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Do Corgis Have Good Noses?

Do Corgis Have Good Noses?

Whenever your corgi finds itself in a sticky situation, it will, first and foremost, use its nose to identify what is the best solution to that situation. It doesn’t matter how troublesome the situation might get; corgis will always find a way out by using their noses!

Most of the time, people try to downplay, or rather, don’t know precisely how strong are corgis’ noses. Then, after they realize that noses are essential to corgis, they come to me, asking, do corgis have good noses? How exactly do they use their nose in everyday situations?

It should come off as a big surprise that corgis have an excellent nose, which they use in every imaginable situation. Can they use their noses to tell apart if something is good or bad for them? Do corgis use their noses when interacting with new people or dogs for the first time?

Fear not: I’ll put all of your concerns to rest as long as you stay around and read this article thoroughly! So don’t miss this one, guys!

Why Is Having A Good Nose Important To Corgis?

Don’t be fooled – every dog breed, especially corgis, needs to have a good nose, as it’s the most important part of their body. Without a proper sense of smell, dogs wouldn’t be as operative and functional as they are today.

Imagine this; you have to go to work every day for eight hours straight, and when you get home, you will be greeted by your pet corgi. Before it sees you, it will try to differentiate who is opening the door using its strong sense of smell.

Ordinarily, your corgi won’t bark or howl whenever you attempt to open the door to your house or apartment, as it can detect your smell. So what do you think happens when your corgi isn’t able to tell who is behind the door? 

All dogs get aggressive when they can’t correctly differentiate who is coming near their territory, and corgis are not exempt from this rule. Luckily for us, corgis have an excellent sense of smell and can, without a mistake, tell who exactly is trying to get in the flat or house.

Think about why your corgi isn’t barking at you the next time you are sticking your key to the latch of your main door. Don’t get me wrong, your corgi might bark before you enter, but that is because it’s delighted to see you and is eager to greet you!

You can probably guess by now; the most crucial reason why corgis need to have a good nose is to detect and recognize something or someone. 

Most of you probably didn’t know about this, but when corgis use their nose, they can make a clear 3D representation of something they are currently smelling. If you close their eyes, or especially if your corgi is blind, their sense of smell can tell them what is directly in front of them!

Some corgis can suffer from various genetic conditions that are inherited directly from their parents. One of those conditions is called progressive retinal atrophy and can lead corgis to become completely blind. Click on the link here if you want to find out more about that.

All corgis use their incredible sense of smell to their advantage to tell apart certain people, food, or chemicals. Instead of their eyes, corgis primarily use their nose to differentiate whether something is good or bad for them.

Luckily for corgis, they have their noses to use whenever they are uncertain of something. So, from now on, you will read about different situations that our corgis get into and how they use their nose to their advantage.

Corgis Use Their Nose While Walking Continuously

Before taking your corgi for a walk, make sure that you put a long leash around its neck so that it can run around more freely. If you don’t own one, don’t worry; head to your local pet shop and ask the personnel there to offer you the best leash for your corgi!

Whenever you step outside with your corgi, it will immediately start to sniff around the place. Your corgi will try to locate everything that is known to it and will want to check on all of the new things that aren’t currently recognizable by its nose.

You probably know, but corgis are curious creatures that tend to fully investigate everything around them, regardless if it’s new to them or not. After it thoroughly scans the perimeter around your house or apartment, it will continue to walk forward.

You need to get used to the constant zig-zagging of your corgi, as even the faintest scent will be tempting for your corgi. That is the exact reason why you should always put a long leash on your corgis, as they will constantly run from one and to the other, searching for new stuff to sniff.

Walking with your corgi around the neighborhood should always be a pleasurable experience for you and your corgi. Never allow your corgis to strongly pull your leash – teach them thoroughly from day one to behave themselves at all times!

Corgis are intelligent dogs, requiring little to no time to learn precisely what they are supposed to do. Therefore, all corgis will obediently listen to your every command and will, without a doubt, try to fulfill the given task at hand.

Whenever you stumble upon other people in the streets, you should always make sure that your corgis behave adequately. First things first, if your corgi doesn’t recognize the other person that started the conversation with you, make sure that it doesn’t bark at that person.

If your corgi is extremely friendly, it will try to sniff the other person thoroughly. All people know how to interact with a new dog on the streets; you need to lower yourself and allow the dog to sniff your hand. By doing so, you are “meeting” with the other dog.

Whenever a corgi meets someone new, it will use its nose to take a deep breath in and soak all of the scents currently present on the other person’s hand. Every human being on this planet has a distinct smell, and, oddly enough, corgis can precisely differentiate them all!

How Corgis Interact With Other Dogs?

It can get quite boring for you and your corgi if you only take it for a walk around your building or neighborhood. So, every once in a while, you should take your corgis to your local dog park and let them roam freely within the perimeter of that park.

All dog parks are designed by keeping in mind that all dogs’ safety should be the number one priority. Therefore, it will always resemble a regular park with lots of grass and some obstacles for dogs, and a high fence so that the dogs can’t leave the park without your permission.

If the dog park closest to you isn’t particularly close at all, you will need to keep in mind that your corgis might get thirsty along the way. So bring a couple of bottles of fresh water to offer to your corgis whenever you determine that they have become thirsty. 

As soon as you arrive at the dog park, you can unleash your corgis and allow them to roam freely around the park. Undoubtedly, other dogs will currently occupy the dog park by playing and running from one end to another.

Corgis are one of the most friendly dogs out there and will bond with every other dog breed in the dog park. Whenever your corgi meets a new dog, it will first use its nose to sniff the other dogs, and in that process, the corgi will determine if that dog is dangerous or not.

It won’t detect any malicious scent most of the time, as most dogs in the local dog parks aren’t aggressive creatures. Whenever your corgi starts to play with the other dogs, it will smell around the park, having high hopes that it will discover something new this time around.

Some Fun Facts About Corgis Noses

Did you know that corgis have noses that are 100.000 times more powerful and accurate than ours? With a nose like that, I guarantee that your corgi will find something new every time you take it outside for a walk! Nothing can get past them without them detecting it!

In Russia’s capital city, Moscow, the police have begun training a couple of corgis to aid them when dealing with specific stuff! As it turns out, the Russian policemen believe that corgis can detect and find out if there is a bomb somewhere close by.

Corgis use their noses to tell if a potential partner of theirs is healthy and strong enough to carry on with them the genetic code. All corgis strive to have healthy puppies that will continue their bloodline. It’s a cruel world out there, and survival of the fittest is the number one rule!

It came to my surprise when I discovered that corgis are able to breathe and smell at the same time. As it turns out, one airway is meant to differentiate scents, and the other is dedicated only to breathing. It’s up to the corgi in what way they will use their nose!

How Strong Is Their Sense Of Smell?

Without a strong sense of smell, all dogs and especially corgis, wouldn’t solve most of the problems that happen to them. Many people have their doubts about corgis and their sense of smell, and they come to me, asking do corgis have good noses.

Every day, there will be more and more new obstacles for your corgis to overcome, and the primary weapon they use when they encounter those difficulties is their noses! As a nose that is 100.000 times sharper than ours, you can bet that corgis will find a solution to every problem.

Whenever you go outside with your corgi, it will immediately start to sniff around, hoping that it will find something new and exciting. There is no chance that something will get past them without them not being able to detect it.

So don’t worry; if there is something potentially hazardous for them or you, your corgi will detect it before you reach that destination. Trust in corgis noses; they never make any mistakes when they catch on to something!