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How Popular Are Corgis? How Highly Are They Ranked?

How Popular Are Corgis? How Highly Are They Ranked?

People tend to judge and categorize everyone and everything in this world, and dogs are not exempt from this rule. There are several points that dog experts try to look into when they’re discussing which are the best and most famous dogs in the world.

Corgis have several interesting backstories that make them genuinely fascinating to most people in this world. However, some people have a difficult time when they’re trying to determine How popular are corgis, so they come to me, asking that same question.

It shouldn’t surprise you that corgis are exceptionally high on that list and, as of this moment, are currently placed on the 11th spot. What makes corgis so high on the popularity list? Does the Queen of England contribute to the widespread fame of corgis? Are corgis recognizable on the streets?

As a dog breed that has a rich history, corgis are known worldwide as one of the best companions to have. Learn what exactly makes them so popular by continuing to read this article!

Why Are Corgis So Desired?

To all of you from the United Kingdom, it shouldn’t surprise you that corgis are a fan-favorite breed in that country. You just cannot leave your house, walk around the neighborhood, or walk past your local dog park without seeing a single corgi!

It’s not that hard to realize what makes corgis so popular within the borders of the United Kingdom, as the Queen has a couple of them. She did her fair share of research, and we can all agree that she didn’t make a mistake in choosing to adopt several corgis.

Corgis are extremely intelligent, and because of that, you can quickly train them to behave appropriately whenever necessary. Try visiting your closest pet shop, and I guarantee that you will find a couple of corgis for sale there, especially if you are in England!

Every single person in this world has a unique personality that defines who and what they are. Most people, without a doubt, think about buying or adopting a dog once in their life. But, as it turns out, corgis are one of the most desired pets when people discuss which one they want.

But why exactly are corgis so popular? Not too long ago, corgis were mainly used as herding dogs, capable of protecting and keeping an eye on livestock. Most farmers who have lived in the last century used corgis as a primary source for keeping their cows, chickens, and sheep safe.

In the past few decades, corgis were slowly being transformed and shifted into regular pets for children to play with. People were relatively successful when they tried, for the first time, to bring corgis in the house and to make them into a cheerful lap dog.

I suppose that the Queen of England did the most to contribute towards the overall fame and glory of corgis that we know today. It wouldn’t be fair only to mention her name – even before her, people have begun to recognize corgis’ potential as pets.

As a dog breed located in every corner of this world, corgis represent how every dog should behave and interact with people. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or if you have a large family, corgis can adapt to all circumstances and situations that you put them in.

Corgis have several fascinating backstories:

  • Some people think that Vikings in the ninth century used corgis as herding dogs to keep them and their livestock secured whenever the Vikings needed to travel somewhere.
  • Even a mythical story surrounds corgis. Several books have been written discussing how fairies used corgis as battle dogs. It was said that corgis were fierce creatures that rushed head-first into battle with those fairies.

But what makes corgis truly special and unique is that although they have small bodies, they have big hearts. All corgis are courageous dogs, willing, without second-guessing, to give up on their lives to protect the life of their closest one.

Let me describe why are corgis so popular by discussing a couple of stuff, that makes them, for me at least, the best dog in the world:

Corgis Are Willing To Learn New Stuff Always

From the first day of their lives, corgis represent a healthy dog breed with a strong immune system, capable of resisting most diseases known to us. However, keep in mind that there are several genetic issues that all corgis can manifest – click on the link here if you want to know more about them.

A corgi dam will behave like every other responsible mother – she will offer them milk and protect them until the very last minute. Corgis’ milk is highly nutritious for young corgis, and when they drink enough of it, they will inevitably grow up into strong and healthy creatures.

As soon as a baby corgi becomes six weeks old, it is fully capable of separating from its mother and venturing to a new home. It’s important to mention that young corgis have an easy time separating from their mothers, as they’re courageous enough to take on any challenge.

A testament to how much corgis are popular is the unbelievable amount of things that you can find in your local pet shop that are made especially for corgis. As you all know, corgis have a unique marking on their chest that has a different color from the regular color of their fur.

