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Do Corgis Pee A Lot?

Do Corgis Pee A Lot?

As soon as summer strikes, all dogs will tend to drink more water to sustain themselves throughout the hot days. Corgis aren’t exempt from this rule, as they’re particularly thirsty dogs that require lots of fresh water. Be considerate and offer them some whenever you can!

But what exactly happens to the water that corgis drink? Regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, people want to know, “Do corgis pee a lot?”. Can you teach your corgis only to pee outside if you live in a flat?

Fortunately for you, if your corgi is healthy, it won’t pee all the time, but you’ll need to provide it a spot where it can pee if you aren’t currently in the house!

How many times should your corgi pee per day? How does the weather affect your corgis’ tendency to pee? Where should your corgis pee if they live in an apartment? Is it a problem if your corgis are peeing only once per day?

We can all agree that corgis are sometimes needy creatures, but some of their needs should always be fulfilled as soon as possible. Learn how to approach your corgis whenever they need to pee so that they don’t hold on more than they should!

Small Introduction To Corgis

At the beginning of the 21st century, the expansion of cities was at a peak that was never seen by any civilization before. Because of this, most people that lived in villages relocated to towns, bringing their whole life with them, alongside their pets.

For those that lived in the United Kingdom, it’s not far-fetched to think that the pets that followed their owners were mainly dogs, particularly corgis. You see, corgis were and still are one of the most popular dogs to have if you’re located somewhere within the borders of England.

We can thank the Queen of England for that, as she popularized corgis with the decision to adopt dozens of them throughout her years of healthy reign. Even though she doesn’t have any corgis currently occupying her castle, the popularity of corgis didn’t decrease.

Regardless of your whereabouts, it’s not that rare to spot a corgi somewhere on the streets. You will rarely see a dog park that doesn’t have a single corgi playing with other dogs. This is especially true if you’re living in a town.

Where Do Corgis Pee If They Live In A Flat?

Although cities have their own set of benefits for humans, animals, on the other hand, don’t particularly fancy living in one. Corgis aren’t exempt from this rule, as they prefer to live in the countryside, where they can breathe fresh air and exercise all day long.

All of this begs the question: do corgis tolerate living in an apartment, and how do they manage with peeing. Fortunately for us, corgis can live even in the smallest of flats, as long as you provide them with all of the necessary stuff for their wellbeing.

Peeing is an inevitable activity for both humans and animals. For us, it’s easy to just go to the toilet and finish the job, but for animals that don’t have this luxury, it can be rather complicated sometimes to find the perfect spot to pee.

As corgi owners, we must teach them exactly where they can pee, especially if you live in a flat with them. As soon as you adopt a corgi pup, it’s necessary to teach it where to go in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in small apartments, there isn’t an ideal place for them to go to.

Because of that, you will need to think about that before you adopt a corgi. Luckily for you, I know a couple of solutions to this problem that might interest you.

Take Corgis Outside Frequently

We can all agree that corgis are needy dogs and that they require lots of affection. Sometimes, when corgis seek attention, they will start to howl or bark at us, hoping that we will notice them and begin to play with them.

Some corgis even try to tell us, through barking, that they need to go to the toilet as soon as possible, as they can’t hold it in any longer. It’s crucial to teach them to inform you whenever they need to pee, as peeing all around your apartment mustn’t happen.

Remember to take your corgis out for a walk twice a day minimum, one walk in the morning and one in the evening. I recommend my clients to take their corgis outside at least three times, as staying inside for several hours straight for corgis is pretty stressful.

As soon as you wake up, do your duty and take your corgi outside so that they can do whatever they need to do. In most cases, corgis will rush to a spot outside, where they usually pee. All dogs, and especially corgis, love to pee in one place only.

By doing so, they’re marking their territory to tell other dogs not to trespass on that area. If you didn’t know, corgis are extremely territorial creatures. That is most evident due to their past, where they were primarily used as herding dogs.

In the early days, farmers in northern Europe used corgis to defend their livestock from various predators. On top of that, corgis were excellent at monitoring all types of animals, such as cows, chickens, sheep, and horses.

As time passed, people slowly began to transform corgis into regular house dogs. If you want to know more about corgis’ history, you can click on the link here!

Every time your corgi pees somewhere outside, it’s necessary to keep an eye on them, as they’ll tend to take a dump soon after. Be a good citizen and take a couple of bags and a single glove with you to pick up their stuff whenever they do their duty!

Your corgi will pee once in the morning and once in the evening. Because of that, you need to take corgis at least twice outside in a single day, though I like to recommend that that should be even more.

