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What Are Corgis Famous For?

What Are Corgis Famous For?

It seems like everyone knows about corgis and their bubbly personality. The demand for corgis is bigger and bigger each day, and it doesn’t seem to stop! So, what are corgis famous for? Is there a special reason why corgis are so popular and so loved? 

We know the answer and we’re about to reveal it to you! Continue scrolling for the full scoop on corgis’ popularity!

The History Of The Corgi

Before we get into actual reasons why we must start at the very beginning. So, we must go down in history.

The corgi breed exists for over a millennium now. In reality, there are two breeds of the Welsh Corgi – the Pembroke corgi and the Cardigan corgi.

The Pembroke corgi comes from Pembrokeshire in Wales, while its Cardigan counterpart comes from Cardiganshire. Originally, the Welsh Corgi wasn’t a pet, the corgi was a working dog.

Corgis back then worked as herders, meaning they herded large cattle such as sheep and cows. Corgis weren’t responsible only for herding the animals, but they also kept them safe from predators.

This special breed of dogs has a very keen sense of hearing, so the corgi can detect danger from far away. The corgis are heelers, meaning they nip at the heels of large animals to get them to move.

You would think that the animals would fight back, and they do. Thankfully, corgis have short muscular legs that enable them to escape the hooves more efficiently.

What Are Corgis Famous For?

Well, there is no one exact reason why, but there are a few reasons why corgis are so popular. So, let’s check out each reason separately!

1. Corgis’ Appearance

Let’s be honest – corgis are adorable as ever. These dogs are so cute and so cuddly, like a plush toy. Of course, that’s not all they are but their toy-like appearance makes them a desirable pet.

The corgis’ presence on social media made their puffy butt also very popular. As you may know, corgis have very round and puffy behinds, which many people find so cute.

Another thing is – corgis have all the benefits of a small dog while having all the facial features of a larger dog. Many men won’t opt for a smaller dog because they think small dogs are not ‘manly’.

However, that is simply not the case with our beloved corgi. Corgis may be small, but they appear more ‘manly’ than any other small dog. 

The fact that corgis are rather small in size is also very convenient and another reason why their appearance is so attractive. Corgis can easily live in an apartment, rather than a house with a yard, and that just adds to the fame!

2. Ties To The Royal Family

Another good reason why corgis are so famous is that they have been a part of the British Royal Family for a long, long time now. Corgis have been royal dogs since the 19th century, even though they are so different from other lapdogs. 

It seems like most members of the Royal Family have owned at least one, but usually at least a few corgis. The Queen has surely set the record there – she has owned over 30 corgis in her lifetime!

At some moments, the Queen had even 4 or 5 corgis and dorgis. A dorgi is a cross-breed between a corgi and a dachshund, and the Queen herself is credited with the invention of this cross-breed!

Around the Second World War, the demand for corgis began to decline. People weren’t for some reason, very interested in owning corgis. 

All that changed once Elizabeth II became Queen. Once she was crowned, it seemed like everyone was going mad for corgi puppies, and the demand was larger than ever. 

The Queen currently owns two corgis and one dorgi. The fact that she has always owned corgis, and that she paid such special care for them made the corgi as a breed super famous.

Another thing about the ties with the Royal Family is that Americans are obsessed with the members. Many Americans believe that if a certain breed is good enough for the Royal Family, it’s more than good enough for them as well!

3. Movie & TV Features

What certainly made the corgi more well-known all over the world is the feature in many movies and TV shows. Not many people outside of the UK knew about corgi as a breed, or how great of a pet a corgi can be.

In a way, the presence of corgis in the Royal Family influenced the features of a corgi on TV. For example, corgis got very famous when the TV show on Netflix called ‘The Crown’ came out.

The TV show is heavily based on the actual Royal Family, and of course, the corgis are a crucial part of it all. The corgi is also featured in a popular American sitcom ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, where the featured corgi is praised constantly for his undying loyalty.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many. The animated movie for children ‘The Queen’s Corgi’, only piled on the popularity, especially among children!

4. Social Media Features

At the beginning of the 21st century, corgi’s popularity began to decline drastically. Each year, fewer and fewer new puppies were registered and experts were worried this was the end of the breed.

At the end of the first decade of the century, the corgi breed was declared endangered. There were not much people could do – it is what it is. Even the fact that Queen continued to breed and care for corgis was no longer going to cut it.

However, it all changed in the 2010s, when the corgi was featured on all social media. People figured out that corgi’s playfulness and sense of humor made them happy, and the demand for such posts soared.