There are several different types of leashes that you can buy in all pet shops that are custom made for corgis. These leashes have a unique design that allows you to leash your corgi in a unique way that enhances the color of the mark on their chest, making it more distinct!

Consider yourself lucky if you go to your local pet shop and they have a fairy saddle for corgis, as it’s the most favorite item that all corgi owners love to have. By putting that saddle on your corgi, you can recreate exactly how they used to look when fairies used to ride them!

Most commercial dog food will be optimal for your corgi, as they are small-sized pets that can eat most of the stuff that pet shops offer. Just remember that you should consult with the personnel who work in the pet shop to recommend the perfect food for your corgi.

All corgis have different eating habits – some like to eat more than others, and that can easily result in them becoming fat. There is a thin line when discussing corgis size between being fat and obese, and you should always make sure that they are only eating the required amount!

Corgis Are Recognisable On The Streets!

Before you take your corgi for a walk, it’s crucial to remember these things:

  1. Put a long leash on your corgi and tighten it so that the leash cannot snap in two if your corgi starts to pull furiously. All corgis get incredibly excited whenever they realize that you are preparing them for a walk, and things can escalate rather quickly then.
  2. Make sure that you bring enough food if you plan on going somewhere far with your corgi. On that note, let me recommend that you take your corgi for a hike sometimes – it’s an unbelievable experience for both you and your corgis!
  3. The same thing goes for water. Although corgis have a lot of excess energy, they tend to use it quickly as soon as they exit the house. Keep in mind that having water is necessary for your corgis, as you shouldn’t allow your corgi to get dehydrated.
  4. As soon as you step outside with your corgi, the people around you will notice your corgi and will slowly come closer to it, hoping to play with it. Corgis adore meeting new people and will always welcome anyone interested in playing with them!

There is just no chance that your corgis won’t get noticed, as they are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. As of 2020, corgis are the 11th most popular dog, and to me, it makes no sense why aren’t they positioned at number 1! Take a look at the current popularity pool of dog breeds:

Retrievers (Labrador)#1
French Bulldogs#2
German Shepherd Dogs#3
Retrievers (Golden)#4
Pointers (German Shorthaired)#9
Pembroke Welsh Corgis#11
Australian Shepherds#12
Yorkshire Terriers#13
Great Danes#15

If you adequately train your corgi to behave at all times when they’re leashed, they will never do something stupid. Most dogs on this list will try to run away from you as soon as you unleash them, but corgis will firstly make sure that you are in a safe spot.

All corgis are caring dogs that won’t leave your side until it makes sure that nothing terrible will happen to you or your kids. Did I mention just how exceptionally corgis behave towards little children? I was so pleased when I saw how my corgis interacted with my son when he was a baby.

There wasn’t a single minute in the day in which my corgi left my son for the first couple of months. Some of my colleagues were shocked when I told them that I would leave my baby alone with a corgi and, in the meantime, go to the local market.

I believed in my corgi, and I was never disappointed in it. Train your corgi and make sure that it represents the nation of England proudly. To my knowledge, there isn’t a single dog breed more loved in this world!

How Popular Are Corgis? – Epilogue

Currently, there isn’t a single spot in this world that doesn’t have at least a few corgis. Just look around your neighborhood, and you will undoubtedly find several corgis that live close to you. As a fan-favorite dog, some people want to know how popular are corgis.

If the experts are telling us the truth, corgis are currently the 11th most popular dog on the planet. I like to say that they should be rated a bit higher – still, it’s a well-deserved spot for corgis, as they are one of the most polite and intelligent types of dogs.

Both young and old, corgis have a distinctive personality that works with kids, teenagers, and adults. Whenever you take your corgis for a walk, they will be recognized by all of the people that live near you, and all of them will want to play a little bit with them.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a house or a small apartment – corgis will give you their entire life if necessary. Corgis will never betray your trust, and that is precisely what makes them so popular!

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