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How To Bathe A Corgi? How Often Do Corgis Need Baths?

How To Bathe A Corgi? How Often Do Corgis Need Baths?

Bath time can be so fun for some dogs – but for some, it’s the worst nightmare there is! The problem is, what if your dog hates bath time and what can you do to change that?

Corgis are a specific dog breed – so bathing them can be tricky, especially if this is your first pet. So, what should you know about Corgis bathing? How to make bath time a piece of cake?

To find out all about Corgis bathing like how often should you bathe your Corgi, continue reading the article! We’ll cover all the topics you need to know about your new Corgi puppy!

Corgis Bathing: Bath Time Done Right

Firstly, Corgis aren’t very high-maintenance but they do shed a lot during shedding season. So, bathing your pet when he’s shedding can help remove most of the excess hair.

Bathing will help loosen the hairs that are meant to fall out anyway. So, when you notice that your pup is shedding you should draw a bath as soon as possible. 

You should try to do it during each shedding season and you will see that your dog isn’t leaving so much hair around the entire apartment. Shedding season means that hair gets virtually anywhere.

Cleaning hair off furniture is usually very difficult and time-demanding. Some tools can help you clean – like silicone brushes, but it’s still best to try and to avoid the whole situation if it’s possible.

If you were wondering if the Corgi even needs to be bathed – that he does. Not too often – like many other breeds, but your Corgi needs to be cleaned from time to time.

There are a few things you should know about bath time – and we will cover all of that in the next section.  Moreover, bath time can be super stressful, especially with a new pup. Puppies need to adjust to bath time and that can result in some barking and even biting.

That is, if not done right. So, we’re here to talk about the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to bathing Corgis. Let’s get to it!

How To Bathe A Corgi?

There is no one-size-fits-all bathing for Corgis that work for every puppy out there. However, some basics apply to every Corgi, so we will talk about those things a bit more.

So, the first thing you should do is draw a bath, using lukewarm to warm water. Don’t worry if the water seems a little too cold for you – your Corgi won’t mind.

Corgi’s fur is rather thick and their breed can withstand colder temperatures better than humans can, for example. When the tub is filled, take your puppy and place him gently in the tub.

Let his paws touch the water first and let your pet adjust to his new surroundings slowly. First, rinse him and let him soak in water. If you see that he is reacting negatively, use your hands to keep him in place.

The first few times may be rather challenging, so keep encouraging your pet and give him treats to relax him. When you see him relaxing, use a little shampoo to lather.

Start spot cleaning – one body part at a time, until you lather your whole pup. Work some shampoo into every area that tends to get filthy – belly, legs and paws, neck, ears, feet, and rear.

After you finish lathering each section, you rinse that part of the body and then move on to the next. When you work through each section, you can do a final rinse.

Use a towel to wrap your corgi in like a burrito. If it’s cold out, you can use a hairdryer to dry the do’s fur coat. If it’s rather warm, there is no need to use the hairdryer at all. That’s all there is!

How Often Do Corgis Need Baths?

Well, how often you should bathe your Corgi mostly depends on some external factors. Moreover, the best rule of thumb is washing your pet somewhere between once a month and once every two months.

Corgis have very thick fur – a double coat, which consists of a shorter, softer fur, and longer, coarser hair. The shorter fur is virtually waterproof and it repels rain and dirt.

Due to this special fur coat, Corgis usually don’t get dirty. Even if you take your Corgi out for a walk during rain, it’s still not likely that your pooch will get filthy.

Of course, it can happen and you should wash your Corgi as soon as he gets his paws onto some mud. We all know how playful Corgis are – if you let them into the house like that, they will make a mess in a matter of seconds.

The other reason why you would wash your Corgi more often than that is during shedding season. A warm soak with shampoo will help remove excess hair and result in a cleaner home. Since the Corgi sheds once or twice a year, this works according to the rule that you shouldn’t wash your pet too often.

Other than those moments, you should wash your Corgi no more than once a month. Corgis are generally very clean and their fur is always shiny – so there is no need to overdo it.

If you cannot remember when was the last time that your Corgi got a bath – don’t worry about it too much. If you notice that your Corgi has a pungent smell or that their fur seems matte – only then you should start the bath.

If you prolong the period between two baths by a week or two, it’s not too bad. The problem is if you wash your Corgi too often, not too rarely.

Washing your Corgi too often can damage and dry out their fur. So, avoid washing your pup too often – it’s simply no good for the quality of their fur.

Some shampoos are too harsh for your pet’s skin and fur, and therefore, could cause damage. If you notice that the fur seems matte and that it gets knots – it could be a sign that your Corgi is bathed way too often.

If his paws are dirty, just clean the paws in the bath and dry them off. There is no need to wash your entire pet. There are some moist wipes specially designed for spot cleaning your pet!

Try to clean each dirty spot on your dog’s fur as soon as it occurs. That will keep the period in between baths longer and maintain your pet’s fur coat shiny.

