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How Long Do Corgis Stay Pregnant? How Long In Labor?

How Long Do Corgis Stay Pregnant? How Long In Labor?

Having a Corgi as a part of the family is a blessing to your family. That’s a guarantee. Whether you have a male or female Corgi, it’s going to be a blast. But while having a female dog, one question will always come to mind – will my puppy get pregnant at some point?

Breeding your Corgi is an important decision that shouldn’t be made so lightly. Sure, it’s the most natural thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t worry about a thing, and it will just happen. Pregnancy is not without its flaws.

There are many things that people start to worry about once their Corgi gets pregnant. What type of food should you feed her? Is there any specific thing you should do to make this period as easy as possible for your dog? But with all that, there’s another question that we think pops into people’s heads most often. How long do Corgis stay pregnant?

Sure, you should think about many things, and we’ll cover some of them, don’t worry. But knowing how long your pup will go through pregnancy helps a lot with planning things out.

So don’t worry – we’ll get you prepared for this very important period. Just don’t worry about your dog too much. We know that pregnancy seems scary, and in many ways, it is. But your puppy is ready for it, it’s natural, and she won’t question much. Corgis moms do what needs to be done and don’t ask many questions. 

But with that said, it is your responsibility to take care of things that your puppy can’t take care of herself. So let’s get you ready for it all!

How To Know If Your Corgi Is Pregnant

As we said, you need to know how long your puppy will be pregnant. But before we get into that part of the story, let’s figure out if your dog is actually pregnant?

There are a couple of signs of pregnancy that you should be aware of as a Corgi owner. Even if there is no chance of pregnancy – it helps to know these things. If your dog suddenly feels sick, it’s important not to do something that could harm the pregnancy. We are not saying that you would do anything wrong on purpose – but pregnancy is a delicate period.

Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Spotting pregnancy in its early stages is now an easy task. There are very few symptoms that you can look out for when it all starts. But the fact that there are very few symptoms isn’t even the biggest problem. The trouble is that they are not very specific symptoms. It’s very easy not to read the signs correctly and to assume that your puppy is just sick or feeling down.

Early signs of pregnancy are:

  • Gradual weight gain
  • Feeling tired 
  • Lack Of Appetite
  • Morning Sickness

The first thing that we have to mention is that your dog may not even have these symptoms. Morning sickness, for instance, only affects some dogs. Even if it does affect them, it won’t happen until the third or fourth week. 

What you are left with then is some weight gain, tiredness, and in some cases, a lack of appetite. On the plus side, Corgis are quite active dogs. Them being tired can be pretty darn obvious – which means you’ll notice it quickly. But that doesn’t mean you’ll think it’s pregnancy right away. Many conditions have the exact same symptoms. 

Because of this, it’s important to at least be in contact with your veterinarian. This way, they can help you figure out what’s happening on time.

Go To A Professional As Soon As Possible

This is the type of advice that we can give with pretty much any dog-related situation. Sure, at some point, even your vet will tell you that you don’t have to come so often – but hey, it’s just always the best option. 

The problem with this particular wanting this – the symptoms are just too direct! Your dog appears to be down, and not wanting to eat as much as usual is not the end of the world. A lot of people would rightfully assume that it’s something that will pass in a couple of days or so.

And let’s get this straight, at some point, you will probably suspect that something is going on with your dog. Even if the symptoms are not extreme, when they start dragging for, say, a week – you’ll suspect something. This is where your Corgis famous temperament and behavior starts to shine.

Because your Corgis is usually running around benign loud and goofy, it means that you will quickly notice when there’s a change in the pattern. Corgi owners typically get upset if their little maniac isn’t barking at every noise they hear through the window. So if your Corgi isn’t benign, the usual loud and crazy self – feel free to call a professional.

Even if it’s not pregnancy, it could be something else. A behavior change is always a symptom of something being off with any dog. Their personalities are everything, do learn to spot the nuances and the little changes – and you’ll be fine.

Later Symptoms 

We talked about the early symptoms and generally the start of the pregnancy – but knowing what to expect during and at the end is just as important. Here are some later signs of pregnancy to look out for:

  • Your puppy’s belly will get bigger at around day 40.
  • In this same period, your dog’s nipples will get darker and bigger.
  • The breasts will enlarge more and more with time.
  • The belly will get even bigger in the third trimester and will begin to sway side to side as your puppy walks.

The end of the second and the beginning of the third trimester is the most crucial period for your dog. To be more precise, it’s the period in which they need the most care. A couple of trips to the vet can get x=rays to check the situation will be expected and necessary.

This is entirely normal, and it’s done for a couple of reasons: To check the bone structure of the babies, to check if the litter is problematic for the mother’s body, and to count how many puppies there are. Depending on the size of the puppies, the vet decides whether a C-section is required.

Going to a professional regularly is also important so you can learn to spot when your dog is going into labor. Not only that, you will learn how to take care of the newly born babies. Sure, your dog will know what to do naturally – but you should be there to help!

How Long Do Corgis Stay Pregnant?

Your Corgi, just like any other dog, will be pregnant for 60-63 days. Usually, the number 60 gets thrown around, but you can never be sure exactly at which point your dog began its pregnancy. We add a couple of days as a plus/minus for the exact date. 

So why is it important to know how long the pregnancy will last?

Well, planning. The most important thing during the pregnancy is to have a plan laid out. This way, you can minimize surprises. And believe us when we tell you – the fewer surprises you encounter, the better. Planning is not that difficult, don’t worry. But there are some things you need to know about canine pregnancy, in general, to get ready.

