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Are Corgis Good With Cats? Can Corgis Get Along With Cats?

Are Corgis Good With Cats? Can Corgis Get Along With Cats?

Corgis are known as very protective dogs, and usually, they are not prone to become one-owner dogs. They will most likely bond to the entire family and try to round them up all in one room and keep the situation under control and supervision.

So as you can see, they are pretty awesome in their protective role, but how does this relate to other family pet members? Are they okay with other dogs? Are Corgis good with cats? Can Corgis get along with cats? This might be very important information for you if you plan on adopting a cat or adopting an adult Corgi.

You don’t know the history of how the dog was raised, so you can’t be sure if you are bringing home a dog that is maybe highly aggressive towards cats or some other animals

Do Corgis Do Well With Cats?

Are Corgis cat-friendly? There is no right answer for this question since this depends on many factors and mostly on the personality of both cat and Corgi. There is no way of telling if this pair is compatible before putting them together and working on the problem.

Getting a Corgi while he is still a puppy is the best time to introduce him to a feline companion since when they are young, they are willing to accept everything and to be trained properly. The best chance that this pair will work well is to train your Corgi to let the cat dominate the household.

If You Already Have A Cat?

Can Corgis live with cats is a question you will be asking yourself if you have cats and you plan on adopting a Corgi.

If you already have a cat and think about getting a Corgo doggo as a new family member, you must know that early socialization is the key when it comes to this breed.

Early socialization to everything surrounding Corgi is necessary due to their nature; this includes people, other animals, and even sounds critical for a well-behaved Corgi.

Considering that they are bred for their herding abilities, they will always have a strong need to bark and nip at other animals and humans to get them moving in the direction they want. This is why it is important to get a Corgi puppy if you already have a cat.

If a Corgi never grew up around cats, he may have an aggressive reaction to it when you finally introduce them to each other. This does not mean this pair can’t work well, but it can be difficult if your Corgi is already an adult.   

That’s why you should think about getting a young puppy instead of an adult Corgi. When they are 8-12 weeks old, socialization with cats will be easier. Even then, some pups will never be able to stay calm around cats due to the herding genes that will make them chase anything that moves.

Also, if the dog accepts the cat, there is always a possibility that the cat will not accept the dog.

If You Already Have A Corgi? 

Corgis can be very territorial due to their protective nature, so they may not be so willing to accept a new furry feline family member. They will see a potential threat for their territory in the cat, and this can cause aggressive behavior in them.

This will make things very difficult, and that’s not all; to make matters even complicated, problems usually occur if you have an adult dog. If the cat is still a kitten and Corgi is an adult, it can negatively affect the dog since this encounter can be very unpredictable. If your pooch is not socialized with cats, their first meeting must be controlled.

The problem is that you and your Corgo already have a routine built up, so once the cat enters the family and starts nipping on the time you had once all for your doggo, things can start getting really ugly.

How Do Corgis Do With Cats? Early Socialization

Your Corgo has the best possible chance to become friends with a catto if socialized properly and on time. The magical period when early socialization is possible is within the first four months of puppies’ life, or to be more exact, in the first 16 weeks of their lives. 

This is the perfect time for a controlled association between your pup and your cat. After this period expires, it’s very difficult to get your pooch accustomed to almost anything, especially to a new brother from another mother that comes from a different species. 

If this isn’t an option, since you already have an adult Corgi, or you tend to adopt an adult Corgi, it’s not impossible to make things work, but you will need to approach this relationship with a lot of care and inquire about the dog’s history.

Think about if the dog has previously been raised around cats or some other pet? Has he already gone through early socialization before? Is your doggo submissive or dominant?

In these cases, you can still try by setting up a controlled environment to introduce your Corgi to your cat; they can still be perfectly happy with each other’s companion; they just need some time to get accustomed to. Maybe your Corgi has that soft personality just like in movies, where catto and doggo become besties and do everything together, and you just do not know it yet.

So don’t be discouraged if you plan on adopting an adult Corgi and you have a cat, or you already have an adult Corgi, and you want to bring in the kitten.

Rules, Tips, And Tricks

There are some tips that can definitely help you in the process of getting these two fur balls getting along well. Like already said, it is best to start early while the dog is still a puppy, or even better, get a puppy and a kitten. This combo is the best possible.