Do Corgis Smell After A While?

Some dogs have a certain smell even when they are clean. Corgis aren’t like that – they don’t have a typical smell when they are clean. 

However, when your Corgi didn’t have a bath for a while he will start to smell. Your Corgi does need proper grooming and bathing to smell fresh

If you bathe your Corgi about once a month to every two months – your Corgi should never smell, in theory. On the other hand, if your Corgi still smells even if you bathe him regularly – it could be a grooming issue.

The issue could be how often you groom your dog or the grooming techniques you use. If you believe that that isn’t the issue – you could try switching up the shampoo you use to bathe your dog. You could pick one with deodorizing agents to make your pet smell better!

What Is There To Know About Spot Cleaning?

Spot cleaning is excellent when you just bathed your Corgi a few days ago, and he decided to roll in the mud today. You know that washing your Corgi too often is no good for them – but luckily, this is where spot cleaning comes in.

When doing a spot clean on your Corgi, you don’t need to use the regular, usually expensive shampoo. There is no need to use it as the shampoo is used in a small spot – so, you’re safe using some generic brand, cheap shampoo.

Spot cleaning is generally a great idea if you and your Corgi lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time in nature. In the woods, your Corgi is more likely to find dirt and mud.

Every good pet owner knows that bathing your Corgi too often is going to dry out their skin and matte their fur. For these situations, you can resort to spot cleaning.

Spot cleaning is ideal after a day spent hiking and playing in nature. After that, your Corgi likely has dirty paws and even his back from running through bushes. 

For spot cleaning on the go, you don’t even have to use special shampoo – you can take some baby shampoo, too, since it has a gentle formula. Just make sure that you rinse it out well because leftover shampoo can cause irritations on the Corgi’s skin. All in all, spot cleaning is a great way to avoid full baths!

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What Is The Best Shampoo For My Corgi?

The market offers so many different shampoos for dogs. There are even some shampoos that are specifically formulated to wash the Corgi’s fur.

So, will your Corgi appreciate using a specialized formula? To be honest – not really. Corgis are rather easy to maintain, and so is their fur.

Buying a specialized shampoo for your pet if he doesn’t have a skin condition of sorts is simply a waste of money. Even the most basic, generic brand shampoo for pets will work like a charm for your Corgi.

On the other hand, you should always go for a gentler formula that cleans the Corgi’s fur coat but doesn’t strip the skin from the natural oils. The harsher formula will make the skin dry and that could even lead to excess shedding.

When shopping for a shampoo for your Corgi – try to pick one that is labeled ‘all-natural ingredients’ or ‘organic’. These shampoos may be a little more expensive, but keep in mind that your Corgi is bathed around 10-15 times a year. The bottle will likely last you over a year, so it’s not too expensive when you look at it this way.

If you want to, you can do thorough research on the ingredients that work well for your pooch, and the ingredients you should avoid. The ingredients that are not suitable for humans are not suitable for dogs either!

Grooming Your Corgi

When your Corgi is still a puppy, there isn’t much grooming you need to do except clean his ears and wash his teeth. On the other hand, when your Corgi is still very young is the perfect moment to get him used to the grooming sessions.

The grooming isn’t just spot cleaning or bathing, it’s general maintenance. During grooming sessions, you should clean the dog’s ears, clip nails, brush the dog’s fur, and brush teeth.

For the best results, pick a day in the week when you don’t have a lot of work to do, so you can take your time grooming your puppy. Puppies can find the grooming time stressful, so it could be useful to teach them from a young age that they can enjoy grooming instead of hating it.

Give your Corgi lots of cuddles and kisses during the first groomings to help him feel safer. During every grooming session – take a small, gentle brush and comb the fur.

When your Corgi is still a puppy, there is no need to brush him, but it’s better to get him used to a tool going through his fur. The ideal time for the first bath is when you see that your pooch is starting to smell or that the fur is dirty.

Brushing the Corgi from the youngest days is key to success during future grooming sessions. It’s a sort of desensitization therapy – your pooch will get used to grooming procedures and techniques.

It’s very important so you don’t experience problems during grooming later! If your puppy was especially calm and a good boy during grooming, give him treats to encourage the behavior.

How Often Do Corgis Go To The Bathroom?

Well, that’s one of the things that make Corgis so specific is that Corgis have a rather fast metabolism. That means, your pet will need to go to the bathroom often.

During the night, your pet can always hold it till the morning. So, at least 8 to 10 hours. But, during the day, you will need to take your Corgi out an average of 6 times.

Your pet will need to go outside once every four to six hours, at best. If you work long hours, consider placing a pee pad for your pup to relieve himself when you’re out working. 

Corgis Bathing – Bottom Line

To conclude, Corgis bathing can be such a breeze. You should give him treats to encourage good behavior during grooming.

Treats and praise if your pup stays calm will work like a charm. A good amount of positive encouragement will make your pet even like bath time.

We hope that you and your Corgi will enjoy grooming sessions from now on!