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Can Corgis Stay Outside?

Can Corgis Stay Outside?

Nowadays, most people are located in large cities, leaving them no choice but to choose a flat to live in. Those that wish to share that living space with dogs need to do their best to walk them outside frequently. This is especially the case if they own a corgi or two.

On the other hand, people that live in the countryside can offer their corgis a unique living experience by placing them outside to live. Some of my friends that live in cities asked me: Can corgis stay outside? What happens to corgis when it snows?

Interestingly all dogs, especially corgis, can stay outside, but only after several conditions have been met.

What’re those conditions? Are corgis capable of withstanding the winter colds? When is the right time to put a corgi outside? Can young corgis step out before you vaccinate them? Do you need to build a dog house if you plan on keeping them outside?

Corgis have an easy time adapting to all locations, and living outside is not exempt from that rule. To yourself a favor and learn a thing or two on how to introduce your backyard to your corgis properly!

What’s The Ideal Place For Corgis To Live In?

Although most corgis can be explicitly found in the United Kingdoms, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t scattered throughout the whole world. Corgis occupy every single state in the world, and why wouldn’t they? They’re capable of adapting to every circumstance imaginable!

The Queen of England had a significant role in introducing corgis to the world. It’s a known fact that the Queen possessed, throughout her life, more than 30 different corgis. Every one of them had a unique name that was never passed onto a new corgi inside her castle.

By reading all of this, we can concur that corgis are perfectly capable of living inside a castle. Sometimes I envy those corgis that did, as I never had the opportunity to live in one! I suppose that those corgis had a royal treatment, but what about other corgis?

Whenever someone comes to my office to ask me can corgis live in a small apartment, I do my best to explain to them how it is doable. As of this moment, most people don’t have the opportunity to live in the countryside, as cities are expanding more than ever.

Because of that, people that live in a large city don’t have a choice and can only offer corgis an enclosed space to live in. Corgis don’t particularly mind living in a small area, but I always like to tell my clients that corgis should live in a house with a backyard.

By locking a corgi inside all day long, it will inevitably experience boredom and, in some cases, that can lead them to bottom-line depression. To ensure that that never happens, stay as close as possible to your corgis if you’re living in an apartment with them!

So, what happens to corgis that live outside? Like all domesticated animals, all dog breeds, especially corgis, can stay out, but only after you take care of certain things. Based on my personal experience with corgis, I think that putting them outside is the wisest thing you can do.

All of you living in a house with a large backyard need to learn several things before you allow your corgis to stay outside frequently. What’re those things? Let’s dive in!

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Corgis Need To Grow Up A Bit First!

After you adopt a young corgi and bring it home, I advise that you shouldn’t take it outside for several weeks at least. Dogs need to be vaccinated before they step out of the house, as there are plenty of germs that roam freely outdoors. Corgis aren’t exempt from this rule.

While they’re still young, corgis need to develop a proper immune system that will defend them from the most known germs that exist outside. Allow your corgis to go out only after they’ve been vaccinated and have rested after that procedure.

As soon as they’ve grown up a bit, you can release them to roam freely in the backyard. You need to realize that corgis are inquisitive dogs and will rush outside as soon as you’ve allowed them to do so. Be cautious as corgis can injure themselves if they aren’t careful.

Ensure that there aren’t any sharp objects outside that can harm your corgis. Corgis might be intelligent dogs, but at a young age, they don’t possess enough experience yet to fully take care of themselves when they encounter something new in their life.

Introduce Corgis To Other Animals In Your Backyard Properly

It’s not far-fetched to assume that you will have other animals that occupy some space outside in your backyard. Most of the time, people that live in the countryside have chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, and even horses that live with them.

You need to realize that, in the past, corgis were primarily used as herding dogs, as they had excellent temperament and instinct to look after other animals. Although corgis usually aren’t used for herding today, their instinct will kick in if they encounter some livestock.

To ensure that your corgis don’t run towards your livestock – leash them so that they don’t do something stupid. If you don’t possess one, you can simply head to your local pet shop and buy one. Just remember to take a long leash, as corgis don’t enjoy being on a tight leash!

Keep your eyes on your corgi while you’re taking them outdoors for the first time, as they’ll undoubtedly be anxious to rush outside. Stay close and observe what your corgi will do, as all corgis will have some fun ideas about how to surprise you by doing something stupid!

