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Corgi’s Energy Level: Are Corgis High Energy?

Corgi’s Energy Level: Are Corgis High Energy?

Have you ever wondered where your corgi’s energy comes from? Take a few minutes to read this and uncover more fun facts about your pet corgi’s energetic nature. 

If we focus on corgi’s energy level, we can say that this is a very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed dog. Corgi dogs are a real bundle of energy.

If you are an energetic person yourself, you will definitely love this breed. Your corgi will surprise you with the amount of energy he has – all the time.

If you are curious about how active are corgis and what you should do to maintain this energy. Keep on reading this article, and we will give you some reliable answers!

Pembroke & Welsh Corgi Energy

When we talk about corgis, we talk about two types of breeds: the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgi. Although they are almost identical in appearance, some details in character set them apart. 

For example, if we focus on the question “how much energy do corgis have?” we will have two different answers for the two breeds.

Let’s see exactly how much their energy levels differ from each other.


  • Pembroke Corgis will give you a run for your money. This dog is merely tireless. And when we say tireless, we actually mean it. It may be 5 hours since you were in the park; it doesn’t matter – when you come home, your corgi will run straight towards the toys.
  • The recommended time you should set aside for exercise is 1-2 hours. Be aware that this is a free estimate, which should actually be a “starting point”. 
  • Your corgi can last much, much longer in the park playing, walking, or running with you. This can also be a great hiking or camping companion. And don’t worry – your corgi needs a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy. 


All in all,

Are corgis energetic? YES

Are corgis athletic? 100% YES. 

This breed is meant to run around all day and exercise, so you should learn to keep their energy level at a certain point. You will need to spend a lot of time with your corgi.

How high maintenance are corgis in terms of exercise?

We can say pretty high. Here are the top exercise choices, and which corgi breed enjoys it more:

From this graphic, the answer to “are corgis high energy dogs” is clearly a yes – but the one detail that sets them apart is the Pembroke Welsh corgi is just a bit more peppy than the Cardigan.

For example, while a Cardigan corgi might enjoy recharging their energy at the local park walking or playing fetch, the Pembroke breed is more of an adventure type – you can freely take it hiking with you

But this is not the end of activity choices. Your corgis might also like to go visit some sporting events for dogs. This is like Heaven For Dogs, well, energetic dogs at least. 

How hyper are corgis? Very much, and they value their playtime more than anything.

If your corgi enjoys taking part in sporting events, he will love these ten dog sports practiced at dog sporting events:

DOG AGILITYThis is a famous dog sport meant to show your pet’s capabilities. This is a competitive sport, and your dog will have to jump over many obstacles and crawl to tunnels – all with the help and guidance of its owner.
DOG FREESTYLEDog freestyle is a fun dog sporting event that enables you to show off your dog’s talent to other owners and the audience. You can teach your dog many different tricks and include some music to create a better atmosphere.
CONFORMATIONConformation is like a beauty pageant for purebred dogs. Owners groom their dogs the best they can, and they are judged according to their standards and current state. 
FLYBALLFlyball is a dog sporting event in which a team of 4 dogs jumps over a number of hurdles in order to reach the “flyball box”. This can be pretty exhausting, so your dog better is in good shape.
HERDING TRIALSIf you have a corgi, then you must take him to herding trials. This is the perfect place. Corgis have always had a herding instinct, and if they live in the city, this would be like a vacation for them. 
LURE COURSINGThis is basically a chasing competition, and your corgi likes to run around. Except for chasing an animal, dogs are chasing lure objects through fields.
RALLY OBEDIENCERally obedience is a top-rated competition for well-trained dogs, allowing all breeds to participate. During rally obedience, the team that completes the most obedience exercises wins.
TRACKINGIf you have a corgi that can smell treats a mile away, you could take him to tracking trials. This will contribute to the development of other senses as well, and it is an excellent opportunity to do some good. 
DOCK JUMPINGDog jumping or dog diving is a fun activity in which dogs jump docks to see who can jump the highest and furthest. This is a great activity to take part in during summer vacation. If your dog loves water, this is heaven for him.
DISC DOGSThis is a competition that involves throwing frisbees at your dog. The field for throwing disc is divided into parts, and the winner is the one who throws the disc the furthest. 

For your corgi to be able to complete all these exercises, he must be quite strong. So, this brings us to the next question:

How strong are corgis?

Let me start by saying don’t be fooled by their small appearance – these dogs have serious stamina. 

Your corgi has a long history behind it that talks about great strength. For hundreds of years, these dogs were hunting and herding dogs. Corgis used to carry some pretty heavy stuff on their backs from the villages to the markets. 

They even had to deal with cattle, and this took some serious running around. Even though their legs may appear small, they are strong. 

