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Are Corgis Expensive To Maintain?

Are Corgis Expensive To Maintain?

Corgis became so popular in the past few years, having a Corgi is all the rage. The reason behind that is that Corgis are so playful and they have a great sense of humor!

Having a Corgi can brighten every household, but there are some things to sort out first. Like, are Corgis expensive to maintain? Are they expensive to buy from the breeder?

How much does it cost to take your pup to the grooming salon? Veterinarian’s office?

Is caring for your Corgi something rather pricey or is it affordable? Continue reading to find out all about the price of having a Corgi!

Are Corgis Expensive To Maintain?

Well, let’s start by answering this question. Yes, Corgis can cost a lot of money to maintain. 

The first and the most important reason why is the price tag they come with. Corgis can cost over $2,000 in certain areas of the US. Of course, there are some more affordable pups, but we will discuss that further in the article.

Generally, maintaining a Corgi can cost you a lot of money annually. There are a few reasons why the Corgi can cost a lot of money.

Some Corgis are expensive because of their vet bills, some cost a lot of money to be bought from a reputable breeder. All in all, pretty much every Corgi is expensive to maintain.

One of the main reasons why Corgis cost a lot of money is their popularity. Corgis became very popular in the past few years, partially thanks to heavy featuring of videos of Corgis playing.

Corgi’s energy and playfulness made them very popular and suddenly, everyone wanted a Corgi for themselves. Also, Queen Elizabeth II loves Corgis and has had over 30 Corgi puppies in her lifetime. Ever since she started her rule, the Corgis became more popular as a pet choice.

Since the standards are very high for the Corgi to be considered purebred, the best litters cost an arm and a leg. So, keep in mind that the initial cost of purchasing a Corgi isn’t where the bills stop coming. Maintaining a Corgi can cost a lot of money, and Corgis tend to live rather long – up to 16 years

If a person cannot afford the best care for their Corgi, it may be best to look up some breeds that cost less to maintain. Corgis need extra care, and that care can put you out thousands of dollars annually. 

Why Do Corgi Puppies Cost So Much?

Besides the popularity, there are a few other reasons why the Corgi puppies cost a lot of money. Purebred pups come from champion parents, and maintaining those champion parents costs a lot of money, too.

For a pup to be considered a purebred, they have to fulfill the extensive standards set by kennel clubs. If the pup doesn’t fulfill those standards, AKC or UKC (the largest kennel clubs in the US) may refuse to sign the certificates about heritage. AKC registrations can cost around $100 for each puppy, so that justifies the price, as well.

Also, the breeders make sure that the puppies have had all their vaccinations and they paid out of pocket for all of them. Every puppy has had frequent vet checks to make sure that he is growing properly, and the puppy should come with a health guarantee.

Breeders have extensive knowledge about Corgi care, and they take proper care of each puppy. Besides that, every reputable breeder has to check out the family where the puppy is going. If they truly care about their puppies, they will make sure that their Corgi is going to a good home. 

Plus, the breeder has to include other costs in the price like – food, medications, and so on. All those things make the Corgis rather expensive.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot purchase a Corgi for cheap. Some breeders will sell Corgis for a fraction of a price compared to other breeders. The reason behind that is that they are selling Corgis without heritage certificates. So, is that a good idea?

What Is The Difference Between A Corgi With And A Corgi Without Certificates?

Well, there are a few reasons why you should always opt for a Corgi with heritage certificates. They cost twice, three, and even five times more than a Corgi without certificates.

Heritage certificates are a guarantee that your Corgi is free of any genetic diseases. In case some of you didn’t know, since Corgis are an old dog breed, they can carry genetic diseases.

Respectable breeders cross only Corgis that will make better puppies. Every good breeder will aim to make the breed healthier and stronger, rather than the opposite.

So, the cheaper Corgi puppy you buy can end up costing you a lot more money than expected. Corgis without heritage certificates and health guarantees are more likely to have various genetic diseases

Those diseases are not curable, and controlling the symptoms of those diseases can cost over $4,000 annually. What’s worse, your pet will still require general vet checks and other things. So, keep in mind that saving some money initially can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Finding a respectable breeder will make sure that your Corgi doesn’t have a genetic disease. Treatments cost a lot, but the emotional toll of seeing your pup struggle and pass away years too early is even worse.

How Much Do Vet Bills Cost For Corgis?

To start – Corgis can rack up vet bills as much as any other dog. Of course, once you buy the dog from a breeder, it’s expected that your dog will have his first shots, but you will have to continue to vaccinate him.

As your Corgi grows up, you will have to take him for booster shots, which can cost anywhere from $10 and $100. For regular shots, a visit to the vet will cost between $30 and $150.

Extra tip: To save up on vet bills, you can take your pup to the shelter to get shots. Shelters are inexpensive and they might not even bill you – so it’s a great way to save up!

Those are the basic expenses regarding Corgi care. However, Corgis will have to be examined by the doctor more often than that. A visit to the vet is around $100, but we strongly recommend that you get your Corgi health insurance.

Even the most basic coverage plans will cover the medications and the doctor’s visits. It’s always cheaper in the long run, rather than paying out of pocket every time.

Also, if you opt for a Corgi puppy without health guarantees, you could be taking a high risk onto yourself. Non-purebred Corgis can have various genetic diseases. Those diseases are expensive to control, and they can cost a lot of money annually. 

Corgis are prone to getting degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and Von Willebrand’s disease. All of these diseases aren’t curable, but you can treat symptoms to make it easier for your pup.