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Buy A Diaper For Your Corgis

Most people are working from 9-5 every day. Sometimes, it gets challenging to take care of when and how many times your corgis will need to pee throughout the day. It’s wise to buy some diapers for your corgis to ensure that nothing terrible happens.

You’ve probably seen them in movies, the white paper that people put on the floor somewhere in their apartments. That paper serves a single purpose; to provide a place where your corgis can safely pee and even take a dump if necessary.

Diapers for corgis are great to have if you need to leave them home alone for several hours straight. You can simply buy them in a pet shop near your house. As soon as you get there, ask the personnel to offer you the correct ones for your type of dog.

In this case, when you tell them that you own corgis, they will provide you with diapers that match corgis’ body size. As you all know, corgis belong to small-sized dog breeds; you can expect to get tiny diapers!

Teach Your Corgis To Use The Diapers!

Just because you’ve bought some diapers, it doesn’t mean that your corgis will know how to use them immediately! You need to realize that dogs need to be taught how to behave from a young age. As your dog gets older, it will have a tougher time learning new stuff.

Because of this, as soon as you buy some diapers, you need to take them home and show them to your corgis. We can all agree that corgis are curious dogs – they will immediately start to sniff and inspect what you’re holding in your hand.

Let them thoroughly sniff around the diaper to show them that there isn’t a single thing that should worry them. As soon as your corgis start to trust the diapers, you can unpack them completely.

You’ll need some duct tape to assemble the diaper thoroughly. For the time being, take your corgis to a separate room so that they don’t interfere with your job. Put the diaper in the desired place in your apartment. I recommend putting it close to your terrace.

After you place the diaper on the floor, you’ll need to use the duct tape to firmly place the diaper on the floor, ensuring that it stays there all the time. As soon as you’ve finished with all of that, you can release your corgis out of the room to show them what you’ve done.

Before you buy the diapers for your corgis, speak with the personnel that works in the pet shop to offer you some chemicals that help dogs pee directly on the diaper. Those chemicals are made with ingredients that help corgis pee on the place that smells like that chemical.

After you show the diaper to your corgis, you can put a couple of drops from that bottle on the diaper, and that will force your corgis to sniff those drops thoroughly. Those chemicals aren’t harmful to corgis in any shape or form – on the contrary, it helps them realize to only pee there.

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What About Corgis That Live In A House?

If you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside, you’ll have an easier time adapting to your corgis peeing habits. All houses located in the countryside will have spacious backyards filled with numerous trees and gardens.

Having a backyard is ideal for all corgi owners, as they can simply put them outside, where they can live their whole life. If you want to know more about corgis and how to keep them outside all the time properly, you can click on the link here!

It all comes down to where your corgis can pee and where they can’t pee. If you place them outside, you won’t have to worry about that, as corgis can safely pee anywhere in your backyard, as long as they do that on the grass.

If you notice that your corgis are peeing near your house or on the wall of your house, you’ll need to teach them not to do that. Luckily for you, you can simply use the same method that I’ve mentioned before; just buy the same chemical from your pet shop and spill it somewhere on the grass.

Ensure that your corgis have smelled those places, and they’ll start to pee only there in no time!

Remember that it’s healthy for your corgis to pee at least twice a day. If you notice that some of your corgis aren’t peeing twice per day, it’s wise to consider taking them to your local veterinarian for further inspection. 

If corgis pee only once per day, it might be a sign that something is wrong with them. On the other hand, it’s normal for corgis to pee more than twice per day. It all depends on how much water they’ve drunk.

Do Corgis Pee A Lot? – Final Thoughts

Most people have a difficult time teaching their dogs where and when to pee. Luckily, corgi owners don’t need to worry about that, as all corgis are brilliant dogs. As soon as you adopt a corgi, you’ll need to start teaching them to only pee outside or on a diaper.

If the question do corgis pee a lot still interests you, I can assure you that the answer is simpler than you think.

It turns out that healthy corgis only need to pee twice per day, but if they pee more than that, it shouldn’t concern you, as they’ve probably just drunk more water that day.

On the other hand, if you notice that your corgis are only peeing once per day, you should immediately consult your trusted veterinarian. In most cases, if your corgis are only peeing once per day, it’s a clear sign that your dog is overeating dry food.

Remember to offer your corgis a diverse diet that consists of both dry and raw food so that it can efficiently pee twice or more per day. Offer your corgis a comfortable place where they can relieve themselves by buying diapers from a pet shop. Think about your corgis all the time!