In just a few short years, corgi became extremely popular, more than ever. In 2019, corgi even won the award for the most popular dog breed of the year!

The social media sites are full of corgi profiles that feature videos and photos of the dog. Corgis are very photogenic and they look great in photos, so their social media presence is still growing.

Many members of the gen-Z and millennials admit that they decided to adopt a corgi because of social media. Social media influenced the public opinion that corgis are adorable and desirable pets!

Why Do People Decide To Adopt A Corgi?

Of course, the corgi’s popularity on social media is not enough for most people to decide to adopt a corgi. First, everyone does extensive research about corgis online to see whether this breed would be a good fit with their family.

One of the first things everyone finds out that corgis have a strong personality, much like humans. It seems like every corgi owner would agree that their pup appears like there is a human soul inside them.

That is because the corgi’s nature is to be a herder, a dog responsible for lots of large animals. They still feel that responsibility to this day, so your pup can have various human-like characteristics.

So, let’s get on the main reasons why people opt for adopting a baby corgi!

Corgis Are Perfect For Apartments

Many dogs that used to take care of cattle are not fit for apartments. Usually, these dogs are large and rather loud – and that can be an inconvenience for you and your neighbors, mostly for the noise from the barking.

However, the corgi is much smaller than other dogs that used to take care of large cattle. They are energetic as a breed, but they can be trained efficiently to behave well around the apartment.

Of course, every corgi can bark loud, and we mean very loud. All that can be taken care of with training, and your corgi will likely stop barking around the apartment altogether if you persist with training.

Also, corgis are less likely to chew at furniture if you leave them alone all day, compared to some other breeds. Meaning, you will probably never come home to a ruined apartment!

Corgis Are Friendly & Good With Children

Many people with pets start to worry when the baby is on the way. What if the dog and the newborn aren’t a good fit?

Well, with corgis that’s almost a non-issue. Corgis will fall in love with your children as soon as the baby comes home, and they might even start acting protective if they see someone coming close to the baby.

Corgis may be stubborn around other pets if those pets come later on and they might have a hard time adjusting. However, with enough patience, your furry baby will adjust – corgis are very adaptable to new surroundings!

Corgi Is A Great Guard Dog

When people see a corgi, they will think first that it’s a cute and generally harmless dog. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Corgis may be small, but they can become angry and attack other animals. Keep in mind that they managed to take care of large animals and nip at them fearlessly. There are no animals your corgi is afraid of!

Corgis have a good sense of danger, so at the very least, your corgi will start barking if he senses something strange is going on in your house. However, it’s no surprise that if someone does break into your home, that your corgi bites them or attacks them!

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Corgis’ Diet Is Very Simple

The corgi breed comes from the same ancestor as a Pomeranian, but when it comes to diet preferences, they couldn’t be more different. While small breeds like Pomeranians can be picky eaters and require a very specific diet, that’s not the case with our beloved corgi.

Corgis are very simple when it comes to their diet – they can transition to different dog food brands easily. On the other hand, every corgi has an enormous appetite and can eat a lot!

That can result in your corgi easily becoming overweight, which is very dangerous for corgis. Corgis have elongated bodies, so the excess weight can damage their spine!

Corgis Are Cute

Of course, looks aren’t everything – but when it comes to adopting a dog, the first thing that everyone notices is the looks. We all have to agree – corgis are adorable!

They are so playful, and they love to entertain. Corgis love to be the center of attention, so they will try to provide the whole family with entertainment because they love to have all eyes on them. 

Their fox-like head, a puffy behind, and a bobtail make them look like a cartoon and your perfect sidekick!

Corgis Are Low Maintenance

Some dogs require frequent cuts and lots of care to be their ideal self. If you are looking for a dog that doesn’t take too much of your time to groom, a corgi is a dog for you!

Corgis are usually light-haired, but they have waterproof fur that is repellent to dust and dirt. Even if you take your corgi out for a walk during a rainstorm, your pup will likely come home completely clean.

Corgis also require infrequent baths – in reality, you should never wash your corgi more than once a month. They don’t require their fur to be cut, since they will shed their winter coat all on their own.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that corgis shed like crazy. So, you will need to brush them a lot during shedding season (that comes once a year), but luckily, it only lasts about two weeks!

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Bottom Line

To conclude, corgis make great pets and they are extremely popular. The corgi is a great pet for an apartment, he’s so loyal and so playful! Deciding to adopt a corgi will make your children so happy, and they will have a playmate for years to come!

All in all, corgis are popular for all the right reasons, and it seems that it will never stop!