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Do Corgis And Beagles Get Along?

Do Corgis And Beagles Get Along?

It’s interesting how both of these breeds have gained popularity at the same time and for the same reasons. Both corgis and beagles have been popularised through intensive posting on social media by their owners, so those funny clips lead to their immense popularity in recent years.

Naturally, the question of corgis and beagles coexisting is of big importance to people who want to have both dogs. So, do corgis and beagles get along?

They absolutely can be very well socialized and get along just fine, but you need to remember that every dog and dog owner is different, so there might be some exceptions to this.

If you’re interested in finding out how to make sure a corgi and a beagle get along and to learn some tips & tricks about these breeds, stay tuned!

Corgis And Beagles – Same But Different

These dogs not only look similar but act similarly as well. This is due to their working nature and hard-working habits that are seeded deeply into their DNA.

Corgis are a hearing breed and are extremely energetic. The mentality that arises from this is a protective one. If they consider someone a family member, they’ll protect it with their life. This goes for other dogs as well as for humans.

Needless to say, if that other dog is a beagle, there might be some problems with hierarchy. Beagles are hunting dogs and their experience on the field is unmatched by any dog similar in size. This makes them fantastic leaders and working dogs in almost any situation.

One more thing these two dog breeds have in common is that they both have a strong character and need a lot of work and training to get them into a routine that’ll make them productive instead of destructive.

What this means exactly is that you need to train your dog and teach it obedience from day one. By doing this you prevent them from developing their own set of rules that they’ll then enforce upon you and other dogs in their surroundings.

This is common for corgis as well as for beagles because they’re used to taking initiative instead of humans.

There are a few scenarios you might run into with this particular problem, so let’s get over them individually:

If You Have A Corgi And Want To Get A Beagle

This is probably the most problematic scenario of them all because corgis are quite territorial and might feel threatened by another dog in the household – even if it’s a pup.

To avoid this I recommend regular socialization with other dogs and puppies in the areas that your corgi might consider theirs from the early days, just so it can get used to other dogs and their scent on those territories.

This will solve this case almost always because corgis are prone to routine and will adapt very quickly. So, If you plan on bringing in a beagle puppy, give your corgi time to adapt to the new situation.

If You Have A Beagle And Want To Get A Corgi

Beagles are extremely territorial as well but are likely to be passive until a new dog starts to threaten its established territory.

Avoiding this is really easy, just make sure that when your corgi pup enters your home, you have a floor diaper or a spot in your backyard for your corgi pup to do its business there without making the beagle feel endangered.

Another thing to keep in mind when talking about this scenario is that the small corgi will maybe try to assert dominance over the bigger and older beagle. In that case, you’ll be expected to react since you pose an authority to both of these dogs.

If you, as an owner, sanction the smaller corgi that’s starting to assert dominance it’ll learn that the beagle was there first and that it shouldn’t do that.

If You’re Getting Both Corgi And Beagle Puppies

This is maybe the optimal situation for a dog owner that’s thinking about having both of these breeds at the same time. I say this for a few reasons, the most important ones are:

  • Easier to get used to one another – they won’t be hostile later on
  • Growing up together – the same upbringing means same manners
  • Same rules – if both dogs live under the same rules, they are less likely to break them

So, if you’re thinking about getting both of these breeds, I’d highly recommend getting them at the same time or if that’s not possible, with the least pause between them possible.

Now, some people might be petrified before the thought of getting two dogs at the same time, but trust me it’s much easier doing it this way than getting them to like each other further down the line.

Another thing that’s fantastic about this scenario is that you cut your time with an untrained puppy by half. You’ll have sleepless nights or potty training only once because both dogs will learn new things at the same time.

Males VS Females

People who are new to dogs or even to these two breeds can miss the fact that a big chunk of a dog’s personality comes from their gender.

Needless to say, there are situations where males are more aggressive than females and vice versa. One special situation where females exceed the aggressiveness of the males (regardless of the breed) is in heat season.

Females ought to be very defensive in these periods, so pay extra attention to them when this is happening. Especially if you have a male and a female (again, regardless of whether the female is a corgi, or a beagle).

These kinds of situations are common when the female is in heat and the male tries to “get it on”. In most cases females won’t like that, so keep your male on a short leash during female’s heat.

A female corgi might be a bit more aggressive in comparison to beagle females in pregnancy as well, and that comes from its herding mentality.

They sense that they’re gonna have puppies, and their motherly instinct kicks in halfway throughout pregnancy. Keep an eye on your female corgi that’s pregnant, because there might be some fights, even in the dog parks!

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Dog Parks & Public Places

When talking about these places, you need to be extra careful. If you have a corgi and run into a beagle, be friendly but careful.

You should learn how to read a dog’s body language so you can decide if a dog is friendly or not. This might save you some unpleasant situations in dog parks as you can easily dodge some aggressive males or females.

All in all, if you run into a beagle while with your corgi you’ll probably be more than fine. The worst thing that might happen is that they’ll show no interest in one another.

Both of these dogs are quite energetic, so expect a running session that’ll leave your dog exhausted – but with a new friend.

On the other hand, if you have a beagle and run into a corgi, I advise you to ask their owner are they friendly or not.

Corgis tend to see the dog park that they go to often as their terrain, so if your beagle is new to that park, be on the lookout for some tensions potentially rising.

By the way, I think it goes without saying that you should pay attention to the owner of a potentially hostile dog.

It’s widely known that the majority of dogs can be judged just by the behavior of their owners. This can be a good indicator if you and your pet should get out of there because if you see a beagle with an owner who doesn’t pay attention to its dog, it means something potentially bad.

Do Corgis And Beagles Get Along? – To Sum Up

Both of these breeds are a fantastic addition to your household. If you’re considering getting them both, just have in mind the age difference, and be patient.

If you, on the other hand, own a corgi and notice there are a lot of beagles in your dog’s favorite park, just keep one eye on your dog, and the other on the other dog’s owners.

To say the least, I recommend both of these breeds separately or together explicitly to people who know what they’re doing with dogs and are experienced with socializing and disciplining your pet.

Regardless of what your situation is, I hope you found this article helpful in one way or the other, and I wish you all the luck with both corgis and beagles!

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