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Why Do Corgis Run In Circles?

Why Do Corgis Run In Circles?

Living in a large house with a spacious backyard will get pretty dull if you don’t own a pet or two that will entertain you in those hot summer days. Corgis are a perfect choice for that, as you can never predict what they’ll do next! If you’re up for the challenge, adopt a corgi!

There are many things that corgis are capable of doing, but the thing that fascinates most people is their unique way of running in circles. Because of that, many people come to me, asking, “Why do corgis run in circles?”. Is there a specific reason for that sort of behavior?

Oddly enough, corgis only run in circles when they are trying to tell us something important to them!

What is the most common thing that forces corgis to run in circles? Do corgis run in circles when they are bored? Will corgis run in circles if they are suffering from something? When is it dangerous for corgis to run in circles?

Luckily for you, you’ll discover everything there is to corgis and their habit of running in circles, but only if you continue scrolling down!

A Quick Introduction To Corgis

Whenever you find yourself walking around the neighborhood, the chances are that you’ll stumble upon someone that’s walking with a dog. If you’re from England, it’s most likely that that dog will be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

As it turns out, corgis are the prime representative of the United Kingdom, and it’s not that difficult to understand why. Throughout her reign, the Queen of England wanted to adopt a specific dog breed capable of living up to her standards.

Oddly enough, after some extensive research, she decided to adopt some corgis, and as we all know, she got exactly what she wanted. With the unique corgis’ temperament, they are one of the best candidates to hang out with the royals!

Don’t worry; just because corgis are frequently found in Buckingham Palace doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to adopt corgis at all! Furthermore, corgis are one of the most famous dog breeds on the planet, and we can thank the Queen for positively influencing that.

Before choosing to adopt a corgi, you’ll need to research what defines them as a breed thoroughly. People often bypass this rule, and because of that, they usually find themselves pretty shocked when they realize that corgis are generally hyperactive dogs.

Corgi’s endless energy reserves are directly influenced by their long history. In the past, people recognized the limitless potential of corgis as pastoral dogs, and shortly after that, they gave them a shot at that same job.

Until recently, corgis were primarily used as herding dogs to protect livestock of farmers scattered throughout the world. Cows, chickens, sheep, and horses – you name it; corgis were capable of keeping them all in touch!

You probably realized that I used past tense in my last statement. As time changed, people were forced to move from villages to cities, and that forced them to bring their pets with them. To ensure that corgis stayed by their side, they needed to turn them into regular house dogs.

Luckily for us, those who pioneered this job were successful the second they chose to teach their corgis how to behave when they aren’t around other animals. Coincidentally, people figured out that corgis can perfectly coexist with all humans, regardless of age.

All people, young and old, can enjoy playing with corgis. If you plan on expanding your family by having a baby or two with your significant other, don’t fear! Corgis will do their best to fit in that picture, and they will never disappoint you with their actions.

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How Does Boredom Affect Corgis?

What makes this important? You see, when people decided to retire their corgis and bring them inside the house, they didn’t realize, at first, that corgis would need to exercise a lot to discharge their energy levels. If you don’t play with your corgis frequently, they will get bored rather quickly.

That boredom will force them to desperately seek attention from people that live in the same household as they do. So how do corgis tell us that they are bored at the moment? Oddly enough, corgis will run in circles, hoping that we will notice them and start to play with them.

I’ll give you an example of how that will, in most cases, look like:

  1. If you’re working a 9-5 job that requires you to go outside and travel somewhere far to work, you won’t notice that your corgi is running in circles. This example is perfect for all of you working from home, where you’re constantly close to your beloved corgi.
  2. It’s early in the morning, and you’re thinking about sitting down on your chair and starting to work so that you can pay your bills. Everything is just perfect; you’ve made breakfast for your entire family, did the dishes, and brought coffee to your working desk.
  3. Suddenly, you notice that your corgi entered your room and is rushing towards you, seeking attention. You quickly stroke it once or twice and continue with the work. The playtime with your corgi is finished with that act, and your corgi isn’t satisfied with that.
  4. Hoping that through barking and howling, it will occupy your attention once more, your corgi starts to do whatever it can to force you to play with it again. As its options are beginning to run low, your corgi has no choice but to start running in circles.
  5. Although running in circles is perfectly fine outside – it can get rather dangerous when your corgi chooses to do so in a small area. Corgis can get quite fast while running, and at that fast speed, they often don’t pay close attention to their surroundings.
  6. Regrettably, some corgis are prone to injury while running in circles in an enclosed area, and those injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly. Various sharp objects can be found inside small rooms, and it takes zero effort for corgis to knock them on the ground and injure themselves.
  7. Accidents do happen, but it’s the consequences of those accidents that should worry you. At any given point, you should always have a trusted veterinarian that will be close to your place whenever necessary.

