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Why Do Corgis Like To Hide Under Things?

Why Do Corgis Like To Hide Under Things?

Like most other dogs, Corgis often hide under a bed, table, or another piece of furniture. A lot of owners feel concerned about such behavior and want to know if there is something wrong with their pets.

For that reason, today, we will answer the question: Why do Corgis like to hide under things? If you continue reading, you will find out if hiding under things is typical behavior among dogs or a cause for concern. Stay with us!

Why Does My Corgi Hide? The List of All the Possible Reasons

There is no simple answer to the question of why your dog hides under things. However, there are numerous reasons for dogs to behave in such a way. 

If your Corgi is otherwise a happy & healthy dog, hiding is most probably not a thing you should be concerned about. Still, it’s always wise to understand your pet’s behavior so that you can be the best owner and provide the best care for your Corgi. Your pooch deserves that!

Sadly, hiding under things can also be a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes dogs hide out of fear of something or someone. Dogs that hide might have some health problems, too. All this makes finding out the reasons why your Corgi hides even more important.

If you too have a Corgi that hides under your furniture, you’ll be glad to know that we have made a detailed list of all the possible reasons for such behavior. Some of them are pretty benign, while some are quite concerning – the most important thing is to find out why your Corgi spends time hiding under things and help him or her if that is needed.

So, without any further ado, here are the most likely explanations of why such behavior might be happening:

1. Your Corgi Wants Some Privacy

Believe it or not, even dogs want to be left alone sometimes. We know it might be hard for you to accept that your tail-wagging best friend wants some time away from you, but it can happen. 

It is in dogs’ nature to enjoy a den-like environment. They need their personal safe space. If you do not have a dog house for your Corgi, he or she might hide under a bed or table when they want to relax.

Some dogs will constantly keep searching for new hiding places all around the home they live in, while others will pick one and make it their permanent hideout. If you notice your Corgi is always hiding at the same spot, try not to bother him or her or move things around. Many dogs find the permanence of their hiding place comforting and might get upset if you mess it up. 

2. Your Corgi Is Afraid Of Something

Dogs often hide when there is something scary going on around them. They usually run and hide under a bed or a table since they feel safer when they are not out in the open space.

What can scare your Corgi into hiding?

Even though dogs are brave and courageous creatures, they can get scared too. Sometimes all it takes for your dog to run away and hide is a loud sound. 

Sudden loud sounds such as car alarms, thunder, or fireworks will most likely spook your Corgi. If you notice some sounds are more stressful for your dog than others, try easing his or her worried mind. 

If you can, remove your Corgi from the environment by taking him or her to a safe place as far as possible from whatever is scaring them. For example, some dog trainers suggest giving your dog treats every time something scares him or her. If you keep repeating it, in time, your dog will shift its attention to receiving a treat rather than being disturbed by some noise or a thing. 

Always use your soft voice to calm your Corgi. Try to comfort your furry friend and show all your support.

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3. Your Corgi Is Injured Or Sick

Dogs that do not feel well often seek a place to hide and stay safe till they get better. If a dog that never hides runs off under a bed or behind a fridge, chances are he or she is injured or feeling sick. 

If hiding is not your Corgi’s typical behavior, make sure he or she is feeling well. As soon as you notice some signs of injury or illness, take your pet to the vet to make sure everything goes well.  

4. Your Corgi Is Loitering

When dogs are hiding under the kitchen or dining table, chances are they are looking for some food. If your Corgi is always staring at you while you prepare food or begging for scraps off your table, he or she might decide to stick around even when you are done doing your thing.

The reason behind spending so much time under the kitchen table might be a very simple one. Your dog knows that there is food to be found there. 

The best way to deal with loitering or begging for food is to keep your pet out of the room while you eat or prepare your meal. You can reward your dog with a treat later on, but not until you are done.

5. Your Corgi Is Trying To Hide Something From You

Corgis are highly intelligent dogs. You can teach them what they can or cannot do, but sometimes they might try to trick you and do as they please too.

For example, if you drop some food on the floor, your Corgi might act cool, pick it up and hide it somewhere. When outside, dogs dig holes and bury their secret stash in them. In an apartment, your dog will most likely hide things and food under a bed or table so that he or she can enjoy it in peace when you are not looking.

6. Your Corgi Is Feeling Overwhelmed

If you and your Corgi live alone, in a quiet environment, and without too many disturbances, chances are your pet will feel overwhelmed when you have guests or other animals around.

If your dog is raised in silence, he or she will look for a peaceful place to hide whenever there is some commotion. Hiding from other people or dogs is quite a common thing for Corgis that are used to “riding solo.” As soon as things get back to normal and the two of you are home alone again, your Corgi will come out of hiding and resume its normal activities. 

Do not try to force your dog to come out of its hiding place and interact with people or animals. It can be counterproductive.

How To Prevent Your Corgi from Hiding Under Things?

If your Corgi spends way too much time hiding under things, you must start training him or her to behave differently. Start by ignoring the negative behavior. For example, do not even look at your pet while it hides.

As soon as your Corgi comes out of hiding and lies down on a sofa or a rug, pet him or her and hand out a delicious treat. In time, your dog will change its behavior and stop hiding. 

Your dog loves you and wants to please you. If you let your pet know what you like – he or she will do it. In this way, you can dictate what is what’s normal and not normal. 

On the other hand, if you know hiding is a sign of stress, illness, or injury, eliminate the cause as soon as possible. When you are not sure how to do it, consult your vet.


Corgis, just like most other dogs, like to hide from time to time. However, if your dog is healthy and does not hide too often, you do not have to worry a lot – simply continue keeping your eye on how your Corgi behaves.

On the other hand, if you notice that your Corgi hides due to being stressed, ill, or injured, do your best to help him, or her overcome those issues and get well.