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Are Corgis Good Dogs For Seniors?

Are Corgis Good Dogs For Seniors?

There always comes a time in everyone’s lives when they retire from work. As soon as they enter old age, most people try to find a suitable companion for them. Dogs are the most frequent pick for them, and I always make sure to offer them to choose a corgi!

As a widespread breed, corgis catch most people’s eye, even those that are well past their prime. Yesterday, an elderly couple came to visit me and ask: “Are corgis good dogs for seniors?”. Can corgis learn to match the walking pace of elders?

I’m well aware of why some seniors worry, but there is just no need for panic; corgis make a phenomenal companion for all seniors!

How is that even possible? Isn’t the corgis’ energetic side too much for older adults? If not, how can older people teach corgis to behave towards them? Are corgis capable of living with seniors even if they’re in an apartment?

I understand that seniors need to have a pet that will match their slower pace, and I believe that corgis can learn to do that. Give them a chance by reading this article – I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Can Corgis Adapt To All People, Regardless Of Their Age?

Typically, corgis have a lifespan that ranges between 12 to 15 years. Several things are directly connected to their life expectancy, the most important one being the food regime. If you don’t offer your corgis a proper diet, the chances are that they will live closer to 12 years instead of 15.

To ensure that your corgis stay by your side as long as possible, offer them a wide variety of different healthy foods. On top of that, make sure that you keep the water in their bowl fresh at all times, as some corgis won’t partake in stale water.

If you have several kids with you but don’t know what dog to adopt, consider a corgi. As a dog breed capable of handling most situations, corgis will undoubtedly be patient when dealing with little children. Babies especially, as all corgis particularly favor them!

As soon as your kids come of age, give them a leash and teach them to walk, by themselves, a corgi around the neighborhood. Corgis adore spending time with kids, and on top of that, that bonding experience will be of use for your kids as they grow up and become responsible adults.

As for all of you in adulthood, choosing corgis as your new companion will benefit you. We can all agree that it’s pretty challenging to find a dog willing to wait for us when we go to work. Leave your corgis alone, and you won’t have any issues until you come back!

In most countries, if you’ve celebrated your 65th birthday, the chances are that you’ve retired from your work. If that’s the case, I congratulate you, and I hope that you will live, from that point onward, a life worth living, with your grandkids and lots of free time at your disposal.

Sometimes, seniors have a tough time discovering the most optimal hobby, as having all of that free time can be boring. Some people start collecting stamps, others travel the world, but a large majority start to think about adopting a new pet.

We can all agree that dogs are the best pets for us, as they’re willing to comply with all of our requests. The elderly need to have a dog capable of adjusting to their speed, regardless of walking around the neighborhood or going to the local market.

Firstly, you can rule out all large-sized dog breeds, as they need a young adult capable of handling their desire to be on a constant move. Then we can look into medium-sized species. As it turns out, even those can be pretty troublesome to seniors.

Lastly, we have small-sized dog breeds. Most older people have a tough time deciding what’s the best dog breed for them, as they want a dog that will respect their old age. Without a doubt, I always like to recommend a specific small-sized dog breed – a corgi!

I’m guilty of having a couple of corgis, as when I was little, I looked up to the Queen of England and adored the fact that she had them. I always wondered why she chose to have only corgis, but I realized the truth as soon as I adopted my first one.

All corgis, young and old, can adapt to all humans, regardless of age, including seniors. I’d even say that corgis are the best dog breed for the elderly for several different reasons.

Those being:

Corgis Can Live In An Apartment And A House

Most seniors lived in large cities, due to their work, as conquering a long distance every day just to get to work is extremely bothersome. A large majority of them move out of the city as soon as they retire from working, seeking a more peaceful environment to live in.

Luckily for them, the countryside offers precisely that; lots of fresh air, spacious houses, farms, lands, and gardens to grow crops. Villages are an ideal place for older people. Most people realize that they will need to have a dog as soon as they relocate to the countryside.

All dogs and especially corgis are exceptional guard dogs that will do their best to protect both the elderly and their land. 

