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Corgi In Heat: When Do Corgis Have Their First Period?

Corgi In Heat: When Do Corgis Have Their First Period?

It doesn’t matter where you live with your dog – if it’s a female, you will have to deal with its periods. Corgi owners are not exempt from this rule. Not long ago, someone stopped by my ordination and asked me everything about the overall behavior of a Corgi in heat.

When I started to answer him, I was surprised when I realized how much stuff is there when corgis are in heat.

When is the first time that a corgi will enter an estrus cycle? How will your corgi behave when it’s in heat? Are there some things that you need to worry about when your female corgi starts to bleed? Do you need to separate female corgis when they are in heat from other males?

The questions started to pile up, nearly forming a mountain. If you want to find out everything about what corgis are experiencing when they start to bleed, don’t go anywhere else! Grab your favorite cup of coffee and start reading this article!

Do Corgis Have Periods?

Whenever a dam gives birth to a pup, the pup will have several stages in life until it fully matures. All puppies need to stay by their mother’s side for several weeks and need to drink their mother’s milk for however long necessary.

The milk of a dam that recently gave birth to pups will have all of the necessary nutrients for the healthy growth of a puppy. After several weeks have passed, all puppies will gradually be separated from their mothers and will go to their respective homes.

Young corgis have a difficult time adjusting to the separation of their mothers, but eventually, they will accept it and move on. So when you adopt a baby corgi, it’s vital to introduce it to all of the things that will be a part of its new life.

Some of you might choose to take a young female corgi, and I can’t blame you; I’m guilty of doing that as well! Although female corgis are smaller and lighter than their male counterparts, that doesn’t stop them from competing with other male corgis.

Both males and females share the same characteristics and traits that make them a phenomenal dog breed for all types of people. However, contrary to some beliefs, female corgis are more aggressive when protecting their owners.

That aggression, unfortunately, manifests as soon as corgis start to have their first period. However, many people aren’t sure when that exactly happens, so they ask me when do corgis go into first heat? 

Understanding how corgis function after they get into their first heat will be crucial for your relationship with them. Every female dog will have its first period between 6 and 24 months after it was born. The larger the dog breed, the more time will pass before its first period.

When Do Corgis Start Their Period?

As you’ve guessed, with small-sized dogs like corgis, the period will undoubtedly be sooner than that. All female corgis will have their first period somewhere between six and nine months after they are born.

Of course, you won’t need to constantly look at the clock and calendar to figure out when your corgi will get its first period. Immediately after you notice that your corgi is bleeding from its uterus – the first period has begun.

How To Train A Corgi To Stay In Heat?

If you live in a small flat with your corgi, you will need to act quickly as soon as you notice that there are tiny drops of blood on the floor. First, head to your local pet shop and buy dog diapers for your corgi, as the diaper will prevent the blood from dripping all over the place.

It will be easier to deal with that if you live in a house with a large backyard with your corgi, as you can leave it outside for the time being. Also, the corgi can’t stain anything outside with blood, contrary to the corgis living in apartments, fully equipt with carpets.

A dog in heat can become a problem if it’s living somewhere that forces it to be constantly inside, as blood stains are difficult to clean. Particularly the marks of blood on your carpets – to avoid that, have dog diapers that are suitable for your corgi.

Don’t worry – although dog diapers have a universal size, it’s easy to cut them down to the size of your beloved corgis. Imagine how painful it gets when you have a giant dog in your house and can’t find suitable diapers for them. Luckily for us, corgis are the perfect size for that!

When your corgi is bleeding, you will notice that the vaginal area has swelled. Corgis’ genitalia will stay that way throughout the entire heat. Regarding that, it might interest you how long do corgis stay in heat? Is there a fixed number of days?

How Long Do Corgis Stay In Heat?

There is no universal answer to that question, as every dog is a story of its own. As for corgis, there is a rule known to all corgi breeders – the estrus cycle will last between 18 and 24 days. It rarely happens that it lasts shorter or longer than that.

If it does happen to your corgi by some chance, I urge you to head to your local veterinarian and have him take a look at your dog. Most of the time, there won’t be any critical health-related problems for your corgi, but just to be safe, let a veterinarian take a look!

How Often Do Corgis Come In Heat?

Every female dog, without exemption, will have periods throughout its entire life. Most of them will have an estrus cycle two times per year. The first one typically starts between January and March – the other cycle will occur somewhere between August and October.

The same rule applies to female corgis as well. However, before corgis enter the estrus cycle, they will exhibit specific behavior unique to all females. Some of those being:

  • Although all corgis are energetic dogs, the wild side of the female corgis will be more apparent whenever they are near a heating season. They will tend to stay on their feet all day long – you won’t catch them laying down for a second!
  • If you aren’t used to a corgi staying close to you all the time – get prepared. Before entering an estrus cycle, corgis won’t leave your side. Instead, they will become more clingy than they have ever been!
  • If you have other dogs in your household, it might be a bright idea to separate them for the time being. Corgis in heat will get easily irritated by the smallest acts of other dogs. Even if they are male or female, everything they do will be a cause for a potential fight.

I often come across, while browsing the internet, a question, “how to train a corgi to stay in heat?”. Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake that circulates in the realm of young dog enthusiasts, as you can’t train your corgis to stay in the heat!

Protect Your Corgis In Heat!

All of you that own both a male and female corgi – you need to be extremely cautious when the female enters the estrus cycle. Male corgis will be attracted by the scent of the female that is in heat. It will cause them to go crazy a little bit and try to mate with their partners, regardless of how old they are.

You need to understand that animals have different rules that circulate between them. Corgis particularly can’t correctly differentiate whether they are directly related to the female corgi or not. So it won’t stop them from trying to hump the female.

It’s necessary to separate the male from the female, as any uncontrolled mating can lead to a potential pregnancy between your dogs. I assume that you don’t want that, as no one is happy when they find out that their female corgi is pregnant.

Be prepared for some howling, as male corgis that stay near females in the heat, but can’t get too close to them, will have a tough time adjusting to that.

You can’t keep them separated all the time if you are living in a small apartment. In that case, there will come a time when your corgis will be close together. Make sure that you leash your male corgi at all times and observe what they are trying to do closely.

Not all female corgis will be interested in copulating – the same can be said for male corgis. However, on the off chance that one of them is interested, it’s best to separate them early on, as any uncontrolled matting can lead to pregnancy.

Corgi In Heat – Final Words

All female dogs will begin to bleed from their uterus at some point in their lives. It’s an unavoidable act, as Mother Nature made them do so. It can’t be controlled in any shape or form besides spaying the female. Regarding all of this, is a corgi in heat dangerous to us?

As long as you pay close attention to the behavior of your female corgis and educate them correctly – there won’t be any problems! Corgis are gentle dogs that will tend to stay close to us, especially when they are in heat.

If you have other dogs living simultaneously with you and your female corgi, you will need to separate them when the time comes. All dogs will enter an estrus cycle twice a year – meaning that your male dogs will give you trouble twice per year.

Make sure that you are controlling the behavior of all of your dogs, as a corgi in heat can cause some problems if you don’t give them enough space!

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