Most animals will panic if they see a corgi rush towards them, so do your best to prevent that from happening. Make sure that you properly introduce your corgi to other animals that occupy your backyard. Corgis are playful dogs and will want to interact with everything and everyone.

Chickens and sheep don’t enjoy surprises. Do them a favor, keep your corgis leashed for the time being, and don’t release corgis until your other animals begin to trust them. Corgis might be small dogs, but they can seriously harm someone if they intend to do so.

Don’t Allow You Corgis To Enter Your Garden!

People that have farms will undoubtedly have gardens where they’ll grow various crops. Be it fruits and vegetables; farmers need to protect their crops from all types of danger. Sometimes, corgis will think it’s a good idea to sniff around the garden.

In the process of doing so, some corgis might try to taste and eat various fruits and veggies, regardless of how hungry they are. Although corgis can eat most greens, uncontrolled eating can lead them to gain excess fat.

We can all agree that, for corgis, it’s a thin line for them between being fat and obese. Always take care of their diet, as corgis tend to eat more than they should. Scientists don’t have an answer for that kind of behavior, but they suspect that corgis eat all the time to fill themselves up in case of an emergency.

For corgis, being on their feet all day long isn’t strange and distant for them, as they love to play from dusk till dawn. Because of that, corgis tend to eat more than they should. Although we can control their diet, we can’t know if they will try to sneak into our gardens and eat something there.

If you have corgis that live outside, you’ll need to build a fence that’ll separate your corgis from your garden. Before you create one, carefully measure the height of the fence, as corgis will try to jump over the fence if they become hungry.

On top of that, build a fence from sturdy materials, as corgis will try to knock down the fence if they realize that the fence stops them from accessing delicious greens. Don’t get me wrong; corgis mostly enjoy eating meat, but they won’t pass on any other type of food!

Build A Dog House For Your Corgis

If you decide to keep your corgis outside all the time, you’ll need to build them a dog house. Fortunately, corgis are small dogs and don’t need a lot of space when talking about a dog house. It can be small, but it needs to be solid.

Wood is the best choice, as it can withstand all weather conditions effortlessly. If you don’t have the tools or time to build one, you can simply head to your local pet shop and ask the personnel there to offer you one. Tell them that it’s for a corgi, as they might firstly offer you an unnecessarily large one.

Although there’s nothing wrong with having a large dog house for corgis, they won’t be able to warm themselves up properly when winter comes. For those that aren’t familiar with physics, heat cannot be adequately contained if it’s located in a spacious place.

For corgis particularly, they can only count on their body heat to keep them warm when the cold days arrive. Their body heat is meaningless in a large dog house, so make sure that you buy them a small one that can contain that heat!

Unless you’re living somewhere where it never rains, you can expect that it will occasionally rain throughout the year. When those rainy days come, your corgis will need a place to hide from the rain. A dog house is a perfect solution for that!

You can even add some extra cash to buy a dog house with an extended roof that can even cover the entrance hole from getting wet. It can defend any bowls you might put in front of your corgis’ dog house if it protects the entrance hole.

Ensure that you only offer fresh food and water for your corgis, as they can’t tolerate food that’s dirty and water that’s stale. If you leave corgis’ feeding bowls outside and don’t cover them in any shape or form, their food and water will get contaminated if it starts to rain.

Don’t forget to play with your corgis! Just because you’ve put them outside and offered them everything necessary for their wellbeing, it doesn’t mean that you should then completely avoid them.

You need to interact with your corgis every single day, especially if they live outside. Corgis quickly get bored if there isn’t anything interesting happening close to them. Stay close to them at all times and play with them as much as possible!

Can Corgis Stay Outside?

We can all agree that playing with your corgis outside is a joy that all humans should experience at least once in their lives. Be it the streets or the dog park; corgis are capable of adapting to all circumstances. Most people ask can corgis stay outside, but I think that the answer is rather obvious.

If you live in a house with a large backyard, don’t fear and put a corgi outside, as they are perfectly capable of staying outdoors all day long! Before you do that, ensure that you remove all sharp objects that are in your backyard. Corgis can injure themselves if you don’t do that!

Introduce them properly to other animals. Corgis are herding dogs, and you need to teach them to behave appropriately to other animals that live in your backyard. Don’t allow your corgis to roam freely in your garden, as they will eat all of your fruits and veggies.

Build a proper dog house for your corgis so that they can enter it whenever it’s raining or snowing outside. Stay close to them and make sure that they are comfortable outside!