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Go Camping With Corgis: Are Corgis Good Camping Dogs?

Go Camping With Corgis: Are Corgis Good Camping Dogs?

So, you have been thinking about going camping this weekend with your family. But there is someone else in your household who would love to accompany you – your pet corgi. So, you decide that you are bringing him too, but is this a good idea?

Camping involves a  lot of preparation and nerves. When you take on this kind of challenge, you are dealing with setting up the tent, bedding, campfires. Add a dog to this, and your plate is full!

Not all dog breeds are suited for this kind of adventure. Some of them prefer staying in their cozy dog bed next to the fireplace, where they are fed and petted by you 24/7. Are they like this, or are corgis good camping dogs? Are they the perfect outdoor scout?

Stay with us, and throughout this article, we will list down the advantages and disadvantages of bringing your corgi with you on your camping trips, and is this the scout you have been searching for.

Buckle-up your seat belts; we are going camping!

Corgis – The Herding Dog

You are in luck because a corgi is a perfect dog for you to take camping – everywhere! They are adventure dogs, and they love being surrounded by nature all the time. Both the Cardigan and Pembroke corgi will be up for the challenge if you have been thinking about taking them on a camping trip. 

Let’s dig into the history of this breed and see where this determination and readiness comes from.

The corgi history goes back a long time – more than 3000 years. The Cardigan Welsh corgi came to Wales from central Europe by the well-known Celtic tribes. Why is this important?

The Cardigan Welsh corgi had one particular job to do – to go in front of the herd, clear the way, be on the look-out, and scare off any potential threats which might suddenly show up. Basically, being the pack leader is in their genes, and that’s the main feature that makes them great for outdoor activities such as camping. 

Before you know it, the Cardigan Welsh corgi became the master’s “drover” – something like a personal driver, if you will. This corgi was in charge of driving cattle all the way from the Welsh farms to the English market – a heck of a job for such a small dog. 

But size has never posed a problem for them – they have an outstanding amount of energy, which keeps them going all day. This is why they will be thrilled when you pull up at the camping spot – the sight of the unknown and the unexplored space in front of them is a sight for sore eyes for one corgi. 

Then, something interesting happened. 

During the famous Viking’s invasion, a Spitz-type dog appeared. He was paired with the Cardigan Welsh corgi, and that’s how the Pembroke breed came into existence. 

For a long time, the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgi was considered as one breed, but in 1934 the American Kennel Club finally separated the two. 

The Pembroke breed flourished and became a personal favorite of the Queen herself. Although they were looked at as a cherished pet, they were still fit to lead the herd and do the job they were born for. 

Don’t be misled about them being separate breeds, and they are both a fine choice for camping. Both the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgi is famous for being a herding dog, an experienced pest exterminator, and most importantly – a loyal family guardian.

A Cowboy Corgi

So far, you are familiar with the two primary breeds of corgis – the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh breed. They are both lovely little creatures, but there is more in store for corgi lovers.

Let me introduce you to the cowboy corgi!

You are probably asking yourself – what is a cowboy corgi, and where did he come from? No problem, let me introduce you to this fascinating breed. 

The cowboy corgi is a mixture of the Pembroke Welsh corgi and an Australian cattle dog. Didn’t see that coming. What made people come up with this? You are well aware of the corgi’s miniature size, so pairing him with the Australian breed makes him a bit taller and more muscular – not that the corgi himself is not already a strong breed, but why not improve this a little bit if you can?

This mixture’s results are terrific – here we have a cowboy corgi who is a perfect combination of the two – with emphasized herding instincts, developed body shape, and even more energy in store. 

They get a little bigger than the average corgi, but their temperament depends on the dominant gene. No worries, both breeds are suited for families. Some have a docked tail, and some do not. They also differ in color.

One thing is certain – both Pembroke and Australian cattle dogs have a double coat and will shed numerously during the year – so be prepared for a lot of grooming. 

