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How To Train A Corgi To Lay Down?

How To Train A Corgi To Lay Down?

Corgis are highly intelligent dogs, and you are lucky to have one in your family. Even inexperienced owners can teach their Corgi pet most of the basic dog commands trouble-free. 

So, even if you are a first-time dog owner, you will not have to pay for expensive dog training classes to teach your Corgi to come or sit – he or she will pick it up in no time at all. 

Some commands will take a little bit more time and effort, though. For example, Corgis often frown upon having to lay down on command since they’re already so low to the ground. Of course, not all Corgis will protest, but the chances are that your pup will be a bit difficult in this arena. Some Corgis even make this command seem like the most difficult thing in the world!

So, how to train a Corgi to lay down quickly and efficiently?

All you need to do is keep scrolling. You will learn the best techniques to teach your Corgi to lay down. Our extra tips & tricks guarantee success!

The “Lay Down” Command

Lay down,” “Lie down,” or simply “Down” command is a basic one but highly important to learn as early as possible. In a perfect scenario, all dogs should know to lay down as soon as their owners ask them. In this way, the owners have complete control over their pets when things get too hectic. 

Namely, the “lay down” command is handy when your pet becomes too excited, which happens quite often when a dog is playing with other dogs or kids. It allows you to calm down your dog and give him or her enough time to relax. It can save your pooch a lot of trouble!

A properly trained dog should stay in the lying position for as long as you want, even a long period of time. He or she can stand up only when you release them.

Lay down command is also the first step in teaching your Corgi some fun dog tricks, such as the popular rollover. With practice, your dog can get quite a few wows and applause. 

What is the proper position your Corgi should assume when lying down?

How Do Corgis Lay Down?

Well, Corgis can do what they please in their own time, but when you issue a “down” command, your pup needs to do things the right way. In the proper down position, a Corgi must keep its chest, elbows, and hocks in contact with the ground. Practice does wonders, so do not give up until you get everything right. 

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How To Teach Your Corgi Pup To Lay Down?

There are different techniques you can turn to when you start training your dog to lay down. We have selected the three most efficient ones:

1. Use A “Lure Your Dog” Technique

Dogs are most easily trained if you attract them to behave as you want. You can use their favorite toy or a delicious treat, and they will take a position or perform an action you want them to. 

For example, hold the treat to your pup’s nose before you move it low to the ground, and your dog will probably lie down. Once you master that, you can move the treat in a circle parallel to the ground and teach your puppy to roll over.

The lure should be a toy or a treat your Corgi is really excited about so that he or she will respond to it every time. Additionally, you can utilize a clicker to point out the exact moment your Corgi has done the things right and help him, or her memorize it. 

Luring is an easy tactic to show your puppy where to go or what to do, but you should teach your Corgi to respond to your verbal command or a hand signal. It is, therefore, crucial to fade the lure as soon as possible.

Here is the step by step guide to using lure technique for training your Corgi to lay down:

  • Have your puppy sit. If you still haven’t mastered that command, wait while he or she does it alone or start this training with your dog in the standing position. Training your dog to lay down from a standing position will be a bit harder, so arm yourself with a little bit more patience.
  • Take your Corgi’s favorite treat and hold it to his or her nose.
  • Once you get your pup’s attention, move the treat slowly downward between his or her front paws. Your Corgi will most probably follow the treat and lower its head.
  • Slide the treat on the ground away from your pup, and he or she should lay down while following it.
  • As soon as your Corgi lays down, use the clicker and praise him or her. Then, of course, reward your dog with the lure – it is well deserved!
  • Repeat the process a couple of times, and then use a treat from your other hand to reward your pet. In this way, the lure will not get eaten, and it will start fading in your dog’s mind.
  • Finally, try luring your dog with an empty hand and handing out a treat from your other hand – this will teach your dog the hand signal for the “lay down” command.
  • Once your dog has successfully mastered that lowering your hand towards the ground means “lay down,” you can start introducing the verbal clue by saying “lay down” or only “down” a moment before you use the hand signal. After a couple of repetitions, your Corgi will figure out that he or she should respond to your verbal command alone. 

2. Use The Shaping Technique

If you use the shaping technique, you will actually be teaching your Corgi the new command one step at a time. In short, in order to lay down, your pup will first be taught to look at the ground, then lower its elbows, and finally lay down.

Some Corgis will have to take baby steps while others can master this in these three steps – it depends on how attentive your dog is. If you want to set up your pet for success, make sure that the first step is something your dog will gladly do. If the first step is easy, a dog will have less trouble following the whole process.

It is also imperative to advance slowly without jumping too far in difficulty. Do not worry if steps are too easy for your pup – it is better that way than frustrating your pet by asking for too much too soon. 

Here is what we suggest:

  • Start by using a toy or a treat to get your Corgi to look at the ground. Then, use a clicker to click when your pup is successful and praise him or her.
  • Once your Corgi masters looking at the ground, use the treat or toy to lure his or her head down to the floor. Once again, click and reward your pup for success. 
  • Next, start teaching your dog to bend its elbows.
  • Finally, lure your dog down into the lay-down position and then slowly start fading the lure. In the end, add a verbal cue just like in the previous technique, and you are done.

3. Use The “Capture The Moment” Technique

The capture the moment technique is the simplest of them all. You simply need to wait for a moment when your Corgi lies down on its own and reward him or her.

The catch is that you always need to have a reward ready and waiting. As always, it is best to use your dog’s favorite toy or a treat. It would also be wise to click and praise your dog every time you see him or her in the act of lying down. 

Hand out the reward ONLY when your Corgi is in the down position – do not wait for him or her to stand up. Once you repeat this a few times, your Corgi will most likely start laying down in front of you on purpose. Your four-legged friend will ask for a reward in this way, and that is the perfect moment to start introducing a hand signal or verbal cue. Try to do it right before your pup is about to lie down. 

In time, your Corgi will start to associate your words or gestures with his or her actions. Soon enough, you’ll be able to issue a “lay down” command and enjoy looking at how your Corgi obeys it at once.

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Tips & Tricks 

Now that you have three excellent techniques in front of you, all you have to do is pick one and start training your Corgi. Here are some excellent tips that will help you be successful in minimal time:

  • Start training your Corgi when he or she is tired. Corgis are highly energetic dogs that require a lot of exercises. They will not lay down willingly if they are full of energy and in their playful mood. Therefore, take your Corgi for a long walk before you try to teach him or her anything. 
  • Never force your Corgi to lay down. You might see it as showing him or her what to do, but your pup might interpret it as an act of aggression. Thus, never push your dog into any position – it will most likely cause resistance or scare your pooch and have a negative effect on the training process.  
  • You can use the lure to make your dog crawl under your legs or a stool. It is a great trick to make your dog assume the “lay down” position in order to get to the treat. Of course, reward your Corgi as soon as he or she is in the down position. 
  • Remember that timing is everything! If you hand out a reward after your dog has already sat up, you are sending the wrong message. Your Corgi will think he or she is being rewarded for sitting rather than lying down. 

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Final Words

Training your Corgi to lay down can sometimes be challenging, but a little bit of patience and a proper training technique will reap the rewards. Repeat the training for as long as your pup needs it- some Corgis are more stubborn than others, but they are all intelligent and will learn eventually.

Prepare a lot of tasty treats, and soon enough, your Corgi will make the connection between laying down and getting a delicious bite. In time, your pup will master everything, and you can show other dog owners how do Corgis lay.

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