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Do Corgis Have Big Paws? A Comparative Rundown

Do Corgis Have Big Paws? A Comparative Rundown

Corgis are tiny dogs best known for their bubbly personality and fluffy butts, but as an owner, you need to know more about them.

If you’ve already learned all of the key facts, you must have moved on to those more specific ones such as “Do Corgis have big paws?”. No worries, you’re not the only one.

I’m here to tell you that these little balls of fur have paws that fit their body perfectly, but there is still some information that you might want to find out in relation to Corgis and the size of their paws.

So, keep reading to find out!

Corgi Anatomy

Corgis are a small breed, so all of their organs and body parts were made to fit that frame. Within the American Kennel Club, Corgis are registered as the smallest herding breed. They have short legs and a long torso, a big head, pointy ears and fluff galore. 

The average Corgi height is between 10 and 12 inches at the shoulders. They can weigh between 30 and 38 pounds (male) and 25 and 34 pounds (female).

Their paws are usually around 3¼ inches when they are grown and they are totally proportionate to the rest of their body.

However, as you might know, there are two kinds of Corgis – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and there are some interesting differences between the two:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi vs Cardigan Welsh Corgi – The Differences

Most people differentiate the two kinds of corgis by their tails. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a docked tail that is close to its body, while the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a longer, fox-like tail. While this difference is notable, there are some other things that differ within these two Corgi breeds.

The Pembroke Corgi is generally lighter in weight (males weigh up to 30 pounds), while the Cardigan Corgis are a bit heavier (males – up to 38 pounds).

Their bone structure is also different. Cardigans have round bones, which is responsible for their curvier appearance, while Pembrokes have more oval bones, making their rear end a bit more square-looking.

Another difference between these two Corgi breeds is in their colour. 

The Cardigan Corgi comes in a wider variety of colours, such as brindle, black and white with brindle or tan points, red and sable with white markings, and blue merle. The Pembroke, on the other hand, comes in fewer colours: red, sable and tricolor with white markings.

Corgi Puppy And Its Paws

Just like with any other breed, when Corgis are puppies, their body parts do not grow all at the same speed. Usually, their ears and paws are the fastest growing out of the rest of their body. 

So, don’t be surprised if your Corgi appears to have paddle-paws and ears fit for a grown dog, while still being just a pup. This is nothing to worry about, the rest of their body will catch up.

This is completely normal and actually so cute! Honestly, it was my favourite period of my Corgi’s puppyhood. So, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Corgi Paw Size Compared To Other Dog Breeds

The best way to understand how big your Corgi’s paws might get is to compare them to the paw size of some other well-known dog breeds. In the remainder of this article, I’ll compare Corgi paws to Great Dane, Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Pug and Chihuahua paws.

Corgi Paw vs Great Dane Paw

Great Danes fall into the category of giant dogs, so everything on their body is also giant, including their paws. If you’ve ever seen a Great Dane puppy, you must have noticed their paws being disproportionately big in comparison to the rest of their body. This is because their paws (aside from their ears) are the body part that grows the quickest.

Their paws are pretty large, about 5½ inches (14cm), while Corgi paws are about 3¼ inches (7cm). As you can tell, the difference is quite big, but not surprising. So, if you own a Great Dane, or have a sense of how big they are, now you can compare a Corgi’s paw size to theirs and get an idea of what to expect.

Corgi Paw vs Labrador Retriever Paw

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most famous and loved breeds in the world, which makes them great for drawing comparisons such as this one. Labrador Retrievers belong to the category of medium-sized dogs and their paws are on average 3¾ inches (9.5cm), whereas Corgi paws are 3¼ inches (7cm).

As you can see, this difference isn’t as big as the difference with the Great Dane. This is because their size categories are right next to each other and even though it might not seem that way visually, they are not that far apart in size.

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Corgi Paw vs Beagle Paw

Corgis and Beagles actually belong to the same size category, although we may not see it that way. The reason Corgis seem bigger than Beagles is because of their double coat (they have a thinner layer of fur underneath their primary fur layer).

Beagles have short and thick hair, making them a lot less fluffy than Corgis and thus seeming smaller. Both Beagles and Corgis have the average paw size of 3¼ inches (7cm), but bear in mind that they also probably seem bigger on corgis because of the fur.

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Corgi Paw vs Pug Paw

Pugs are a widely beloved dog breed for so many reasons, but mainly because of how much personality fits into such a small body. They are slightly smaller in size than Corgis. Their paw averages at the size of 2¼ inches (5.2cm) in comparison to Corgi’s 3¼ inches (7cm). Again, the difference is not huge, but they certainly seem quite smaller because of the short fur that Pugs have.

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Corgi Paw vs Chihuahua Paw

Chihuahuas are much smaller than Corgis, and not just because of the lack of luscious fur. They are an itty bitty dog breed so their paws match that. The average size of a Chihuahua paw is 1½ inches (3.8cm) and the Corgi paw is about 3¼ inches (7cm).

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Do Corgis Have Big Paws? The Summary

We’ve gone over some of the most interesting facts about Corgi paw size and how they compare to those of other breeds. Corgis are small to medium dogs with loads of fur to make up for their size. They have a pretty specific body with short legs and a long body, so their paws need to be just the right size to provide them with stability. 

Because of this, it’s completely understandable that you have wondered “Do Corgis Have Big Paws”.  So, here is a rundown of everything that you need to know on this topic.

Your Corgi’s paws might grow quicker then the rest of its body while it’s a puppy, but worry not, it will all even out eventually. Adult Corgis have an average paw size of 3¼ inches, which is about 7cm. It is similar to the paw size of Beagles and Border Collies.

Their paws are significantly smaller than Great Danes, for example. That difference is not as big when it comes to, say, Labrador Retrievers. Even though they are considered to be quite a bit larger than Corgis, they are actually just one category larger.

Pugs are a size category down from Corgis and so are their paws. When it comes to the smallest size category, Chihuahuas have significantly smaller paws than Corgis.

Another important thing to factor in when comparing paw sizes between breeds is how furry the dog is. Corgis have a double coat which makes their paws appear much bigger than some other dogs of the same size that don’t have as much fur.

Now that you have a size comparison to other well-known dog breeds and have other relevant information, you can easily imagine how big your Corgi’s paws might get when it grows up. 

So, my recommendation is to go ahead and enjoy your puppy’s paddle-paw stage (if they are still in it) and not worry too much about it.