Also, since they are herding dogs, they will need a lot of training to be perfected. If you do this well, your cowboy corgi will be the perfect obedient, service, and family dog.

Go Camping With Corgis

Camping is already a fun activity to engage in with your family and friends. Imagine how much fun you would have by bringing an experienced camping dog with you? 

Here are some of the reasons why you should go camping with your corgi:

First of all, the fresh air in the mountains or wherever you decide to set your camping tent is very good for both you and your corgi. You are finally away from your small kitchen, and the smell of dinner over a campfire smells ten times better now!

Going camping is also a great way to reduce stress and relax yourself after a tough week at work. Your corgi will also enjoy this, even more than you probably because he gets to spend more time with his owner, and it’s outdoors.

Being out in the open means there is no take-out food. You are doing all of the cooking over a fire. Although this means that you might have to improvise and that it might take you a bit more time than the usual meal prepared at time – it will be worth it. And your corgi will undoubtedly enjoy sharing a bite with you. You can munch together on some snacks while enjoying the smell of food and warmth of the campfire. 

No matter how connected you are with nature and how much you enjoy it, your corgi will always be one step ahead of you – after all, they are born herding dogs. They have a better sense of smell and some emphasized instincts, which can come in handy when you are out in the wild. 

Camping activities are also beneficial for developing new skills – both for you and your corgi. This is an excellent time for you to teach him some new commands and work on his loyalty and temperament. A well-trained corgi might also be able to help you with organizing your camping equipment (tents, ropes, firewood).

Or Go Hiking?

Camping is indeed a fun activity to do with your corgi, but can you take him hiking with you as well? Sure you can, any kind of activity works for them. You can start by taking your puppy corgi on walks in the city, parks, or somewhere in the countryside. As he gets older, you can get ready for some serious hiking with your corgi.

Of course, you have to bear in mind the body shape of your corgi. A corgi is small, and it can be a challenge for those short legs to climb a steep territory. 

Although you are taking a small-sized dog camping, he is fit to go for 6-8 miles, and the paste of your hike must be moderate. Their backs and paws won’t be able to take that kind of pressure. It’s also a good idea that you go on a hike after finishing some basic training and perfect some commands. 

However, there are some problems that may occur on your journey:


Some people like to take an occasional swim during your hike. This is an excellent side-activity for you, but it’s a little bit harder for your corgi. They have a deeper chest, which automatically makes their front side heavier and more difficult to swim. If you do decide to pursue this, make sure your corgi has a life-jacket.

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A Stubborn Streak

A stubborn streak can be a very dangerous problem for your corgi. All the rocks and bumps on the road are difficult obstacles to overcome for a little dog like a corgi. They can get hurt, and they can earn scratches, or even worse, they can stumble and fall. Things like this can’t be predicted, but being extra cautious and keeping your eyes wide open helps a lot.

Steep Stairs

Where there is a rough uphill, there are bound to be steep stairs, and you should be aware of this because of their body shape. They are small-sized, and they might have some trouble going down those stairs. I hope that they don’t skip one step. 

Troubled Paws

Corgis don’t wear big boots like you when they go hiking. Their only footwear is their paws, and although they are protected by double fur, there are still some problems that can arise. The most common one is bacteria that they can pick up on the journey. So, from time to time, you should take a quick break and check his paws. 

Now that you are aware of all the difficulties and requirements hiking with your corgi involves, you can start packing. 

Here are some corgi essentials for a hiking trip this weekend:

  • A dog bell
  • Dog food
  • A lot of water
  • Dog first aid kit
  • Some treats
  • Dog energy bars
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash 
  • Dog LED lamp collar (a must at night)
  • A towel
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Paw wax 
  • Pet sunscreen

NOTE: Most of these can also be beneficial for a camping trip. 

