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Are Corgis Good With Babies, Toddlers And Kids?

Are Corgis Good With Babies, Toddlers And Kids?

Unexpected stuff happens to us every day. As your love towards your partner grows stronger, the desire to have children arises. Regarding that, many Corgi-loving people ask: “Are corgis good with babies, toddlers and kids?”.

I’m glad to inform you that corgis make an excellent companion for kids, no matter their age!

But, like with every other animal, a set of rules need to be appointed. Kids don’t grow and form as fast as dogs, so considering some stuff is necessary. Are corgis dangerous to children? Can they attack them if they feel irritated? What is the best time to teach my corgi how to behave itself?

Corgis can develop a strong bond with kids only when they are treated with the utmost respect. Balancing those things can be troublesome sometimes, but with lots of love and care, it’s most certainly doable!

Stay tuned to find out everything there is about the relationship between children and corgis!

Are Corgis Kid Friendly? A Quick Introduction To Corgis

First things first, corgis originate from the United Kingdom. If you are trying to find a place where corgis are mainly located, I suggest you go there! The people of England adore them, and how could they not – Queen Elizabeth of the royal family owns a couple of them!

Don’t let their tiny size and a big smile fool you. Corgis have a strong instinct for hunting other animals that kicks in whenever necessary. In the early days, they were used as herding dogs, but corgis were converted mainly into house dogs as time passed. 

When you make that first eye contact with a baby corgi, some kind of magic happens. They need only a couple of seconds to form a bond between a human and themselves. Corgis are extremely loyal dogs. With lots of care and love, that bond will grow stronger.

Corgis can adapt to any circumstance – a flat or a house; they will stay by your side forever as long as you properly treat them. With that in mind, I would still advise you to consider taking corgis only if you live in a house with a large backyard.

Corgis are energetic dogs – they require lots of free space to exercise adequately. Keeping them in a small apartment will prove detrimental. If corgis don’t have enough space to do whatever they want, some mental issues, like depression, will occur.

There are plenty of other dog breeds that can typically live in a flat; corgis aren’t one of them. On some occasions, they need to spend some time alone. Build a small dog house in the backyard for your beloved corgi so that it can have a place of its own whenever needed.

Whenever you go to the pet shop, be prepared to buy the biggest bag of dog food for your corgi. People are often shocked when they find out just how much corgis eat daily. From the earliest days, they will need lots of meals to sustain their energetic tendencies.

Many people ask me are corgis kid friendly. In short, they are, but every corgi is a story on its own, and some stuff needs to be addressed. As your child grows older, facing adversity becomes more complicated. 

Kids have three main age stages, and corgis need to behave correctly in each of them. 

Let’s see what happens in which stage:

Are Corgis Good With Babies?

When all conditions have appropriately met, a couple will start planning to have a baby (or babies). Most of the problems are manageable, but some aren’t as much. Many couples take puppies as a tool to learn if they can handle a human baby one day.

When the time comes and they decide to try and have some, many questions start to arise, like what to do with the dog. Even though their dog didn’t show any aggressive behavior towards them, couples still have concerns about whether to keep the dog or not.

Sadly, grumpy breeds are most likely to be abandoned by up-and-coming parents. As corgis have their bossy side, they are one of the targeted breeds. With writing this article, I have a great desire to raise awareness to give your dogs a chance before thinking of the worst. 

Teach your corgi from a young age to behave appropriately at all times. Thankfully, teaching them isn’t a difficult task as corgis are among the most intelligent dogs out there! Some corgis will tend to use their intellect for their benefit, and it is necessary to prevent them from doing that.

I advise you to start teaching them before you decide to have babies. A pregnant woman won’t have enough time or energy to educate corgis on top of that. She needs to take things slowly and rest all day long if necessary.

Men need to work harder those nine months to ensure the well-being of the whole family. They too require some rest when they get back from work. To use that free time to educate corgis isn’t safe as well. Educate them on time before planning to have some kids!

After the pregnancy is over and you bring your newborn baby home for the first time, you will need to introduce it to the corgi. 

That encounter should look like this:

  1. Before entering your home, I advise you that one should go into the house first without the baby in hand. Your corgi will be very excited to see you – imagine how it would feel when it sees the baby for the first time.
  2. Take a leash and put it on your corgi before the baby comes into your house. From the sheer excitement, your corgi might jump on your partner to take a closer look at the baby. Leash him to ensure that that doesn’t happen.
  3. Afterward, your partner may enter the house. Stay alert at all times, and don’t allow your corgi to charge at your partner who holds the baby. Allow it to go towards your partner only if it behaves correctly and goes as slowly as possible.
  4. After it comes close to the baby, with extreme caution, let the corgi gently sniff the newborn so that it can remember its scent. 

Corgis are gentle towards newborn babies, but just to be safe, introduce them by following the steps above. It worked for my partner and me when we had the introduction for the first time a couple of years ago!

Your corgi will immediately like your baby. Although babies smell differently from us, they will have a distinct scent that corgis will detect and remember for the rest of their lives. Corgis will guard your baby at all times as they recognize it as a part of the family.

Are Corgis Good With Toddlers?

We define toddlers as children who are approximately 12 to 36 months old. That is the time when they slowly begin to make their first steps and words. You must pay close attention to your kid at this age as they need to learn all the necessary stuff.

Interestingly, corgis may even help them with this. One of my corgis was so interested in my kids that it never separated from them. They slept together, played all day long, and even ate at the same time.

I was shocked when I saw that when one of my kids tried to stand up for the first time, one corgi came and helped him out. The kid grabbed the corgi, providing himself the necessary push needed to stand up, all while the corgi just stood there without moving a muscle.

Are Corgis Good With Kids?

Before turning eighteen, your child will be considered a kid. If there aren’t any health-related issues, corgis will live from twelve to fifteen years. That means that your kid will have a best friend throughout most of their childhood!

Teach your kid to behave with the corgi properly. They sometimes need to have free time for their activities. If your child tries to bother them when they are on their adventures, there is a possibility that corgis will try to push them off in some way.

Every once in a while, let your kid leash the dog and take him for a walk. A strong bonding process will occur when more time passes between the two of them. Corgis can be tough to manage on a walk if you aren’t significantly heavier – make sure that your kid is strong enough!

Teach your corgi to be obedient towards your kids to ensure that mistakes don’t happen. 

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Final Words

Many questions like “are corgis good with babies, toddlers and kids” lurk around the internet these days. With so many couples wanting to have children and dogs simultaneously, I’m not surprised to hear that!

Some breeds won’t easily tolerate a new presence in the house. Thankfully, corgis aren’t one of those breeds; they will gladly welcome new people in their lives, especially if they are kids! 

When you introduce a baby to your corgi, make sure that it behaves itself appropriately at all times. They tend to overexcite themselves, and that kind of behavior is a big no-no when they are close to a newborn baby!

Corgis will always protect your children. They will even help them out with various tasks and obstacles. When your kid grows up a bit, permit them to take the corgi out for a walk; it will deepen their bond!

Corgis are a phenomenal friend for everyone in the family, no matter the age!

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