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What Are Corgis Related To?

What Are Corgis Related To?

Corgis are one of the most beautiful companions for all humans. They tolerate all of our bad habits and always stay as close as possible to us, regardless of how we treat them. So, just to be clear, always make sure that your corgi is loved if you want to have a loyal friend beside you!

Most people don’t realize what makes corgis so unique, as only a few dogs can match their calm personality and friendly character. However, if you ask yourself, “What are corgis related to?” you might start to understand why they’re so distinctive.

It turns out that all corgis share several different relatives, of which the wolves are the most important ones. What makes wolves their most important relative? What are the other relatives that corgis have? Why is it essential to know how they’re all related? Do corgis and wolves act the same when they’re expecting to have babies?

You need to understand several important things before adopting a corgi, and all of them are closely related to the corgis’ origin. If you plan on having a corgi in your life sometime soon, you need to dedicate yourself fully to this text. Save it for later, or start scrolling immediately!

Are There Other Dogs That Relate To Corgis?

As you probably know by now, if you want to understand something in this world, you need to check its origin thoroughly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a living being or an inanimate object; to acknowledge its existence correctly, you need to learn more about its roots.

That is especially the case when you are trying to figure out something about dogs. Most of them have a relatively known past, but you will find out an incredible amount of different stories if you look deeper into the corgis’ origin.

Starting from the late eighth century, some people believe that the Vikings were the first men that used corgis in their daily lives. As an excellent guard dog, corgis were used to protect and keep the livestock of the Vikings in place whenever they needed to travel somewhere.

Some books tell us a different tale; apparently, corgis were used even before the Vikings began to exist. Oddly enough, corgis were used by fairies. They rode corgis to battle, using them as war dogs. It’s up to you if you want to believe this story or not; I sure know I do!

Regardless of those two stories, it’s undeniable that corgis were recognized in the 20th century by the American Kennel Club. Even though there are two different types of corgis (the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi), the AKC believed that they were the same!

Several years after that decision, it was overwritten, and corgis were recognized as two different types of dogs. To this day, people did their best to train them and turn them from herding dogs to regular house dogs.

If I may say so myself, the people who pioneered in that training process did a phenomenal job, as even I have several corgis laying around all over my house. I must admit that the Queen of England gave me an idea to buy them, as I used to look up to her and her decision to adopt over 30 corgis.

Luckily enough, I was never disappointed in that decision, as all of my corgis do their best to entertain me, and they keep my family safe from everyone! However, whenever I thought about what gives corgis the strength and ability to do their jobs effortlessly, I hit the wall repeatedly.

Despite all odds, one day, one of my colleagues mentioned to me that corgis are related to several different dogs, and that gave me an idea. After further research, the mystery started to unveil its secrets, and I understood my corgis better.

Listen carefully; all dogs, especially corgis, are referred to by people as pure-blood animals. As it turns out, that way of thinking is incorrect, as all dog breeds are descended from a specific animal and came to existence after mixing it with several other types of dogs.

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Are Corgis Related To Wolves?

To understand how corgis think, you need to ask yourself are corgis related to wolves. I guess the answer is pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyway; corgis are related to wolves, and that gene plays an essential part in their lives.

If you sit down and think about it more, corgis share several similarities with their predecessors. First, before a female corgi decides to carry babies, she needs to be heavily impressed by a strong male corgi.

In the world of wolves, a similar kind of behavior is found, as all female wolves seek the alpha male of their group and wait for them to breed with them. As soon as the female wolf becomes pregnant, her true instincts will start to kick in, and she will protect herself at all costs.

Like with wolves, before a corgi gives birth to puppies, the mother will try to find out the best place for doing that to ensure that her babies will remain safe. It’s a difficult task for them if you live with several other dogs – make sure that you help her out when the time comes!

As soon as the corgi dame is done with giving birth, all of her existence will be focused on protecting and nurturing the babies until they grow up. The same stuff happens when you observe female wolves, and it’s believed that they’re responsible for that kind of behavior in corgis.

On top of this, although most corgis enjoy spending their days alone – they will never pass on the opportunity to play with other dogs, regardless of their age and size. All corgis are sociable creatures and will always stay close to other dogs that live in the same household as they do.

