you about corgis that howl. Some of you might not come across this phenomenon, as not all dogs are prone to howling. In addition, there are no scientific reasons as to why some dogs howl, and some don’t.

Corgis particularly don’t fit in a specific group of dogs that are expected to howl every time they sense something. So you shouldn’t bother yourself too much if your corgi has never howled in its life, as it’s not an indication that something is wrong with them.

Every dog is a story of its own. Just like some corgis enjoy running all day long, others might like to stay inside, mainly throughout the day. As with howling present in corgis, there is no universal rule whether your corgi will start to howl one day.

Some people are fond of dogs that don’t howl, so it might come as a surprise to them when they find out that their corgi is howling. However, every once in a while, a corgi might start to howl, but never without a specific reason. So, when do corgis howl? Let’s find out!

What Triggers Corgis To Howl?

As I’ve mentioned before, all dogs, particularly corgis, never howl without a specific reason to do so. In most cases, corgis perform their first howl early on, as soon as they can make some form of noise, using their palatine uvula.

Before the first howl, corgis will bark a few times, as it’s more natural to them to bark, like all other domestic dogs. After it gets the hang of barking, corgis might be tempted to try something else, like howling!

You need to realize that all puppies learn how to behave and act from a young age from their mother. So no matter how much you try to teach them yourself, puppies will always look at their mother before listening to you!

When the time comes for puppies to be separated from their mother, they might be sad and anxious at first, but they will get used to it pretty soon. Corgis particularly are courageous dogs that quickly adapt to every new place.

As soon as you bring in a new corgi pup to your household, it doesn’t matter if you have other dogs or not; the corgi pup might start to howl immediately. This is because dogs that encounter a new place to live in will need to mark their new habitat.

It’s a matter of corgis’ instincts, as all dogs originate from wolves. All wolves are howling for a specific reason – to tell other wolves where they are located. They are informing the other wolves where they need to go to meet them up.

Corgis still have most of their instincts that originate from wolves. In the past, people heavily used corgis as herding dogs, meant to herd and protect livestock. Even today, people still exploit corgis as herding dogs, as they are phenomenal for that job.

If you live in a house with a large backyard and notice that your corgi is howling in the middle of the night – it’s trying to communicate with other animals. Corgis loudly howl at night to signal other animals that are close by, to tell them that they aren’t welcome in your house.

So, first and foremost, corgis howl when they are trying to protect their home at night

Not all animals are particularly good at seeing things, especially in the dark. Even dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing, so corgis use that opportunity to signal other animals not to come close to their living place. Corgis protect us when we sleep by howling; isn’t that sweet?

On the other hand, corgis might howl even towards you to signal that they need something.

Corgis are intelligent creatures – they can tell the exact time of the day when you usually serve them food. So if you are late, even a second, they might start to howl, to inform you that you are late!

Whenever corgis are thirsty, they will head towards their bowl that contains water. However, some dogs have a more profound taste, and they might not be pleased by water that isn’t particularly fresh.

Corgis tend to howl at us whenever they are dissatisfied with the water currently present in their bowl. Not only that – sometimes we forget to fill their bowls with water, and corgis will inform us that their bowl is presently empty and that they are thirsty with some howling!

Although we can see if our corgis get hurt somewhere on their skin, our eyes can’t detect stuff that happens inside their bodies. Sometimes, corgis will try to howl towards us, to inform us that something is not correct.

If your corgi continues to howl at you, even after you check their feeding bowls, it might mean that they are in some kind of pain. When that happens, I suggest that you head straight to your trusted veterinarian and ask him to check your corgi.

All dogs know what’s best for them, and if they are in pain, they will inform us. So don’t be shocked if you find out that your corgi swallowed some of its toys. Most of the time, corgis howl when they digest something that isn’t meant for them to eat!

Regarding toys, corgis might start to howl at you if they register that you’ve taken their favorite toy!

For example, if you take their teddy bear and put it somewhere high, where corgis can’t reach it, they might start to howl. Corgis won’t stop howling until you lower the toy down. So don’t tease them too much!

Why Do Corgis Howl? – To Wrap Things Up

If you are amongst those people who like to live in a house that has a lot of noise throughout both day and night – adopt a corgi! With them in your household, you will have, every day, a chance to listen to a wide variety of different sounds.

Most of the time, it will be a session of barking, but sometimes, your corgi might even howl. The howling presented by your corgi might make you wonder why do corgis howl.

Contrary to some beliefs, every howl performed by your corgi will have a strong meaning behind it. For example, in most cases, corgis howl at night when they sense a presence near their house or backyard. They might even howl if they are hungry or thirsty.

On rare occasions, corgis will howl if they are in pain. You will need to pay close attention to their behavior and help them out if necessary. Corgis aren’t the only dogs that howl – every dog breed can howl, as long as they are interested in doing so!

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