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What Is A Fairy Saddle On A Corgi?

What Is A Fairy Saddle On A Corgi?

When you stroke the back of a corgi, you might see a glimpse of an irregular line. If you compare it with the regular color of your corgis’ hair and it turns out that it has a darker color – don’t panic. It’s a fine occurrence that some people even believe is an art of fairies!

It might be odd at first, but if you ask yourself: “What is a fairy saddle on a corgi?” you might get a wild answer to that.

One legend says that fairies used to ride the corgis, with a saddle on their back!

It’s up to you to decide if you will believe that or not. The fact is that this legend gave birth to an idea to craft a fairy saddle for corgis that can be placed on them as a direct joke to that legend.

Do you want to find out how you can get one for your corgi and how to put one on your beloved pet appropriately? Stick around to find out!

Where Did The Term “Fairy Saddle” Came From?

Corgis have a long history behind them. Interestingly, this breed has only two types: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and The Welsh Pembroke Corgi. Their personalities are identical, but they still differ in size and weight, the Cardigan being taller and heavier than the Pembroke.

Most people believe that corgis arrived in the ninth century, alongside Vikings. There is a saying that Vikings used corgis as a reliable source of herding livestock and to protect them when they needed to travel somewhere.

Oddly enough, some books tell us a different tale. One legend says that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was a magical being used by fairies to pull tiny coaches. Not only that, some fairies have ridden corgis as battle dogs, who charged head-first in wars!

This claim is further supported by some people when discussing corgis’ markings over their shoulders. Some of you with a keen eye might’ve seen that corgis have a strange marking between their shoulders, on the back. People refer to these markings as a “fairy saddle.”

When the enchanted fairies needed to go to war with someone, they called their loyal subordinates – the Corgis. Knowing that corgis are courageous animals, we can all agree that they never abandoned their fairies whenever they were summoned to aid their cause.

Fairies couldn’t just hop onto corgis’ back and expect to charge with full force on the enemy lines. They needed to make a gadget or device that can keep them on a corgi when it starts to run fast. There were many failed tries, but one fairy succeeded.

It’s not known which fairy exactly came up with a solution to this problem, but it created a saddle. Nowadays, harnesses are commonly used by equestrians to ride a horse successfully. The saddle used on horses is nearly identical to the saddle that fairies used to ride corgis.

The main difference between these two types of saddles is that a girth fastens horse saddles from the stomach to the back. On the other hand, the harness that fairies made for corgis is secured with a girth that goes from the back to the front of the corgis, where their chest is located.

You know what I’m talking about, the white mark that all corgis have under their muzzle. It’s believed that corgis have white hair on their chest because fairies needed to furiously keep the war corgis at bay when they rushed into battle.

Because of that, the friction from the girth of the fairy saddle caused the hair located there to turn white. Some even believe that the color turned white because corgis needed to pull the fairies’ carriages and carts, which were sometimes heavy.

Whether you believe in this story or not is up to you. One thing is sure – this story gave some people an idea to craft a natural “fairy saddle,” which is attachable to the back of corgis. It looks phenomenal from an esthetic point of view, but how does it affect the corgis when they have to wear one?

Where Can You Buy A Fairy Saddle For Your Corgi?

If you are thinking about mixing your relationship with your corgi a bit but not knowing how to do so, I can recommend something. Try buying a fairy saddle for your corgi! It will be a great addition to your collection of toys that you use to entertain yourself and your corgis.

They are relatively cheap, but it’s not the price that should concern you. Unfortunately, most pet shops don’t have them, as it’s a rare item to obtain. If you have a big mall that offers various objects located somewhere in your town, go and take a look – it won’t hurt to try!

Even if you don’t find it there, I suggest that you start browsing the internet, as there are websites that offer them. The shipping to your country might be expensive, but I guarantee that the saddle will be worth it, as I already have one that I put on my corgi regularly!

How Can You Attach A Fairy Saddle On Your Corgi?

When the saddle arrives, it will be shipped in a large box. Carefully cut the box, and in the cutting process, try not to damage the saddle with your knife. When you take the saddle out of the box, examine if it has all of the necessary parts that come with it.

There will be a manual that will specify which parts are those and how to assemble them to form a usable saddle. Some fairy saddles come already fully build, but those who don’t have the opportunity to get it prebuilt will get the manual on how to put it all together.

When you are done with the saddle, it’s necessary to wash it. Use a sponge soaked in a chemical that refreshes the leather, and start to apply the moisture from the sponge as gently as possible. The saddle might be sturdy, but there is no need to pressure it to the point where you can damage it.

After you wash the saddle thoroughly, let it rest for several days so that the leather can soak in the chemicals. While that is happening, don’t leave it directly exposed to the sun, as the sunlight might damage the leather.

When a whole week passes, you can consider the saddle ready for a test. I’ll describe how the process of putting a fairy saddle on your corgi should look like:

  1. Find your corgi and put a leash around its neck. It’s necessary to do that because your corgi might get too excited when it sees the saddle for the first time. Corgis are gentle dogs, but accidents happen – they can rush to the saddle and damage it somehow.
  2. After you put a leash on your corgi, tell your partner to take the leash and hold the corgi as you go to get the saddle. Present your corgi with a saddle and let it sniff it until it gets enough of it. Corgis need to form a bond of trust with everything, including toys.
  3. Gently start to put the saddle on the back of your corgi and slowly attach the girth, one end to another. Follow the manual on how to do so, as it will have clear instructions on how it’s done!
  4. When you attach the fairy saddle entirely to the back of your corgi, patiently examine the reaction of your corgi. Some corgis won’t be particularly thrilled at first to the feel of the saddle on their back, but they will, with time, get used to it.
  5. If your corgi shows clear signs that it doesn’t like the feeling of the fairy saddle on its back, remove it then immediately. Let the corgi rest for several days and try again with the same procedure that I listed above.

When your corgis accept the saddle completely, you can start to put it on them whenever you feel like doing so. They can wear it inside the house, in the backyard, even when you take them for a walk. Corgis enjoy discovering new stuff, so a saddle will be an excellent toy for them!

If you put a saddle on your corgi and take him like that for a walk, it’s important to remember two things:

  1. Always bring a bottle of water with you to provide your corgi with fresh water. Corgis will often get thirsty if they carry a saddle on them during the hot summer days.
  2. Additionally, I’d recommend bringing a towel with you as well. Take the fairy saddle off the corgi once per hour and whip their back with that towel!


Many great men in the past wrote many legends. Most of them are used as a story to tell and entertain little children before they fall asleep. So, what is a fairy saddle on a corgi? 

Some people that believe that fairies existed accept that fairies used corgis as animals that can be ridden. Legend says that the fairies made a saddle, with which they were capable of taming wild corgis. A mark was left on them by ridding the corgis with those saddles, still present to this day on some corgis.

This legend gave birth to the idea of crafting a real fairy saddle for corgis. If you’re interested in buying one, try surfing the internet – they’re not expensive but can be challenging to track down.

Your corgi will appreciate it if you present them with new toys every day. Buy a fairy saddle and put it on your corgi, it might look odd at first, but it will be funny when you get used to it!