Having some corgis in your backyard will give you insurance whenever you need to travel to the city or elsewhere. You can leave them behind, and they will protect the perimeter. Even if you have some other animals on your land, you won’t have to worry about corgis attacking them.

In the early days, most people and especially farmers, used to have corgis close to them, as they were highly successful herding dogs. Corgis were capable of managing the livestock, regardless of their size and weight. Cows, horses, sheep, and goats; corgis protected them all.

Even today, corgis still have some traces of that instinct, and it will manifest whenever necessary. If you are way past your prime and choose to keep some chickens, you can count on your corgis to keep them in touch. Not a single one will misbehave on their watch!

Some seniors will rather remain in the cities even after they’re finished with their careers. Living in a small flat has its own set of troubles, even more so if they want to adopt a dog to share that same living space. Luckily for them, as long as they chose a small dog, nothing bad will happen.

Give corgis a chance, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. As a small-sized dog breed, sometimes, you won’t even realize that you have a dog inside your apartment, given how small the corgis are. Most corgis range between ten and twelve inches in height.

Given their height and their needs, corgis make a phenomenal companion for all seniors that continue to live in cities even after retiring. Just make sure that your corgis get a space of their own. You can even build them a small dog house specifically for them to sleep in there!

Corgis Will Match The Tempo Of Seniors

All of you that remain in the city will need to realize that corgis need to go outside two to three times per day. Although they’re small, corgis love to eat several times a day. Just make sure that you offer them a moderate amount of food, as corgis can get obese relatively quickly.

Before you take your corgi outside, you will need to put a long leash around them. I always like to suggest to the elderly to go to a pet shop near them and buy a leash long enough to allow the corgis to move freely. Ask the personnel there to offer you an adequate leash for your corgi!

Listen carefully; corgis are energetic dogs and will want to stay on their feet all day long. For all of you that are way past adulthood, you’ll need to teach them, from a young age, to learn to match your walking pace. 

Young people get used to the strong pulling of the leash, but seniors shouldn’t allow their corgis to pull them furiously. Educate them to stay close to you all the time before taking them outside, and you won’t have any problems with your corgis!

Here are some quick tips on how can you achieve that:

  • As soon as you adopt a corgi, you will need to teach it to behave appropriately at all times. A correct way of doing that is by staying by their side the first several months until they get used to your presence.
  • Monitor their every move and try your best to correct any mistakes that they make. A firm footing needs to exist; all dogs and especially corgis need to be taught to behave from a young age.
  • You can use special dog treats, purchasable in your local pet shops, to use as a strong motivator for corgis to learn the important stuff. Whenever your corgi performs something extraordinary, offer them a small treat!
  • Teach them the basic commands first; how to sit, stand, stay, and lay down. After that, you can start to teach them to stay by your side all the time and to move simultaneously with you whenever you are walking around the apartment.
  • As soon as you’ve successfully taught your corgis to stay by your side, you can start to take them outside.

Corgis need to learn to respect your walking pace, and you are the only one who can teach them that. Most of the time, corgis will want to run from one and to another when they’re leashed – you should never allow that kind of behavior.

Don’t worry; all corgis are intelligent dogs, and they will quickly learn to stay close to you. Just make sure that you reward them whenever they accomplish something!

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Are Corgis Good Dogs For Seniors? – Final Words

Seniors have difficulty adapting to several things in their lives, and they shouldn’t be bothered by an inadequate dog breed. Because of this, some of them come to me, asking me are corgis good dogs for seniors, even though they are a breed that requires frequent attention?

As long as you educate corgis to behave appropriately at all times, they will never cause you any troubles, even if you are a senior! Corgis belong to the small-sized group of dogs, making them an ideal companion for the elderly.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to live in an apartment or a house; corgis are capable of adapting to all circumstances and situations. When the time comes to take your corgi outside, you need to make sure that they’re behaving themselves by matching your walking pace.

Don’t worry; corgis will ensure that you and your livestock are protected if you live in the countryside. Sit back, relax and enjoy your retirement, as corgis will do their best not to disturb you!