Other Fun Activities

There are tons of fun activities for you to do with your corgi. These are the dogs that love to spend time outside playing and exploring. Also, they need a lot of exercises daily, so be ready to spend some extra time with your dog. 

We are going to list down some fun outdoor activities you can do with your corgi:

  • Walking: This is like the basic exercise for any dog breed. Corgis love to walk, and they can go a long way. Imagine if they can walk 6-8 miles on a hike. A usual Sunday park-walk is a must if you want your corgi to stay healthy. They need to be on the move 24/7.
  • Swimming: Although we mentioned that swimming on hiking and camping trips might be dangerous because of the depth and their body shape, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let your corgi take a quick swim in your backyard pool or some small-sized pool. They can develop joint problems during their lives, which is a great way to work on that. 
  • Fetch: This is a classic game you play with your dog, but most of them get tired after a while, but not corgi dogs – they can go all day long chasing the ball and bringing it back to you. They have a crazy amount of energy, which makes them fit for play hours on end.
  • Sporting events: Of course, playing with your corgi in your backyard or taking him on a walk is great, but how about engaging in some fun sporting events with your pet? This is an excellent idea if your corgi is adequately trained. During the summer, there are numerous sporting events for pets being organized, and it’s a great way to spend the day. Your corgi will be absolutely delighted.
  • Mental exercise is also crucial for your corgi. They are already smart dogs, but you can improve their intelligence with the help of:
    • Exploration walks
    • Extra tricks
    • Smart toys

Corgi Equipment

When getting a dog, you should have everything prepared at home when he comes. It might seem simple at first, but there are actually a lot of things to get done. 

Preparing a home environment for a corgi involves:

Preparing a crate for your corgi

You might think that a crate is cruel because of its appearance, but that isn’t always the case. If you fill it with the right stuff – it will definitely cozy, and your corgi will love it. Also, if you have people who are afraid of the dogs, you can lock the crate, and it will still be an adequate environment for your corgi.

Buying some quality dog toys

Dog toys have improved over the years, and nowadays, you can find great examples of high-quality dog toys that can last a long time. However, you should pay attention to hygiene, and every now and then, give them a deep cleaning.

Get a pet-friendly leash

You have certainly seen leashes in the past, and they do not look good at all. They are too tight, too thick, and they make your dog feel uncomfortable while walking. Thankfully, today there are pet-friendly retractable leashes that are pleasant to wear.

Buy separate bowls for food and water

Many owners get just one bowl and switch from food to water. Don’t do that. Your dog should have separate bowls. Many sets offer the bowls joined together, and this is a great example. 

TIP: Your corgi is very energetic, so he should be hydrated all day long – keep the bowl full at all times! 


Like any other animal, dogs love to spend time outside. Some dogs love it more than others, and corgis fit in the adventure category. They are always up for a new challenge. With this in mind, are corgis good camping dogs? Yes, they are. 

Deciding to go camping with your corgi is a delightful idea, and you have nothing to worry about. Corgis are born herding dogs, and it has been in their genes for 3000 years. In the past, corgis used to drive cattle all the way from the farm to the market. Apart from the two primary breeds, now you can own a cowboy corgi as well. This is a mixture of a Pembroke Welsh corgi and an Australian cattle dog. They are slightly bigger than your average corgi but still a great addition to the family.

Going camping with corgis has many benefits, and the most obvious ones are all the fresh air you and your dog will be getting, getting in touch with nature, and eating together with your corgi by the campfire. What an adventure!

You can also go hiking with your corgi. They are capable of walking 6-8 miles, but your paste must be moderate. On your hike, you should be on the look-out for steep stairs, stubborn streaks, and what gets caught on their little paws.

These woody activities are not the only ones you can do together with your corgi. They will enjoy going for a regular walk or morning jog, swimming, playing fetch, or attending some sports events during the summer. 

You should be adequately prepared for your corgi’s arrival in your household. This means that you should have a crate, food and water bowls, a leash, and some treats already prepared.