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Are Corgis Jealous? Why Do Corgis Get Jealous?

Are Corgis Jealous? Why Do Corgis Get Jealous?

Love is the most important thing in this world, as it connects us all. Although animals can’t communicate with us, the universal language that all living beings can fully understand is the one with love and care.

Although corgis are extremely caring dogs, they might be dissatisfied when they sense that your attention is directed to someone new. As a result, many people are fascinated with the topic: Why do corgis get jealous? Can they get aggressive when they are jealous?

As soon as a corgi senses that your attention towards them has divided, they might get jealous!

We are all victims of this behavior, as we all enjoy it when we are loved and protected by someone close to us. How exactly does a corgi react when it gets jealous? Will they attack someone if they think that someone stole you from them?

You need to educate your corgi from a young age to avoid any unwanted accidents. Stay around to find out how you need to behave towards your corgi when it is jealous!

What Triggers Jealousy In Corgis?

No matter where you are currently in the world, you just cannot go to your local market without seeing someone walking with a dog on a leash. If you are from the United Kingdom, there is a high chance that that dog will be a corgi most of the time!

Although they are a representative breed of England, corgis are still a dog breed that is recognizable worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or having a huge family, or anything in between – corgis are capable of adapting to all situations.

Unfortunately, just like with everything in life, if you didn’t correctly take care of something, chances are that there will be a problem somewhere. Let me be more specific – although corgis will quickly adapt to anything new, if you didn’t train them adequately, there might be some issues.

Corgis are intelligent enough to know what’s best for them, and they will quickly grow fond of the things that surround their lives. As long as they are in a comfortable position regarding their overall well-being, corgis will live a long, carefree, and happy life!

Some problems might occur when corgis are put in a new position, which will inevitably turn their lives upside down. In most cases, they won’t be too dramatic about it, but some corgis that haven’t been adequately trained might show their grumpy side.

Corgis can get extremely jealous when something dear to them has begun to change in any shape or form. So, what are the most common reasons for the manifestation of jealousy in corgis, and is it too late to teach them never to hurt someone when they are jealous?

Let’s find out, as I’ve assembled a list of things that irritate corgis, to that extent, that those things might trigger them to become jealous!

Introducing New Pets To Corgis

I think that we can all agree that adding new members to your family is a beautiful thing to do, especially if it is a new pet! If you are in a dilemma about what pet to choose, head to your local pet shop and ask the personnel there to help you out with selecting a perfect new pet for you.

For some of you that want a peaceful pet that won’t cause you too much trouble, I suggest getting a large aquarium and filling it up with various fishes. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more unique and exotic, a bearded dragon might work just nicely.

In most cases, people tend to find another dog as close as possible to the dog’s size that is already with them. So, if you have a corgi with you, choosing some breed that is also small-sized will make them a perfect duo that will cooperate throughout their entire lives.

In the end, when you decide to adopt a new animal and bring it home with you, some issues might arise when your corgi sees them. Having two pets in your household doesn’t only mean twice as much fun – it also means twice as many chores and needy creatures that require lots of love.

If you have been living with only one corgi from a young age, it will get used to getting 100% attention from you. However, adding a new member to the family will mean that you will need to divide your attention towards that new pet, the attention that was undivided until recently.

Corgis will not be particularly happy about that, as they knew that until you have decided to tag along with someone new, they had your full support. A lack of cuddles might cause them to behave aggressively towards the new animal, as some corgis will get extremely jealous.

You must introduce the new animal to your corgi in a proper way – luckily for you; I know a perfect way to do so:

  1. Let’s assume that you are bringing a new dog or cat into your household, as bringing anything else won’t give corgis a reason to get jealous. Small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs will be, most of the time, in their cage somewhere out of reach of your corgi.
  2. When you arrive home with your new pet, you must leash your corgi before you introduce them. Tell your partner, or if you don’t have one, call a friend to help you out by staying outside with the new pet as you go inside to leash your corgi.
  3. After you’ve leashed your corgi, grab a couple of treats and put them in your pocket. You will use them later as a reward if your corgi has accepted its new friend immediately, without any problems.
  4. Call your partner as soon as you are ready. Tell them to come in and to present the new pet to your corgi slowly. At first, the corgi will get extremely tempted to charge straight towards the animal, but you mustn’t allow that. Keep the leash as tight as possible.
  5. Cautiously observe the behavior of your corgi, as there is no universal rule on how they will behave towards a new pet in their home. At first, corgis might show signs of aggression, but they will be delighted to see them most of the time and will welcome them dearly.

This method will, without a doubt, work every time you introduce a new animal to your beloved corgis. However, the real problems start when the introduction has passed, and you begin to share and direct your, until recently, undivided attention and love to the other animal.

As soon as your corgis notice that they get less attention, they’ll begin to think about what has changed and why aren’t you only playing with them. They won’t need too much time to think, as corgis will figure out what’s the problem; the new pet gets a portion of your time!

It’s fascinating exactly how jealous can corgis get in those times:

  • Some corgis will start to howl as a way to protest the once undivided attention they had from you.
  • Others might bark and growl whenever they see that you are playing with the new pet.
  • Unfortunately, in some rare cases, corgis can get so jealous that they will even try to attack the new pet.

You can avoid all things above as long as you train them to coexist with the other animal. It might be time-consuming, but it will be worthwhile. Living in a state of constant fear that your corgi might attack others out of jealousy will be exceptionally gruesome to your soul!

Be sure to stay close to your corgi and the new pet, and teach the corgi never to misbehave towards its new friend. Your corgi, in this situation, needs to serve as a role model for the younger pet and show them a proper way to behave!

Kids And Corgis

I always shed many tears when I hear that someone close to me expects to have a baby soon! But, the tears shortly dry out, as most of my friends and colleagues have corgis at home, which might cause them some trouble when they notice a new family member.

Although corgis are phenomenal towards all kids, a little jealousy might occur here and there no matter how old they are. We all get jealous when we want someone’s attention but can’t get it as they are currently focused on someone else.

You must teach your corgi to behave appropriately at all times, as there should never be room for accidents when discussing little children, let alone babies. Corgis will soon enough figure out just how much your baby means to you, and they will never hurt them after that.

Until that happens, treat your corgi when it’s close to your kid with the utmost caution, as it might get jealous sometimes!


When I was younger, my grandmother said; child, when you grow up, learn never to be jealous. Unfortunately for dogs, especially corgis, you can’t teach them to abandon their instincts. So, why do corgis get jealous, and how can you help them out when they are irritated?

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never encountered a jealous dog. Corgis might have small bodies, but that doesn’t stop them from expressing how jealous they can get!

As soon as you introduce a new animal to your corgi, you need to set some boundaries between them. A fundamental rule is that as long as you love them both equally, corgis won’t consider the other pet as a potential threat, worthy of them becoming jealous.

Always make sure that you are supervising the first few months after your baby has been born, as corgis might even get jealous of them! Luckily, that never lasts long, as corgis will soon realize that love and care are always more important than jealousy!