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What Are Corgis Scared Of? Is My Corgi Fearless?

What Are Corgis Scared Of? Is My Corgi Fearless?

You keep hearing stories about how corgis are guard dogs. Are these stories true, or is there something the corgi is afraid of? There is no dog breed that is not afraid of at least something. It can be a trauma that stuck with them from the days spent in dog shelters, or it can also be an irrational fear.

So, what are corgis scared of? Not much, but there are a couple of things that will make your corgi’s tail jump straight! Stay tuned and find out what are the things that can scare your corgi, and what methods you can use to help them overcome that fear.

What Are Corgis Afraid Of?

When we consider the sources of fear, we can single out a couple of common examples related to dogs. Some are personal, and some are related to the environment and where you live. Let’s list them one by one and try to give a potential solution to how you can solve this problem.

So, what are corgis afraid of?

1. Thunder & Lightning

You must have seen your neighbors’ or family’s dogs running towards the door when they realize that a storm is about to start. This is not at all strange, as there are plenty of dog breeds out there that are afraid of strong thunder and lightning.

Corgis are no exception, and they will surely rush to your door the second they hear the sound of the first thunder. Of course, you should let them in, because to them, this may still be incomprehensible. This is much more common for indoor dogs who are used to a quiet environment.

There is no particular solution or method to follow regarding this problem. It is crucial to let your dog in if it is genuinely afraid of a severe storm. To be honest, you even get scared once in a while, don’t you?

2. Fireworks & Firecrackers

It is logical that dogs have a fear of loud and unpredictable sounds. Fireworks and firecrackers fall into this category. Let’s be honest; you’ve probably heard a lot about this topic.

Before each major holiday, you can see various warnings on how not to throw firecrackers near dogs, or how your pets should not be taken to places where there are loud sounds.

You corgi, like many other dog breeds, is certainly not used to these bangs. This can be very traumatic to them. Also, fireworks and firecrackers flying everywhere can injure your corgi.

My advice is that, even if your dog is not afraid of firecrackers, you should avoid the opportunity to take it to places where it is a common occurrence.

3. Alone-Time

There is one thing that corgis are very afraid of. I’m talking about spending time alone. Yes, these dogs are very friendly, and in many cases, can be clingy.

This fear even has a name, and that is separation anxiety. There are many symptoms that can predict this. Some of them are constant chewing, uncontrolled urination, loud barking, etc.

This can become unbearable after a few weeks and lead your corgi to experience depressive episodes. The longer it stays home alone, the more frightened your corgi is.

As frivolous as this may seem to you, this can grow into a huge problem, but solving it is easy. All you need to do is spend more time with your corgi. You have to come to terms with the fact that there are dogs who just don’t tolerate loneliness.

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4. Vetenerian

Just as we have a fear of the doctor, our dogs are certainly afraid of the vet. This is very common, and there are multiple reasons for this fear.

It is possible that your corgi has trauma from before, while it was in the dog shelter. This can make the trip to the vet unbearable. Also, if your corgi is sickly by nature, this can make them scared of any vet appointments.

However, there is a way you can alleviate the fear at least a little, and that is to get your dog used to regular checkups. Also, the ordination you go to is essential. The atmosphere should be calm, and the vet should act professional and be good with animals (logically).

5. Strangers

The corgi breed is friendly, but it will choose to spend most of its dog life with its owner. Every corgi does not readily accept other people who want to enter its life.

For example, a corgi may hardly accept a new owner. This lack of acceptance can be noticed either by aggressive outbursts or panic fear.

Also, just spending time in the park with your corgi, and strangers leaning over wanting to pet your dog can scare them – especially if it’s still a puppy.

In order to partially solve this problem, it is important to use the proper training methods and get your corgi used to spending time with other people who are not the owner.

Are corgis afraid of small children? If you have recently had a child, you may find yourself in a situation where your dog looks scared when it starts walking. This is not so rare at all, and there are dogs that are afraid of small children because they are unpredictable to them.

In most cases, this is cute to watch. 

6. Vacuum Cleaners

If you have a corgi, it will want to spend most of its time outside in nature, which is logical. When winter comes, and it has to spend more time inside, certain objects will be weird to look at.

For example, vacuum cleaners are noisy and can cause fear in your corgi. Also, when they are on, you move them. This is probably unclear to your dog, and it may feel threatened.

In some cases, it can also attack your vacuum cleaner. This problem is solved by simply not having your corgi in the same room as you while cleaning.

Irrational Zucchini Fear

What I have listed earlier were some basic reasons for fear in your corgi. However, these are certainly not the only sources. You must have noticed that corgis also have some irrational fear.

There is an interesting section on the Internet, which shows two corgis being terrified of a giant zucchini. People wrote all sorts of things and guessed where all this fear came from. If you are interested in what it all looks like, click here.

Aggression As A Result Of Fear

Corgis are packed with personality and temperament, so it shouldn’t be weird when they react quickly and recklessly. Unfortunately, this recklessness can sometimes manifest itself through aggression.

Since today’s main topic was fear, it is important to mention that corgis can behave aggressively when they feel scared – which is somewhat expected, isn’t it?

Just to remind you, here’s what can be a source of aggression in your corgi:

  • Herding behavior
  • They feel frightened
  • They feel territorial
  • They feel sick
  • They want to establish dominance

Here are the signs that suggest aggression:

How To Manage Corgi Aggression?

This is a very serious topic, and it should be approached with concentration and readiness to help your dog.

Aggression management depends on how dangerous it is and how much you or the people around you are at risk. With mild aggression, you shouldn’t worry that much because this is addressed by corrective behavior methods.

However, if it is a matter of severe aggression, where the corgi even attacked you or someone close to you, it is time to call a professional. This does not necessarily mean that you did not train it well, but that the trigger was so strong that it was impossible to control.

Some people find that female corgis are even more aggressive than male corgis. And in many cases, this is true, especially if the female corgi has had small puppies recently.

Whatever it is, whether fear is a source of aggression, or something else, the most important thing is not to ignore this problem because it can easily affect everyone around you. Corgis are lively dogs, so pay close attention to small behavioral signs – it will tell you everything!

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