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How To Train A Corgi To Roll Over? Can Corgis Roll Over?

How To Train A Corgi To Roll Over? Can Corgis Roll Over?

We can all agree that taking your corgis outside for a walk always draws a lot of attention towards you, as it’s always a joy for people when they see a corgi on the streets. With their long bodies, ears, and tails, corgis are spectacular, regardless of where you meet them!

Why don’t you make a quick show of your corgis’ unique skills by instructing it to perform one of the most complex tricks, a roll over? If you’re interested in learning How to train a corgi to roll over, you’ve come to the right place to learn how it’s correctly done!

I don’t want to scare you, but this is one of the most complicated tricks for corgis to learn, so you’ll need to have a lot of patience to teach them this trick.

Why is it essential for corgis to respect you before you teach them this trick? What’s necessary for you to have before you even start to teach your corgis how to roll over? How many steps do corgis need to overcome before they can successfully perform a roll over on their own?

Don’t worry; everything will be explained to you in rich detail, as long as you stick around and read the entire article! Learn how to train your corgi to roll over, and later brag to your friends just how smart your corgi is!

Your Corgi Needs To Respect You!

Before you try to teach your corgi how to perform a complex movement like the roll over, it needs to form a bond with you. All dogs form a bond with their owners from day one, and corgis aren’t exempt from this rule.

It’s crucial that you choose the right corgi pup for yourself. There isn’t a universal way to know which one will be the best one for you – just follow your guts; it worked for me! Try to find a trusted corgi breeder before you adopt or buy one. If the parents are healthy, the puppies will also be healthy.

As soon as you decide which corgi you’ll bring home, I’d recommend taking it as fast as possible home, as your new companion needs to get used to your presence. Until recently, the puppy was only with its mother, and now all of a sudden, there’s only you.

When you arrive home with your new corgi, show it around and try to comfort it by offering it some food or toys to play with. Stay close to your corgi, as it needs to realize that you are the one that it needs to follow for the rest of its life.

Corgis are extremely dependent on their owners and can’t tolerate being separated from them. If you try to neglect your corgi in any shape or form, it will inevitably form some mental illnesses, of which depression is the number one most common.

Make sure that you stay close to your new corgi. For the first couple of weeks, you’ll need to entertain your corgi at least three to four hours per day until it gets used to the new living environment. During that period, it’s necessary to teach it how to behave itself.

Don’t allow yourself to neglect that part of their lives, as corgis need to learn the basic commands while still young. Don’t get me wrong; corgis will always be bright, regardless of age, but they can only learn new stuff efficiently while still young.

To teach your corgis how to roll over, you’ll need to teach them first how to sit down. It’s pretty easy to do so; tell them to come closer and instruct them to stay close to you. After your corgi calms down, press its butt down and as you do so, repeat the words sit down.

It will require some time, but your corgi will get the hang of it. After learning how to sit down, the next step is to teach it how to lay down. The principle is the same; after it sits down, take your corgis’ front legs and pull them towards you, all while saying lay down.

As soon as your corgi learns these two essential commands, you can start to teach it how to roll over. Listen carefully; this trick particularly isn’t as easy as you might think, and it will require lots of patience before your corgi gets the hang of it. Can corgis roll over? Let’s find out!

Can Corgis Roll Over?

In most cases, corgis can learn anything regardless of their whereabouts, as corgis tend to only focus on their owner if there’s no one else close to them. You can even teach your corgis the simplest tricks in the dog park or in front of other people, as long as your corgi is interested in doing so.

Regrettably, when it comes to some complicated tricks like the roll over, you’ll need to put them in a situation where there isn’t a single thing that will disturb them. Corgis are hyperactive dogs, and their attention can shift to something else rather quickly.

I’d suggest teaching them in an apartment if you live in a city or a house if you live somewhere in the countryside. On that note, corgis are perfectly capable of adapting to both places, as long as you provide them with enough space to conduct their daily activities.

Some things to note before you start to teach your corgi to roll over:

  • Ensure that it’s early in the morning. Just like our brains, dogs have a brain that’s more productive in the morning. It’s pretty easy to understand why; as soon as your corgi wakes up, it will be fresh and ready for all activities, regardless of how difficult they might be.
  • Having no one in the house will undeniably work in your favor. As I’ve previously mentioned, corgis’ attention can quickly shift if it hears or sees something. At the bare minimum, tell your loved ones to go to the other room so that they don’t disturb you.
  • Prepare some snacks to offer your corgis whenever they successfully learn one of the steps to roll over. You know your corgis’ taste preferences better than anyone else in the world; buy their favorite treats at the local pet shop!
  • Don’t try to teach your corgis to roll over on a day that constantly requires you to leave the house. This trick particularly is complicated, and you’ll need to constantly stay close to your corgi until it learns how to perform it.
  • Be patient! Your corgi might be the smartest one alive, but it won’t be born with the knowledge on how to roll over on your command. Learning this trick will take them some time, so remain tolerant and support them as much as possible until they learn the trick.

Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by the steps above! Although some of them might be hard, it’s necessary to stay focused throughout the process and believe in the results. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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How To Train A Corgi To Roll Over?

There are several steps that you should follow if you want to teach your corgi how to roll over:

1. Call Your Corgi

Your corgi should already know how to react when it hears you calling it. If you live in a house with a large backyard, I’d recommend that you call it while it’s outside. Ensure that your corgi can hear you and leave a path with open doors.

As soon as your corgi hears you, it should start to run towards you as fast as possible. Running at that pace is one of the worst habits that corgis have, as they don’t look around themselves while running. You can’t tell me that your corgi never hit a wall or a door while running, can’t you?

To be safe, open all the doors and ensure that nothing is in its way. When your corgi comes close to you, instruct it to stop before it reaches you completely. By doing so, you’re telling them that you’ll move the final step towards them.

As you start to walk those few steps towards them, you need to tell them to stay a few times. Out of respect, your corgi might begin to walk towards you, but you shouldn’t allow them to do so in this case. Your corgi needs to learn to listen to you at all times!

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2. Tell Your Corgi To Lay Down

It’s imperative that your corgi already knows how to do that, as, without this step, it won’t know how to roll over when you tell it to do so. If you didn’t teach your corgi how to lay down by some chance, you could simply follow the procedure that I’ve mentioned earlier.

Your corgi must remain calm while lying down. You mustn’t allow it to move too much, as it needs to stay focused at all times. If you have difficulty controlling your corgi to remain calm, you can simply offer your corgi one treat, and it will immediately calm down.

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3. Grab Your Corgis’ Legs

This step is similar to the process of teaching your corgis how to lay down, but the main difference is which two legs you are grabbing while teaching them to roll over. In this case, you will hold one of their front legs and the rear leg that aligns with the front one.

Try to be as gentle as possible while you’re holding those two legs, particularly the one on the back. Corgis suffer from dwarfism, and because of that, they are prone to hip dysplasia. If you want to learn more about that, you can click on the link here!

Slowly pull their legs on the opposite side, making them perform an elegant roll. Keep doing that until they find themselves lying in the same position in which they were previously resting. As soon as you finish with the first roll, offer them a treat and make sure to praise them a lot.

4. Repeat The Process Constantly

As I’ve mentioned before, your corgi won’t know what the hell is going on at first, but it will slowly realize that it’s getting praise and rewards every time it rolls over. It will take lots of practice before it starts to roll on its own, so be persistent!

It should be noteworthy that you’ll use a lot of treats. Most treats have a high concentration of sugar within them, which can harm your corgis’ internal organs if they overeat it. Buy treats that are entirely safe for your corgis, even if you give them a lot in a short period.

At some point, your corgis will completely realize that if they perform a roll over close to you, you will reward them by offering them a treat or just praise them. Your corgi might abuse the fact that it knows how to roll over, so I suggest that you only praise them if they perform one on their own.

Contrary to that, if you instruct your corgis to roll over and they successfully do so, then you should offer them a treat or two. Practice makes perfect, and patience saves lives – don’t forget that!

To Sum Up

Most dogs nowadays have difficulty learning even the basic tricks, let alone the roll over, one of the most complex tricks out there. Luckily for all corgi owners, they can undoubtedly teach their corgis to perform this trick, as corgis are smart enough to learn how to do it.

Although corgis are born with higher intelligence than most other dogs, you’ll still need to teach them the basic stuff. In this article, you can find the most straightforward way on how to train a corgi to roll over.

  1. For starters, you’ll need to call your corgi to come close to you. As soon as it arrives, instruct it to sit down and to stay still. Come close to your corgi and crouch down.
  2. Tell your corgi to lay down and to remain like that for the time being.
  3. Grab one of its front legs and a rear leg that matches the one on the front. Slowly pull those legs simultaneously to the other side, bending corgis’ entire body. Finish the process when your corgi is lying down again, but at a different spot.
  4. Repeat the process until your corgi learns how to do that on its own. Have a lot of treats for offering while training them; you’ll need them!

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