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Do Corgis Have Sensitive Feet? Do Corgis Have Webbed Feet?

Do Corgis Have Sensitive Feet? Do Corgis Have Webbed Feet?

Corgis have the cutest paws ever; we don’t blame anyone who suddenly gets the urge to touch them; it’s the closest thing to touching a live teddy bear. 

But what if your corgi growls or flinches when you touch his feet, is that something to be alarmed about? Do all corgis have sensitive feet?

That’s precisely what we’re discussing in today’s article.

Do Corgis Have Sensitive Feet?

The straightforward answer would be: yes, corgis have sensitive feet. But it’s not that simple, actually. This sensitive feet problem isn’t corgi breed-specific; it relates to most dogs since most of them don’t like their feet touched. 

So in a way, a better question would be: Why do corgis have sensitive feet and how to cope with that?

This is what we’re discussing next.

Why Do Corgis Have Sensitive Feet?

If your corgi hates having his feet touched, there’s a good explanation for it. 

There is something called the socialization period, which is between the first 8 and 16 weeks of a puppy’s life. During this period, dogs get used to certain behaviors, the environment, and just the world around them. What you do during those first 16 weeks with your puppy determines quite a bit of his/her future behavior as an adult. 

The example that fits our topic the most would be touching your puppy’s paws. If that’s something you’ve done on a consistent basis, then your dog should be more than used to it and shouldn’t give you any problems.

However, if you didn’t do this during the so-called socialization period, then training your corgi now, assuming he’s a full grown dog, might prove to be an exercise in futility. 

Do Your Corgi’s Feet Hurt When You Touch Them?

No, there really shouldn’t be any pain, so don’t worry; if your corgi showed any sign of discontent when you touched its feet, it was mainly due to the awkwardness and unfamiliarity of the sensation. 

Main Reasons For Sensitive Feet?

As we said, the socialization period is the key. Besides the lack of paw touching, a dog might have experienced a trauma related to his feet. Anything from nail clipping that went wrong to having careless children step on corgi’s paws can lead to having feet-related trauma. 

How To Fix It?

You don’t, at least not very quickly. 

If your corgi is aggressive and clearly agitated when you touch his paws, stop touching them, there’s not much to do here.

If, on the other hand, your corgi only seems uncomfortable with it and doesn’t show any aggression, then maybe there’s a “method” you can try. 

It’s very simple, quickly touch your corgi’s paws every day for a few times. 

Please don’t make a big deal out of it; the point is to get him used to the touch and let him realize it’s nothing to be upset about. You’re desensitizing your dog’s feet; that’s pretty much it. 

Also, teach your corgi the handshake. There’s nothing more effective than actually holding your corgi’s paw that he’s given you willingly. 

Remember, always reward good behavior and stay away from punishing a bad one. 

That’s the last point we want to cover. Don’t insist on this arbitrary paw touching and feet sensitivity. 

If it isn’t working, it isn’t working, corgis have so much more to offer than their feet, no matter how cute they are. 

How Important Are Feet To Dogs?

Tremendously. It’s one of the ways they interact with the outside world, probably the most direct way. That’s why most dogs hate wearing any kind of dog shoes. They lose the sensory input they’re used to. 

That’s why we recommend checking your corgi’s feet after any walk or outside play, you want to avoid any potential injury. 

That’s also why we recommend you help your puppy get used to the feet touching sensation during the socialization period, as it can prove useful in the long run. 

Besides just being able to put dog shoes to protect its feet, treating anything related to the paws will be a lot easier. Also, it’s not very pleasant to know that your pet might become aggressive if a clueless stranger or a child touches his feet. 


Corgis, like all dogs, have sensitive feet. That being said, you shouldn’t stress about this a lot. 

If you one a corgi puppy, start touching their feet to get them used to the sensation. 

If you own an adult corgi who clearly doesn’t like being touched on the feet, just stop touching them, it’s as simple as that. 

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