Your dog, as we mentioned, will be pregnant for 60-63 days. This time is split up into three semesters. Your Corgi will go through specific changes during all three stages. To help you get ready, we compiled a little breakdown for you. Think of it as a pregnancy cheatsheet. 

The First Semester

The first semester is the one in which you (and your Corgi) will figure out the pregnancy. Well, sooner or later. 

Your puppy will act like nothing is happening in the first few weeks, but you will see a little weight gain. Hormonal changes occur during the third and fourth weeks. This causes morning sickness in some dogs. Nothing is guaranteed, but this could be a definitive sign of pregnancy if you weren’t sure. 

These hormonal changes could make your dog lose its meal a couple of times during the day. Don’t worry; this is entirely normal. If it happens, just switch your meal plan to a couple of small doses during the day. Check with your vet about which food to get. It’s always best to buy a select type of food that soothes your pregnant pup best.

The Second Semester

The time has come for an ultrasound. That’s right, you and your dog will finally see the little puppies! Your veterinarian can also draw blood to check hormone levels, just to be sure that everything is fine.

If you haven’t taken the hints until week four and you’ve just now figured out that your dog is pregnant, an ultrasound could wait a bit. In these situations, the vet will check your dog’s belly by hand to see if the puppies are growing and if everything is in order. 

An Important Note: it may seem simple, but it is very important that you don’t attempt this sort of check by yourself at any point during the pregnancy. You are not a trained professional, and there’s a chance that you’ll harm the babies or even cause a miscarriage.

The Third Semester

During these final twenty days, your dog will get bigger and bigger. The babies are almost here, so it’s time for some final checkups at the vet’s office. The usual checkup is an x-ray at the beginning of the third semester. This is done so we can know if the bone structure is developing healthily. Based on this, there could be more or fewer checkups, but if everything’s fine, you can expect a cute litter of Corgis in your house by day 60.

How Long Are Corgis In Labor?

Dogs are generally in labor for 3-12 hours. Corgis are no different, and this time span depends on many factors and can’t be exact. You must get informed about what you need to do once labor starts and recognize it when it started.

The first thing you need to do is create a comfortable space where your Corgi can give birth once the time comes. This is called a nest, and while there is plenty of advice on how to make it – we like to keep it simple.

A large box filled with blankets and pillows will do the trick. Ask your vet to explain what tools you might need and what you need to do when the time comes. Ensure that you have a phone number with which you can contact your vet 24 hours a day.  

You’ll know that the final week has arrived because your dog will try and separate itself into quiet places in the house. It’s important that you keep showing it the nest you made to get used to it and know where to go when the labor starts.

A temperature drop will occur in your dog’s body, so measure the temperature twice a day during the final week. Once the temperature drop happens, the labor has begun.

Keeping Your Corgi Healthy During Pregnancy

Dogs have been giving birth for a long, long time. We can’t teach them any new tricks about giving birth. They know when it’s coming, they do it, and then it’s done. Animals generally keep it simple.

But there are some things that we can do to help with the general process. See, even in the wild, dogs, or rather their ancestor’s wolves, treat the pregnant ladies like absolute royalty. They take care of all her needs and protect their life if necessary. Well, we suggest learning a thing or two from our Corgis ancestors.

Here are a few things that you can do, just to make this all a bit easier on your pup.


Maybe you’re already buying some high-quality food that usually satisfies all your dog’s needs and seems to keep them healthy. But your Corgis body is going through a lot during pregnancy. This means that you need to buy food that feels satisfies the new caloric needs of your Corgi. Do you know how we say that women are eating for two when they’re pregnant? Well, your Corgi is eating for a whole darn family!

The fact that there are now technically multiple dogs that you’re feeding doesn’t mean that you need to pour a whole bag of food into a bowl. Far from it! Your dog could go through some periods of throwing the food up, so you can imagine that more food isn’t the right solution.

You want to buy a high caloric food, preferably one that is meant for pregnancy.


All dogs need exercise, just like us. Well, pregnant Corgis need even more than you’d think. Your dog needs to get prepared for labor, which will be an intense and draining process. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to take them running and jumping all day. On the contrary, having too much exercise or having an exercise that is too intense could harm the babies. 

Corgis get tired quickly even when not pregnant; you can imagine how fast your dog will want to sit down after a brisk walk when she’s caring for multiple babies in her!

Two to three walks per day will be plenty of exercises for her to prepare for what’s coming. Anything more will be pushing it. 


Making sure your dog is fully vaccinated is incredibly important. This factor gets even more significant during pregnancy because the antibodies found in your puppy get transferred to her puppies. The mother must be properly vaccinated before conceiving since it could be dangerous to vaccinate during pregnancy. Your veterinarian will know all the details, so trust them and seek advice if you feel it necessary.

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Final Words

Pregnancy is one of the most important periods of your corgi’s life. You need to give them anything they need and take care of them to your best abilities. Those abilities rely on you know how it all works.

This means having answers to all the questions that may pop up during pregnancy. How long are Corgis pregnant for? How long are Corgis in labor? What food should they eat? How much exercise should you give them?

Well, we hope that you have the information now to feel confident enough to take care of your puppy. She needs you now more than ever, and we’re sure that you will give all you can give to help. Seek professional help for any matter that you’re not sure about. Remember, there is no stupid question when you’re talking to a doctor. 

Stay well informed, give your Corgi even more love and affection than usual, and everything will be just fine!

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