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Why Do Corgis Eat Poop?

Why Do Corgis Eat Poop?

Some habits that corgis pick on from a young age might stay with them even when they get older. Therefore, you must understand that you should teach your corgi, from a young age, to behave appropriately at all times.

Most of the time, nothing wrong will happen if you’ve taught them well, but sometimes, some corgis might start to eat poop. With that in mind, some people seek my help, asking me, Why do corgis eat poop?. Does that mean that something is wrong with them?

In rare cases, corgis will try to eat their poop if they are hungry or if they seek your attention!

If your corgi eats poop, does that mean that they need more food to sustain themselves? Can eating poop harm them in any shape or form? Do corgis have a terrible habit of eating poop to try and keep the place as clean as possible?

Many mysteries lie within this topic, and I’ll do my best to ease your concerns. So continue scrolling down if you want to find out how to prevent your corgi from eating poop!

Corgis Need To Have A Sufficient Diet!

It doesn’t matter where you come from; as long as there is a pet shop near you, you will have a solid chance to adopt a corgi. However, just so you know, before you choose to buy or adopt a corgi, you should thoroughly research what food you should offer to your corgis.

The personnel in the pet shop will always be highly educated in that manner and can guide you efficiently when choosing some food for your corgis. You won’t make any mistakes if you buy commercial dog food for your corgis; just find out which is the appropriate type for them!

Most commercial dog food will have a clear indicator, which defines what type of dog should eat that kind of food. The most common way to determine which commercial dog food is optimal for your dog is by looking at your dog’s overall size and age.

As you all know, corgis fit in the small-sized category of dogs with a maximum weight of 30 pounds when they fully grow. Any more than that can be a clear sign of obesity, and you mustn’t allow your corgi to eat more food than it should.

The first thing you should do after you arrive home with your new corgi is to introduce it around your place. For example, if you live in an apartment, show your corgi where all of the rooms are located and what stuff is off-limits for them.

It will be easier for all of you that live in a house with a large backyard, as you can simply put your corgi somewhere outside and not worry about a thing. Just remember; young dogs, especially corgi puppies, need a lot of care and support while they’re still young.

You will need to build them a dog house, which they can use to rest whenever they feel tired. Directly outside of the corgis’ dog house must be two bowls; one for food and the other for water.

The bowl containing food needs to be cleaned before you offer any meal to your corgis. As for the bowl for water, you need to provide your corgi constantly with cold and fresh water, as corgis don’t usually enjoy drinking unclean water.

Whenever your corgi finishes a meal, there is a strong possibility that it might have to poop soon after. If you keep your corgi outside, it will be effortless to observe and control where your corgi can and cannot poop.

The tricky part of this is when you see that your corgi is eating that exact poop. Most people are rather shocked when they realize what their corgi is doing and immediately stop them from eating their poop.

Although you shouldn’t allow your corgi to eat poop, you need to realize that it’s imperative how you approach your corgi when it’s eating poop. If you do it aggressively, your corgi might be frightened, and that can make room for other problems to manifest.

From now on, I will give you a complete list of why your corgi might eat poop and how you should prevent them from doing that.

Offer Your Corgi Enough Food

As it turns out, the number one most common reason why corgis eat their poop is if they aren’t getting enough food. Corgis might be small dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they should eat a small amount of food.

As an active type of dog, corgis tend to stay on their feet all day long, trying to find and discover new stuff to play with. However, without enough food, you can’t possibly think that your corgi will have enough energy to stay active all day long.

If your corgi feels hungry or thinks that it’s not getting enough food from you, it might start to eat its poop. This might seem like a silly thing to do, but hear me out; all poop contains a portion of processed food that wasn’t necessary for your corgi when it ate the first time.

After your corgi realizes that it’s still hungry after eating one of its meals, it might think it’s a good idea to consume some poop. When you see your corgi eating poop, you will need to act quickly and stop them, but not by using force.

Instead, approach your corgis slowly and tell them silently to stop eating the poop. It might be a good idea to issue a command that is known to them, such as sit, stand, or back off. Whatever suits your corgi the most, just remember to not shout directly at them!

As soon as your corgi stops eating the poop, take a broom and collect all of the poop by pushing it in some kind of a bag. Then, go straight outside to your trash can and toss it there. Never toss the poop in one of your inside cans, as the stench from the poop will get unbearable!

Corgis Like To Live In A Clean Place

As it turns out, it doesn’t matter if you live in a small flat or a spacious house; your corgi will do its best to keep the place as clean as possible. You need to teach it to behave appropriately at all times. It’s wise to teach your corgi to poop in the same spot every time if you live in a flat.

Head to your local pet shop and tell the workers there to offer you some advice about where and in what should your corgi poop when it’s inside. You can’t control your corgis’ needs if it feels the urge of needing to poop in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.

You probably know this, but you should take your corgi outside several times in the day so that it can successfully fulfill its toilet needs. Soon after your corgi poops somewhere outside, you should grab the poop with a special bag and toss it in the closest garbage can.

Sometimes, corgis that can’t hold the poop overnight will tend to poop as soon as it gets unbearable for them to hold it in a second longer. When they finish with the popping, some corgis will clean the poop by eating it as soon as they relieve themselves.

It’s pretty fascinating why they do so; as I’ve mentioned before, corgis want to live in a clean place, and some of them consider poop to be filthy. Those corgis who think that way won’t hesitate to eat their poop, as they will want to clean up that spot.

That kind of behavior should never be encouraged or rewarded, and you should always prevent it as soon as you realize that your corgi is eating poop in the night. The simplest way to stop them from ever pooping overnight is by limiting the food you offer them in the afternoon.

The other way is by teaching your corgi to poop on the terrace of your flat. Keep the door to the terrace open at all times and provide your corgis with a spot that is exclusively meant for them to poop in whenever they feel like doing so. 

When they finish the job, they will simply return inside and won’t bother eating the poop, as it’s currently outside and doesn’t stink inside. It might get tricky in the winter to do so; when it’s freezing, teach them to go and poop in the toilet on a special renewable paper.

All Corgis Are Attention Seekers!

Whenever your corgi feels down and wants to play with you, it will pool you from whatever you are currently doing. But, of course, there are many ways in which your corgi will try to do that, the most common ones being by barking or howling.

Oddly enough, sometimes, corgis might even try to eat poop, and in that way, will try to get your attention. You should never allow that kind of behavior, as the poop isn’t particularly healthy for corgis. There are some germs and bacteria within their poop that are bad for their stomach.

Make sure that you play with your corgi enough throughout the day so that it doesn’t get some funny ideas, like eating poop to draw your attention. Offer them enough toys, which corgis can use as a means to draw your attention safely! Corgis’ health should always come first!

Why Do Corgis Eat Poop? – Recap

As it turns out, all corgis are extremely needy creatures that tend to stay close by your side all day long. These days, it might be difficult for them to draw your attention, and so, corgis often rely on doing some wild stuff, like eating poop.

There are several other reasons why do corgis eat poop, and the most common one is because they might feel hungry sometimes. As it turns out, if you don’t offer enough food to your corgis, the chances are that they will try to resolve that problem by eating poop.

You should never encourage that kind of behavior, as corgis might eat poop for the rest of their lives. Instead, always approach them calmly and explain to them why they shouldn’t eat poop.

Provide your corgi with enough food twice a day, and you won’t catch them eating poop ever again!

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