But, this energy and strength don’t come from the air. Corgis’ energy level comes mainly from the food they eat, and they can eat a lot. So, you might start to question – are corgis high maintenance in terms of food?

You could say that they are a bit needy, but the fact is that they love food in general so that everything will do. 

So, what do you feed a corgi to keep his energy level high? 

Here are some top corgi dog foods that are great for maintaining your corgi’s energy.

TruDog Rawgo Dehydrated Raw SuperfoodAffordablecontains canola oilbiological formulafits all breed types
Wellness Core Grain-Free Reduced Fat FormulaAnimal proteinsgood for weight lossno soy or wheat productsgood for dog with heart problems
Canidae PureEssential fatty acids dry dog foodprobioticsduck, salmon and lamb proteins
Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe (for adult corgis)Natural ingredientsno by-product meatno GMO good for dogs fighting cancer
Wellness Complete Health AdultCarbohydrates and starchtomatoes ground barleygood for dogs with hip problems

So, are corgis very active? Yes they are, and they need some good food to maintain this energy.

Mental Energy

By now, we have determined that corgis are very active physically, but are corgis active mentally as well? Their legs work fast, but can their brain keep up with this?

Let’s see.

Keeping your corgi physically active is very important, but you shouldn’t neglect mental exercise. Corgi dogs are very intelligent, and you must challenge their cognitive abilities from time to time to keep them “engaged”.

These are curious dogs, so here are some examples of good mental exercises.

A NEW TRICKThe basic mental exercise for any dog would be teaching it a new trick. Curious breeds, like the corgi breed, will be more than glad to learn something new that will earn them a treat or two. 
RUNNING ERRANDSYou might not be aware, but running errands with your pup actually contributes to his mental exercise. Your corgi will be exposed to an unfamiliar environment, and it will spend the time observing how things function.
GET HIM A JOB TO DOWith breeds like a corgi, you can assign them some simple jobs to do in the garden or at a farm (if you have one). They are herding dogs, so they will probably enjoy this very much.
SMART DOG TOYSToday, the possibilities of buying smart dog toys online are endless. There are tons of interactive toys to choose from, and they are an excellent substitute for mental exercise when you are busy.
SOMEONE NEWYou can also choose to introduce your dog to someone new from time to time. This will occupy them for an entire day because it will require adapting to another human or pet, that is you.
EXPLORATION WALKSThe oldest trick in the book would be to take your dog on exploration walks and let him observe and explore nature and a completely new environment. This is a great choice for herding dogs like corgis.

Are corgis high energy – both mentally and physically? Absolutely. Try to keep up with this.

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Corgi Characteristics – A Brief Overview

Corgis’ energy level is just one of many characteristics that define this dog. If you were wondering, “are corgis low maintenance?” – definitely NOT. There are a lot of aspects you need to take into consideration when buying a corgi dog, and we are here to help.

Take a look at the overall breed characteristics rated:


Corgis are generally a very friendly breed. They love to spend time with their owners, but that doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be glad to spend too much time with strangers.

Are corgis low energy around strangers? Well, that depends on the person and your corgi’s mood that day. If he is not in a good mood, he will likely just turn its back and head to the puppy dog bed to play with toys.

These dogs are good at adapting to a new environment. There is just one thing – it can take some time, so you ought to have patience when moving with your corgi to a new city, for example.

Are corgis hyper-energetic? Most definitely, and we have seen that through many examples. They need to be regularly challenged both physically and mentally. 

Corgi dogs tend to shed a lot during the year, so you will need to get used to regular grooming. This includes buying a lot of grooming products and brushes. 

Unfortunately, health is not something your corgi will get good marks on. This breed is more susceptible to health issues than many others. If you have a corgi, make sure that you don’t miss those essential vet appointments.

Trainability represents a significant part of a corgi’s life. Willingness to participate in training can depend on your corgi’s energy, and how high energy are corgis depends on the breed. As we said, the Cardigan is a bit calmer than the Pembroke.

Lastly, nourishment. We have already mentioned that if you want your corgi’s energy level to stay high, you need to feed it some quality dog food. 

From the table above, you can clearly see that corgis have a reasonably good reputation and would make a great addition to your home.

Besides these evident characteristics that show excellent marks, here are a couple of more reasons why you should go and buy a corgi:

  • Huge and attractive personality (you will never get bored of them)
  • Goofy and cute faces (you won’t be able to resist that puppy dog look)
  • Their unquestionable loyalty (they love their owners more than anything)
  • Cute-looking ears (there is nothing cuter than a puppy with fluffy ears)
  • A fair boss on the farm (if you are dealing with livestock, then a corgi is your dog)
  • Come in many different colors (red, black, white, blue merle, etc.)

Even Queen Elizabeth II and Stephen King love these dogs!

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