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How To Train A Corgi To Pee Outside?

How To Train A Corgi To Pee Outside?

Getting a new dog is one of the most exciting times of an owner’s life, but it can also be quite challenging. Some have even gone as far as to compare it to becoming parents for the first time! 

One of the biggest challenges in this situation is potty training your new puppy. So, it’s no wonder that you have wondered “How to train a corgi to pee outside?”.

If your puppy hasn’t mastered this just yet, don’t sweat it! Every puppy is different and everyone should go at their own pace. However, it is understandable if you aren’t particularly thrilled about this.

But, worry no more, I’m here to let you in on some of the best tricks to help your new puppy learn how to go potty outside ASAP. Trust me, it’s simpler than you think.

So, if you want to fast-forward this process, grab a pen and a piece of paper to jot down some of the most important tips, and keep reading!

The Basics Of Puppyhood

When we see a puppy, we see a little ball of fur with eyes that could melt the coldest of hearts, and a tail that wags so fast that it might make them fly. And while all of that is true, there are some less adorable aspects of being a puppy owner. This doesn’t make these fluffy creatures less loveable, but it does make our job a bit more complex.

In order to be able to fully enjoy the process of watching your puppy grow up, you need to understand everything that will be going on during it and also master the best ways to deal with everything that comes along. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to make your way through it.

So, what does puppyhood mean for your puppy?

During this time, puppies develop and grow into their personalities, but they also learn the most important things related to their owners, other humans and dogs – love, safety, respect, boundaries, discipline and so on. 

In order for our dogs to become well-adjusted pets, us owners need to do our jobs responsibly. In terms of learning, puppies are like sponges – they absorb everything, and very quickly. So, this time is definitely best for setting the groundwork for all that you want your puppy to be in the future.

Spending quality time with your pup is incredibly important for many reasons. It’s a way of creating unbreakable bonds in the future, ensuring that your puppy feels loved and taken care of, keeping them entertained and so much more.

Now, if you combine that time with training, you’ve got yourself a winning situation. Just like kids, dogs learn best through play. So, if you want the training process to be as quick and seamless as possible, this should be your go to.

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How To Train A Corgi To Pee Outside?

As I’ve said, potty training is one of the most challenging tasks you’ll have as a new dog owner. It’s certainly not a straight line – it can be tedious and at times frustrating. You’ll feel like you’ve just made invaluable progress, and now you’re back to square one.

I know exactly how you feel.  

But, throughout all of this, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not forever. There will come a time when the days of you cleaning your dog’s urine off your living-room floor will be a distant memory. To make things a bit better, corgis are extremely intelligent dogs who have the ability to learn pretty quickly, if they want to

They are strong willed and can be very stubborn, though. Because of this, it’s crucial to be armed with patience and more persistence than them. This might not be an easy task, but it’s necessary, trust me. Luckily, there are some tricks you can try to speed this process up a bit.

Here are some of the best tips that can help you along the way:

Frequent Walks

Puppies are small, and so is their bladder. This means that they cannot store a lot of liquid in it at once.  Furthermore, their muscles haven’t yet fully developed, meaning they are not strong enough to hold their pee in for very long.

So, it’s not their fault for peeing so often – they physically can’t help it. Now that you know the background of such behaviour, you can approach them in a more understanding way and act accordingly.

If you have the time, take your dog outside every hour or so and stay there until they pee.  Once they’ve done it, reward them with a treat. This will help them make the connection between peeing and being outside. In turn, they will start understanding that they should be doing it there, rather than inside the house.

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No Punishments Or Aggression

While there are opposing opinions on what the most effective way for training dogs is, in recent years, most people have been opting for the system of rewards, rather than punishments.

And, while it is good for your puppy to know when they have done something wrong, it is never a good idea for your dog to be scared of you.

Your whole relationship with your dog should be based on respect, not fear.

The old methods of sticking their snout into their feces or urine, hitting them or physically hurting them in other ways have been proven to be highly ineffective and very harmful (aside from being inhumane). This will create a fearful, unhappy dog that will obey you not because they love and want to please you, but because they fear you.

I think we can all agree that this is not a good relationship.

So, forget about all of those outdated ways recommended by the older generation and stick to the more constructive and loving ways, to get the best results.


Corgis are working dogs, so they love intellectual stimulation and feeling useful. This is great, because it means that training (if done right) will be an enjoyable and rewarding process for your doggo.

An important thing to note is that when you’re approaching any kind of dog training, you should arm yourself with lots and lots of treats and even more patience. Dogs are natural people pleasers, and they will want to do anything to make their owner happy.

Knowing this, you have to be mindful of your behaviour during training. Dogs have an excellent ability to sense our emotions and we should use it to our advantage.

Thus, when your dog pees outside, aside from rewarding them with their favourite treat, you should use a very enthusiastic tone of voice and some positive words of encouragement paired with some pets. 

This will signal to your dog that you are extremely pleased with their behaviour and will make them want to do it again, just to make you happy (and to get some delicious treats).

So, positive reinforcement is key!


On the other hand, if your dog keeps peeing inside the house, you should let them know that that is not desirable behaviour. 

However, I can’t stress this enough – do not hit your dog! There are much better ways to get your message across.

A stern voice and words you have chosen as disapproving ones are the number one weapon. Like I’ve said before, dogs are very sensitive to our moods, and they will easily be able to tell when we are not happy with them.

If this doesn’t work though, you can try getting some newspaper and smacking them on the butt with it. This isn’t equivalent to you hitting them and it will not hurt them (try it on yourself if you don’t believe me), but it is a step up from verbal disapproval.

Newspapers make a noise when they collide with something, which is what will mostly do the trick. Your puppy won’t refrain from doing the undesirable action because of the pain, but rather the sound.

Also, this will ensure that you’re not using your hands to punish your dog, which is crucial in preventing them from becoming fearful of you in the future.


Potty training your dog can be a challenge, especially if you have in mind the strong-willed temperament that corgis possess. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be an arduous process.

We’ve gone over some of the best tips that ensure that training is both fun and productive for you and your puppy.

Here is a brief summary of everything you should know on this subject, so you no longer have to wonder “How to train a corgi to pee outside”.

Dogs love making their owners happy, so positive reinforcement is the way to go. This paired with frequent walks to forestall their need to pee inside is a winning combo.

You should also let your puppy know when some of their behaviour is not welcome, but refrain from hitting them and opt for verbal expressions of disapproval.

Now that you know all the necessary tips and tricks to teach your corgi pees outside from now on, I’ll let you get on with trying them yourself! You’ll see the results happening right before your eyes. Enjoy!

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