What is unfortunate is that all those treatments can cost a lot, and it can put you out $7,000 annually. All of these diseases are inherited from the Corgi’s ancestors. So, it’s important to discuss the potential health risks with the breeder.

A reputable breeder will disclose any pertinent information about the pet’s ancestors. Some screening tests may show if your pup is prone to developing any of these diseases, but not all of them.

Moreover, Corgis are prone to spinal issues, autoimmune diseases, some types of cancer, and arthritis. The best way to protect yourself from high veterinarian bills is to get insurance before any symptoms occur. 

We already discussed how dangerous it can be to buy a Corgi without the health guarantee. If the breeder isn’t open to discussion about the possible health risks, consider that a bad sign. They may be trying to hide that the pup is prone to genetic diseases. 

How Much Do Regular Things Cost For A Corgi?

By regular things, we mean food, food supplements, toys, bed, and so on. For all dogs, there is a saying ‘if you don’t save on food for your puppy, you will save on vet bills when he’s older’.

That saying couldn’t be more true! If you pick a good quality food for your Corgi, it will provide your pup with all the necessary nutrients he needs. He will grow up to be healthy and strong, so you should spare no expenses when it comes to the quality of food.

Good quality food will cost around $30 on average (per month). Fortunately, Corgi is a rather small dog, so he cannot eat too much anyways. Buying in bulk is a good idea to save a few bucks on meals. When it comes to supplements, they can cost a lot – up to $50 a month.

However, you shouldn’t give your pup any supplements without a consultation with the vet beforehand. If your vet determines that the Corgi will benefit from some supplements, only then should you buy some. 

As for other regular things, like toys and beds, you should try to buy quality things. Even if those are more expensive initially, they will cost less over time because you won’t be forced to replace them as often.

Corgis are very energetic and playful, so they will inevitably ruin every bed they have. However, if you invest more money in it, it will last longer. The same story is with toys – since they will chew every toy out there, but higher quality toys will be more durable.

Also, Corgis need interactive toys and entertainment because they are very intelligent. Corgis require to be intellectually stimulated, and those toys can cost a few hundred dollars annually.

A good leash and collar generally don’t cost a lot of money, even expensive brands. It’s best to pick a leash with accessories if you take your pup on walks in the woods or the city. They may cost around $20-$30, but they can last the Corgi’s lifetime.

If you take your Corgi traveling often, you will need a transporter, as well. The transporter doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it should last you a good while. Make sure to buy one large enough for your Corgi. 

If it’s too small once he grows up, your Corgi may feel very anxious inside and he may refuse to get in. Also, your pup may bark endlessly while in a transporter, so keep that in mind when picking out a size. If he’s still a puppy, you may need to size up when he grows up!

How Much Does Grooming Cost For Corgis?

Thankfully, Corgis don’t cost a lot grooming-wise. Like most small dogs, they are easy to groom and maintain. 

The Corgis have a double fur coat, which is virtually waterproof. Their fur doesn’t catch mud or dirt, so they don’t even require to be bathed often. You should never wash your Corgi too often – it can dry out his fur, so once every month or two is more than plenty.

However, there are some other problems with Corgi’s fur. Corgis shed all the time, and during shedding season it only becomes even worse. Corgis usually shed once or twice a year, and it can easily become unbearable in the shedding weeks.

You will need to invest in some quality grooming tools like brushes to control the shedding at least a little bit. Bathing your Corgi during shedding season can help control the shedding too, so you will need to invest in a good shampoo.

A good brush doesn’t too much, around $20 at best. You should try to brush your Corgi every day because it can help keep shedding in check. Do keep in mind that Corgis 

Corgis have delicate skin, and as we already mentioned, they shouldn’t be washed too often. So, even if you buy a shampoo that costs a lot of money, luckily, it will last you well over a year – since Corgis shouldn’t be bathed over 10 times annually.

Constant shedding can make your entire home covered in fur, even when your pup isn’t in shedding season. Regular vacuums can clog and break when vacuuming endless hairs sound your home. If that does happen, you should buy a special vacuum that will help you keep your home clean.

Visits to the professional groomer aren’t required, but you can take your Corgi a few times a year. Professional groomers can cost anywhere from $30 to $150, but it depends on the area where you live.

On the other hand, Corgis aren’t difficult to groom yourself. Some breeds, like the Pomeranian Spitz, require frequent grooming and special care. If you invest in a good pair of grooming scissors, you can groom your Corgi yourself. A pair of grooming scissors can save you some money in the long run!

What About Professional Trainers?

If the Corgi is your first dog, it may be difficult to train him properly. Corgis are highly specific when it comes to training because they can be very stubborn and independent.

Moreover, Corgis can bark endlessly if they hear something conspicuous. That can be annoying for family members as well as neighbors. Helping your Corgi kick the habit of barking at virtually everything can be close to impossible.

That’s where professional trainers come in, and their methods are usually highly successful. On the other hand, keep in mind that professional trainers can cost over $100 per appointment.

Interview the trainer before you hire them to see if they have any experience with Corgis. If they do not, they may not be able to help you out with your disobedient pup and all that money could be spent in vain!

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To conclude, Corgis can be very expensive to maintain. These pups require loads of attention and loads of money for their care.

Keeping in mind the price of the puppy, the vet bills, and the grooming – it can sum up to be a significant amount of money. Consider all the costs before you finally decide on a Corgi puppy.

Of course, it’s not all about Corgis being a money pit. They are so loving, and they can bring such joy to any household they enter, so in the end – it pays off!