You are probably aware of this, but wolves only move in packs made of several male and female wolves and one alpha male that leads the group. The same kind of behavior is regularly manifested in corgis, as they will try their best to ally with other dogs.

Are Corgis Related To German Shepherds?

There’s rarely a day in my life as a veterinarian that passes without people asking me are corgis related to german shepherds. There are no concrete proofs that german shepherds are a close relative to corgis, but the fact that german shepherds are a direct descendent of wolves might tell us something.

The main difference between corgis and german shepherds is that corgis are primarily herding dogs, and german shepherds are guard dogs. Although the two groups are closely related, several different things make them unique.

Take a closer look:

  • The main job of a herding dog is to protect livestock from any intruders that might trespass the property where the livestock is located. In most cases, the protected animals are cows, sheep, chickens, horses, and goats.
  • On the other hand, guard dogs have a similar job that involves protecting primarily human beings. They’re trained to behave extremely aggressively towards any intruders but never attack the resident people of the house.
  • Corgis can only, in theory, protect their owners, but never to the extent of what german shepherds are capable of achieving when dealing with humans. The same can be said when talking about the protection of livestock, as corgis there completely outshine the performance of german shepherds.

Both breeds are excellent companions for all humans, regardless of their age and experience. All corgis will stay as close as possible to their owners just as much as german shepherds will do to theirs. Give them a little love, and they will return the same amount or more!

If you love to live in a place that produces lots of different noises throughout both day and night, then one of these two dogs might be a perfect companion for you. Both corgis and german shepherds love to bark all day long and will never miss the opportunity to tell you something.

Some people treat them as the same type of dog, as both corgis and german shepherds have similar personalities. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones and will make sure to protect them with their lives if necessary.

Are Corgis Related To Huskies?

Oddly enough, if you ask me are corgis related to huskies, the chances are that the answer will shock you entirely. As it turns out, both corgis and huskies are from the same family of Spitz dogs. All of them have a unique muzzle, thick fur, and pointed ears.

It’s evident why they have thick fur, as most Spitz dogs originate from the Arctic region of Siberia. We can only imagine how cold it was for them and what would happen if they couldn’t grow long and thick fur.

With their pointed ears and noses that allow them to sniff out even the faintest of scents, both corgis and huskies are phenomenal for pinpointing the location of various stuff. The strong sense of smell played a vital role in the success of corgis as herding dogs.

Contrary to the corgis and their well-known abilities to herd livestock, huskies were primarily used as sled dogs meant for pulling a land vehicle. You’re probably aware of this, as many movies on huskies emphasize their abilities to pull heavy luggage in the snow.

Are Corgis Related To Collies?

Are corgis related to collies? Let’s keep this as simple as possible; the answer is no. As it turns out, even though both corgis and collies were primarily herding dogs, there are no similarities that bind them together.

Are Corgis Related To Dachshunds?

What about these two types of dogs? Are corgis related to dachshunds? Believe it or not, these two breeds have many similarities, despite them looking different from one another. Both species suffered from extensive mixing with other dog types to make them as small as possible.

People wanted to have a dog in their house with a serious personality but with a small body. Consequently, they made a dog that suffers from dwarfism. Both corgis and dachshunds shared the same fate, as apparently, both corgis and dachshunds share the same ancestor.

What Are Corgis Related To? – Closure

We can all agree that corgis are an essential part of our lives, as they’re responsible for giving us the strength to wake up in the morning and do our best throughout the day. By asking yourself what are corgis related to, you will be a step closer to understanding your corgis fully.

Many different stories make the history of corgis colorful, but most of them are myths or legends. If we want to remain in the realm of consciousness, we need first to point out that corgis’ most important relatives are the wolves.

As it turns out, wolves are mainly responsible for giving corgis the ability to furiously guard their babies and the tendency to stay as close as possible with other dogs. Most corgis love to think that they’re the pack’s alpha, and you shouldn’t allow that if you are alone with them.

Several other dogs are closely related to corgis, like german shepherds, huskies, and dachshunds. Most of them have different personalities, but they all share one common thing: if you care about them, they will return the favor, especially corgis!

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