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Are Corgis Good Off Leash?

Are Corgis Good Off Leash?

Forming a strong bond of trust between you and your pet is necessary if you want them to behave appropriately at all times. Never allow yourself to be fooled by some cheap tricks that your corgi might think about, as there is a thin line between safe and unsafe stuff.

Whenever you take your corgi for a walk around the neighborhood, you might see some other people walking their dogs without leashing them. Seeing as how successful they are without them, you might wonder, Are corgis good off leash? Can corgis walk leashless?

All dogs can learn to walk safely without having a leash around their neck, and corgis are not exempt from this rule! Although corgis are generally more intelligent than most other dogs, you will need to properly train them to walk on a leash before teaching them to walk without one.

How can you effectively teach them to do so? Is there some stuff that you should know when your corgi is off-leash? Don’t worry; I will put all your concerns at ease as long as you dedicate yourself fully to this article. Learn how to walk your corgi without using a leash by reading the text below!

Can Corgis Walk Leashless? Is It Necessary To Leash Corgis?

As of this moment, from where I come from, the sun has already started to shine brightly, and the temperatures have risen. Whenever the weather is nice and warm, the dog parks around my place are filled with all kinds of dogs.

Big and small, a variety of different dog breeds can be seen playing inside those dog parks. It makes me happy when I see them all hang along together. Oddly enough, even though I’m not from the United Kingdom, many corgis come to visit the dog parks.

I’m guilty of having a couple of them back at my home, and I’m always anxious to see them. As soon as I’m done with my daily job, I rush home to cuddle with them! Even though I live in a house with a large backyard, I still walk them outside daily.

Unfortunately, whenever you take a corgi outside, it’s necessary to pay close attention to their behavior, as most of them get easily distracted by the things that surround them. Putting a leash around their neck is a perfect solution to that problem, as it will keep them close to you at all times.

But what happens if you take your corgi outside without leashing him? Are you sure enough that your corgi won’t cause you some problems if it doesn’t stay close by? Interestingly enough, most corgis are prone to wandering off somewhere as soon as you get them off the leash.

So, when is the right time for you to start trusting your corgi that it won’t run away somewhere as soon as you unleash them? All dogs, and especially corgis, can learn, from a young age, to walk safely off-leash whenever you take them outside.

From the day that you adopt a corgi, you will need to start teaching them how to behave themselves appropriately at all times. Starting from where they can and cannot take care of business, if you know what I mean. Every corgi needs to know where to relieve itself!

There needs to be a place where corgis will be able to find their feeding bowls. It’s recommended that you only offer them food whenever it’s necessary – never leave unattended food in their bowl. Water is safe, as they need a constant supply of fresh water in their bowl!

Unfortunately, not all of you are living in a house that has a spacious backyard that corgis can use as a means to run and exercise. In that case, if you are living in a small apartment with your corgi, you will need to take him for a walk every day, in the morning and the evening.

From day one, you need to train corgis to walk with and without a leash adequately. There is a high chance that they will grow more fond of walks without a leash, as when they are leashless, corgis can go wherever they want.

As soon as you take them to the streets, you need to be extremely cautious, as many things are potentially dangerous for your corgi. As a breed, corgis are relatively small dogs – because of their size, some people won’t be able to see them when they sneak behind them.

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I’ve pointed out the most crucial reason below, so take a look:

Accidents With Vehicles

Whenever you unleash your corgi, chances are you won’t be somewhere in the plain fields or a mountain, where they can freely traverse the land. As most people live in large cities, they won’t be able to take their pets there. What’s left is the hot asphalt of the city.

You’ve probably guessed it right – you won’t be the only one currently present outside, as there are lots of different people traveling somewhere. As we all live in a more urban state than ever, there are many other options for us to travel with.

Walking is the most obvious one, but what happens when we need to travel somewhere far away and quickly? Bicycles, cars, trains, subways, and buses are among the most popular choices for people going to work or the market.

As soon as you unleash your corgi somewhere outside, there is a strong possibility that it will start to run everywhere as it will get excited. So hear me out; it’s all fun and games when you see them happy, but you need to ensure that they stay safe every second of their lives.

Corgis can easily wander somewhere outside your field of vision and start to go towards some cars on the road. Most dogs have a bad habit of chasing vehicles on the move, as they are fascinated by the constantly rotating tires.

As I’ve mentioned before, corgis are tiny creatures that are pretty hard to spot when focusing on something else. Most drivers won’t pay close attention to anything else besides the road that they are currently occupying.

Accidents happen all the time; they are a fundamental part of our lives. Never allow your corgi to escape your line of sight, as there are lots of cars that will be on the road, constantly traveling hastily. Don’t allow yourself to put your corgi in a risky situation and teach them to stay by your side.

That is done quite easily; learn how by reading some of the tips that I’ve listed below:

  • From a young age, you need to start introducing your corgi with a leash and how it works when you put one around them. Most leashes are placed around their neck, but I recommend that my clients take a leash that goes all around from their chest to the back.
  • Go to your local pet shop and ask the personnel there to present you with some leashes that will fit perfectly on your corgi. There are many different colors for you to choose from – just make sure that you take a leash that can extend at least 5 meters in diameter.
  • When leashing your corgi for the first time, be always gentle, as they might get scared when you start to mount something new on them. Ensure that you have some treats close by to offer them a reward whenever they accept something new.
  • Before taking them outside, try to walk around your house with a tight leash to teach your corgi how a leash works. Soon enough, they will grow fond of the leash, as all corgis are obedient creatures that like to stay as close as possible to us.
  • After you’ve determined that your corgi can handle a leash properly, you can start to take it outside for walks. Start by going somewhere enclosed, where corgis can’t run away from your line of sight.
  • Gradually begin to lengthen the leash, and as soon as you get to the entire length of your leash, you can start to unleash your corgis. Never release them until they’ve learned to behave when they are far from you appropriately.

All corgis are capable of walking without a leash as soon as you teach them how to do so in a proper way. You need to form a bond of trust with corgis that will serve as a reminder for them that they should never betray your trust towards them.

Contrary to the vehicles, you need to pay close attention when your corgi, which isn’t leashed, comes close to another dog. Without a leash around their chest, you won’t be able to control them if they find themselves in a sticky situation.

The same goes when you encounter other people walking or running past by. Those people, especially those running somewhere, might trigger corgis to run towards them, as they have strong herding instincts that force them to chase others, including humans.

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Final Thoughts

Most people have a difficult time accepting that their dogs can walk safely in the streets when they are leashless. Some of them might have corgis and will undoubtedly wonder are corgis good off leash and can they trust them enough by leaving them unintended at all times.

Fortunately for them, all dogs and especially corgis, are capable of learning to walk safely without a leash around their chest. As long as you teach them to behave themself properly when leashed, they will soon realize that having a leash around their neck isn’t worthwhile.

I’ve mentioned before; corgis are intelligent dogs; you won’t have a hard time teaching them how to walk leashless. Just make sure that you do that, firstly, in an enclosed area that doesn’t allow them to roam freely, far from you.

Corgis will be delighted whenever they realize that you are taking their leash off their chest and won’t take that for granted! Still, keep them in your line of sight at all times – safety comes first always!

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