However, since this is not always the case, here are some ground rules you need to teach your Corgi:

  • Make him realize that the cat is off-limits. Never let your dog chase the cat. Discourage this kind of behavior by teaching him to lay down on command.
  • Don’t allow aggressive behavior and if you see any signs of it, start working on that problem immediately. Find out if something that your catto is doing is a main cause of the aggression or if that’s his natural behavior. Correct it on time, or in case you aren’t able to do it on your own, ask for the help of a licensed dog behavioral specialist.
  • Use treats, praise, and rewards for their good behavior.
  • Try to match their personalities as much as you can; if your dog is calm and relaxed, try to adopt a kitty with the same personality. Polar opposites, in these cases, won’t get along.
  • When unwanted and negative behavior is shown, separate them immediately to discourage them from that kind of behavior. This means if they become aggressive during the playtime, separate them and teach them that this bad behavior will end their playtime. They are smart, and they will learn quickly that fighting is a big no-no.
  • Always check the dog’s focus and see where his attention is directed to. If your dog is staring at your cat and he seems to be uptight and nervous, this can only mean one – trouble for you and your cat. He might be waiting for the right time to attack. Corgis are smart and manipulative. On the other hand, cats can be nasty too; if they hiss, and snarl, remove them from your Corgis presence and avoid messy situations.
  • Check if there is a change in the behavior of your pets. Keep an eye on their diet changes especially. Most animals start eating less when they are exposed to stress or illness. If any of your pets stop eating, drinking, start hiding, or show any other sign of anxiety and stress, take them for a vet check-up. When they meet for the first time, it is expected to show some behavioral changes, but they should never be drastic, and they should never last for longer than a couple of days.
  • Allow interaction and playtime within controlled environments This means you can easily step in and break up any fight, and both animals are able to easily escape. Use crates, for example, so you can easily pick up the cat and remove it if anything goes wrong.

How To Introduce Your Corgi To A Cat?

You can never be 100% relaxed and sure that everything will be peachy, even if your dog is well socialized and grew up with cats. Things can get out of control easily. Maybe the cat won’t be so friendly, maybe the cat is not accustomed to dogs, and due to the stress, it will provoke him to attack.

Do Corgis like cats? The only way to find this out is to put them together and see what will happen.

Ever seen Tom and Jerry? If the answer is yes, then you all remember how Butch the Bulldog was always disapproving of the cat. They are the definition of how polar opposites do not attract each other. To avoid this cartoon scenario, always use a confined environment.

Start with using a crate or x-pen for the Corgi and a perch or tall pen for the catto. Animals should be within a few inches from each other but not close enough to contact each other; keep a paw’s length between them. 

Some suggest that cats should have free reign while the dog is in a crate; others suggest that the dog should be taken to another room to allow the cat to check out the smell of the dog.

Why is it important to use a confined environment? Well, both will likely be extremely curious, and one will try to assert dominance and scare the other one. This will most likely be your Corgi. 

These situations usually go on for a few minutes, and they, in most cases, calm down after. The point is to make them bored of each other so they will eventually get tired of “fighting” for dominance. This will take a few days for sure.

Be patient and wait for the Corgi to get comfortable with the cat. After you’ve reached the point when none of them is expressing aggressive behavior, slowly allow them to touch each other at a paw’s distance. If everything works out well, reward them both for good behavior, encourage them.

After this step, you can allow on-leash interaction between Corgi and Catto and let her approach him slowly so they can both check each other out closely. Still, this should always be done in controlled conditions, and it would be great if someone assists you in case they grab each other’s throats.

Please make sure both pets are able to escape from each other quickly of their own will, or else they will be forced to make contact with each other, and that is a recipe for disaster.

Things To Always Keep An Eye On

There are two critical periods when you need to watch out for your pets – during feedings and during individual playtime.

It can be very dangerous during feedings if either of the pets becomes noisy and gets around the other’s food bowl. Both animals are very protective about their food, and the best is to feed them separately and in separate rooms to avoid confrontations. 

Dogs are usually the aggressive ones and will resource guard their food. They will bark, growl, snarl, or bite anything that they see as a threat to their food; some will even show this behavior with their humans.

During individual playtime, you should keep them separate as well. Both animals for sure have their own favorite toy, and they will be very protective of it. If, for example, your Corgi is playing with his chewy toy and he sees a cat coming closer and closer, he will bark and growl and finally attack. He will even snarl at you when you want to remove the toy from him. 

Your cat will become curious and will try to check out the dog’s toys. And if your Corgo is aggressive or protective, he may end up injuring the Catto, and we all know that saying – curiosity killed the cat. So, let’s avoid this by separating the pair during this time for the sake of peace.

This goes both ways. When you play with your cat, don’t let your dog interfere since your Corgi will for sure try to claim you and the cat’s toy as his own.

Are Corgis like cats? 

Well, um, no, not exactly, they are more energetic, and they will for sure always try to interfere with their game, and since they are not so gentle, they may end up hurting and traumatize the Catto, which will risk further friendship. 

