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Are Grapes Bad For Corgis?

Are Grapes Bad For Corgis?

Offering fruits to dogs can be like Russian roulette sometimes – you can never know when the gun will trigger the bullet. Ensure that you educate yourself properly before thinking about offering some fruits to your dogs; you don’t want to find yourself in a crossfire!

Grapes, being the fan-favorite fruit worldwide, is a fascinating fruit to dissect. On that note, many dog enthusiasts come to me, asking, “Are grapes bad for corgis?”. Can you offer them some without any repercussions?

Unfortunately, this time around, Mother Nature didn’t allow corgis to eat grapes safely.

What makes grapes inedible for corgis? Will corgis try on their own to eat some grapes, even if they know that it’s a bad thing to do? How can you prevent them from eating grapes on their own? What are the first symptoms that occur when corgis eat some grapes?

Defend your corgi at all times and learn how to prevent them from eating grapes. It’s a dangerous fruit for them, and it can cause some severe problems. Are you interested in finding what those problems are? Scroll down the article, and you will find out!

Corgis Interaction With Grapes In The Garden

Let’s first examine what happens when your corgi stumbles upon some grapes in your garden if you live in a house that has one.

First of all, corgis are energetic little dogs and are in dire need of a spacious place to live in. I always like to recommend my clients only to take corgis if they live in a house with a large backyard. Corgis need a place where they can run and exercise.

I assume that if you have a backyard that surrounds your house, you’ve decided that a garden is a must-have for you. Many people think this way as gardens are an optimal solution for growing your fruits and vegetables. 

It’s essential to know the origin of the plants that we eat, as some have gone through spraying with various toxins. Those toxins are used as a means to prevent any unwanted attention towards your greens, the most popular ones being pesticides and insecticides.

All fruits and vegetables that didn’t undergo a spraying process remain organic. Grapes are one of the fruits that are primarily targeted by pests and insects because they are filled with healthy and sugary juices.

Grapes are even a fan-favorite fruit to use in vinification. If you are following me, it’s evident at what I’m going – grapes are an irresistible fruit for every human, and there is a high chance that you are cultivating some in your garden.

But what happens if you cultivate grapes and have a corgi that roams freely in your backyard? Will it show interest in eating some grapes if it presents them in any shape or form? 

As I’ve told you before, you should never offer grapes to your dogs, especially if you own corgis. This is because grapes, organic or not, possess a substance in them, unknown to scientists, that terribly affects dogs.

Intestine problems, kidney failure, and even death can occur if your corgi eats a couple of grapes in a short time. Some dogs can tolerate a larger number of grapes, but that is not the case for corgis as the size defines how much grapes will be safe for consumption for your dog.

Not all dogs are the same size so pay close attention to the following rule of thumb:

  • One to two grapes for a 10-pound dog
  • Three to four grapes for a 20-pound dog
  • Five to six grapes for a 30-pound or heavier dog

As you can clearly see, the list goes up until the five to six grape range. Any dog breed that eats more grapes than the scale above suggests will have a high risk of manifesting kidney failure or even death. 

As corgis weigh between 23 and 28 pounds, you can safely assume that as much as four grapes can be fatal for them. To prevent your corgis from ravaging your plants in the garden, you should prevent them by building a fence all around the garden.

If you have a forest nearby your house, tell your male partner to go there and chop some trees and bring the logs home. Tell him to make a fence for your garden from that wood, as corgis are relatively strong dogs that will try to damage in any sort of way the fence that stops them from going in the garden.

Wood is hard, and it won’t allow the corgis to damage it that easily. Still, you should train your corgi to behave themselves and control their drive to eat plants growing in the garden. Corgis are intelligent – with time, you can teach them anything that you want!

Luckily for corgis, they know what’s best for them – even if they stumble upon some grapes, in most cases, they won’t try to eat it. All dogs have a keen sense of smell, and corgis are no different – with their sharp nose, they will detect whether something is good or bad for them.

Still, it’s not worth the risk, and you should build a fence around the garden to prevent them from entering inside. On the off chance that your corgi somehow didn’t register the grapes as lousy food and ate some, you should immediately head towards your local veterinarian for a check-up!

How Can You Tell If Your Corgi Ate Some Grapes?

Like all things in life, when an action occurs, the same or opposite reaction will happen. If you had some grapes somewhere and see that a couple of them are missing, you will need to ask everyone in your household if someone ate them.

Corgis tend to take any kind of food near them, as they are greedy by nature and will want to eat everything presented to them. If no one ate the grapes, it would be safe to assume that your corgi did a bad thing to itself and ate some.

Some of the most noticeable reactions that will be visible on your corgi when they ate some grapes will be:

  1. Dehydration – if you see that your corgi drinks water normally, but even after drinking water is looking pale, it’s a clear sign of dehydration. Touch the corgis’ nose and mouth – if they are dry even after drinking water, something is causing them to dehydrate quickly.
  2. Vomiting and diarrhea – most of the time, when corgis have eaten grapes, they will start to vomit a couple of hours after. It won’t stop there, as corgis will sometimes even have diarrhea.
  3. Unusual stillness and weakness – as I’ve said before, corgis are energetic pets and will tend to be active all they long. If you notice that your corgi is inactive for several hours in a row, it can be a clear sign that it ate some grapes.
  4. Abdomen pain – if you suspect that your corgi ate some grapes before you take him to the vet, try touching their stomach. If it exhibits any kind of unease to the touch, it will bark or even growl on you, as a clear sign to stop touching them.
  5. Kidney failure – this isn’t something that you can see with your bare eyes. Never play this kind of game with your dog. After you notice any of the symptoms above, take your dog and bring it to the local veterinarian for an examination immediately.

How To Prevent Your Corgi From Eating Grapes In A Flat?

The same set of rules apply to all of you that live in an apartment with your corgi and enjoy eating grapes from time to time. Make sure that you always leave the grapes in a place where you can control who eats them.

Although corgis are relatively small dogs, that won’t stop them from reaching high places in order to take some food. Put the grapes in a plastic bag or box and let them rest in the fridge. That way, you will have fresh grapes as long as you like, and they will be out of reach for corgis!

Make sure that you protect your dogs at all times – even if they know what’s best for them, sometimes, they will try their luck with some food. Corgis, being particularly courageous, won’t hesitate to eat some grapes if they are hungry. Be considerate and put this fruit away somewhere!

Are Grapes Bad For Corgis? – Final Thoughts

With so many people nowadays trying to grow grapes on their own for eating and winemaking, some problems are bound to happen. If you own a corgi and enjoy eating some grapes, you’ve probably wondered, are grapes bad for corgis? Can you safely offer them some?

Although corgis have a vital and long life, don’t try to offer them some grapes as they will undoubtedly cause some problems for them. It’s still unclear what exactly grapes have that dogs can’t correctly tolerate – scientists are still trying to find out what that is.

One thing is certain; you should never offer corgis grapes as that can lead them to vomit, have diarrhea, and exhibit nausea. On some extreme occasions, if corgis ingest enough grapes, that can lead to kidney failure and even death.

If you suspect that your corgi ate some grapes, make sure that you immediately drive them to your local vet. Better safe than sorry!

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