Don’t play with your corgis’ health; never allow them to run in circles when they are in a small area. Blatantly speaking, every room in your house should be regarded as a small area for corgis to play in, so only allow them to run in circles when they are outside.

I usually advise my clients only to adopt a corgi if they live in a large house with a spacious backyard. You can work it out with your corgi even if you’re living in a small apartment, but only if you frequently take them outside.

Curing corgis’ bad habit of running in circles is not an easy thing to do. You need to realize that you should educate your corgi from the moment that you arrive home with it. Every single day is essential, so stay close to them and teach them to behave appropriately at all times!

Do Corgis Only Run In Circles When They Are Bored?

Whenever you decide to take your corgi outside for a walk, you should always put a long leash around its body. Corgis don’t tolerate being on a tight leash, as they want to enjoy walking outside with you to the fullest extent.

If you don’t own a long leash, just head to your local pet shop and ask the personnel to offer you one that will work ideally with your pet. Don’t forget to mention that you own a corgi, as they need to know which type of leash will suit your beloved corgi.

If you put a tight leash around your corgi’s neck, the chances are that it will react oddly, as they simply can’t tolerate not being able to run freely. In most cases, corgis won’t even start to walk with you until you unleash them. Others, on the other hand, might begin to run in circles.

There aren’t two of a kind; all corgis share, more or less, the same personality but, depending on their habits, will react to some things differently. If your corgi starts to run in circles while on a leash, the chances are that it’s trying to tell you that it doesn’t enjoy being on that exact leash.

I can’t stress this enough; never put a tight leash on your corgis. Corgis won’t be satisfied with that, and they might start to run in circles. While running like that, they might injure themselves, as they can start to suffocate if the leash gets too tight around their necks.


Corgis are extremely social beings and will always prefer being in a large group of dogs or people. It might be a good idea to adopt a corgi if you plan on having other dogs in the future or if you have other dogs in your backyard already!

We can all agree that leaving your corgis for several hours straight is quite a devastating thing to do, but if your job requires you to travel far, then you don’t have a choice. As soon as you’re finished with the work and return home, you’ll get a warm welcome from your corgis.

They might be grumpy at first because you left them alone for several hours straight, but that won’t last long! After that, corgis will rush towards you, jump on you, try to smell the grocery bags that you’ve brought inside, and some of them might even begin to run in circles.

It’s a common occurrence for corgis to run in circles whenever they’re excited, as they sometimes can’t suppress their emotions appropriately. Let me remind you about the statement that I’ve made earlier; corgis that run in circles in a thigh area might injure themselves.

If you live in a large house with a spacious backyard, it’s advisable that you enter on the backside of your home, where you’ll be greeted by corgis in the backyard. In that situation, it’s perfectly safe for corgis to run in circles if they desire to do so. Think about their well-being at all times!

Something Is Hurting Your Corgis!

If you thoroughly teach your corgis how to behave at all times, you won’t have to worry about them potentially running in circles in a thigh area. Still, just because you’ve successfully trained your corgis doesn’t mean that they will listen to you all time.

Sometimes, corgis won’t run in circles out of excitement. They won’t even run in circles, hoping to force you to play with them. In rare cases, corgis will run in circles if they are suffering from something. You should pay close attention to your corgis’ behavior, as it might want to tell you something.

Corgis are prone to all sorts of diseases, mainly those closely related to their genetic predispositions. The most common condition that corgis suffer from is hip dysplasia, and if you want to learn more about that, click on the link here!

If your corgis begin to develop hip dysplasia, they might try to inform you of that by running in circles. Whenever you sense that something is wrong with your corgi, don’t take any chances and take them to the nearest veterinarian as fast as possible. Safety first!

Why Do Corgis Run In Circles? – Conclusion

Corgis are brilliant dogs and will always rationally think about what will happen to them if they do something out of the blue. Sometimes, from sheer excitement, they might do something stupid. When that time comes, you must act quickly and decipher what just happened to your corgi.

You can never know the exact reason why do corgis run in circles, but you can do your best by reading the situation at hand. Is your corgi running in circles immediately after you return home after being absent for several hours straight? Then it’s most likely due to their excitement.

Sometimes, corgis run in circles when they are experiencing pain. You should always have a veterinarian close to your home that is free to check up on your corgi. In most cases, corgis run in circles when they are bored. In doing so, they are hoping to get your attention so that you can play with them.

Regardless of the reason, you should always ensure that you stay as close to your corgis as possible, as you can never predict the exact reason why corgis run in circles!