What To Do If Your Corgi Gets Jealous?

Are Corgis friendly with cats? They can be but keep in mind that Corgis have a solid associative memory. If they start thinking you like your cat more than them, they will become less friendly with Catto. And if and when this happens, stay calm and act indifferent instead.

All you have to do for now is to make them tolerate each other. When you see that situation is calming down, you can do these few things to control your Corgi when they get upset with the cat:

  • Take the cat out of sight if you notice he is becoming restless and jealous. Move the cat slowly and turn your back away from your Corgi while carrying your cat to block his view. This will help him to calm down.
  • Come back immediately and soothe your dog with petting and assurance for a few minutes; this will help him relax.
  • Give your Corgi some treats once he has calmed down. This way, your Corgi will associate calming down with rewarding, which is a great thing.

What To Do When Corgi And Cat Get Into The Fight?

Never snap at them; we all know that scolding is never a good thing. Unfortunately, despite this, we still end up snapping at our pets for bad behavior, and in most cases, we only make things worse.

Some studies have shown that dogs end up mirroring their owners’ aggression. Also, violence and aggression can harm your dog’s mental and physical growth, which is a terrible consequence. 

If you snap on your cat and dog when they fight, they will learn that you will react negatively to them when they are together, so they will start avoiding each other and even get mad at you.

But how should you keep yourself from snapping? Can Corgis live with cats without a fuss and mess? The answer is no, but the best answer I can give to you is that you must learn to control them and yourself as well.

When you want to snap at them, take a few deep breaths and then give them a command. Calm your nerves and then choose to play with your pets instead of scolding them. If your pets are stubborn, this may also mean they just want to play, and they need your attention. 

If you feel that you are too stressed to handle the situation, ask someone else to take charge. Avoid handling their aggression towards each other when you are moody and angry as well; you will only fuel their fire. 

How To Recognize When My Cat And Corgi Are Playing And When They Are Fighting?

Suppose you are worried that your two furry bundles of joy are fighting, eyes open, and watch closely. Sometimes their play can be a bit rough, and it may seem that they are fighting when they just are playing.

Look for these signs if you are having a hard time recognizing playing from fighting.

Claws remain sheathed at all timesClaws are extended
Dog’s mouth is open, while cat’s mouths are closedBoth are showing teeth
A dog is snorting and sniffling while a cat is silent A dis barking and growling while a cat is hissing at him
Both animals repeat the behaviors from above One pet will try to escape while the other won’t allow

If your pets are fighting, separate them while keeping yourself safe since scratches from cats and dogs can cause infections. Cats and dogs are very stubborn and proud animals. They will need some alone time to cool off and relax before they can be in each other’s presence again.

Reintroduce the pets again, and if they are in a friendly mood, they will touch noses as a sign of an apology and acknowledgment of each other. Can’t this be any cuter?

Keep Your Corgi Away From Stray Cats

When it comes to dogs and cats, the golden rule that you should always obey is one at a time. Cats can have different personalities; some are reserved, while others are outgoing and friendly. Sometimes this can be too much for your Corgi, especially if he is still a young puppy.

If your neighborhood is packed with stray cats, this can be a problem since one wrong move from the stray cat and your puppy can be traumatized for life. Stray cats tend to harass dogs since they are territorial.

The only way to prevent this is cat-proofing your home:

  • Get sprinklers since cats hate water. They will generally stay away from a house where they know that they can get wet.
  • Keep your yard clean since messy yards tend to attract stray cats. Keep your trash cans sealed so the stray cats can’t look for food in them.
  • Seal any opening on your front gate. This way, you will prevent your Corgi from reacting to stray cats and prevent cats from slipping into your yard.
  • Cats love to dig around, believe it or not, and they won’t mind getting into your yard to have some fun. Place some rocks to cover sections of your garden to discourage them from vandalizing your garden and provoking your Corgo.

Final Words 

It might sound like a mission impossible to pair a Corgi with a feline companion, but it’s definitely possible. The only way to do this properly is to make ground rules that YOU and ONLY YOU must supervise. 

Always keep an eye on them in a controlled environment to prevent unnecessary harm, trauma, and any other negative experiences. They can even spend some time together and be friendly with each other and all of a sudden snap and get into the fight.

You can never know how they can react; they are animals, the primordial instinct drives them. That’s why rules are golden and necessary to keep everything in the best order. The potential conflict is always just around the corner. Be aware of it.

Practice patience and do not give up. It will be hard initially, but give them a chance since they need to get accustomed to each other; this is not an easy thing to do for them. 

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