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Are Corgis Better In Pairs?

Are Corgis Better In Pairs?

Having a pet around is fun; there are no two ways about it. A dog will run around and be the cutest possible self with the jumping, begging, and general skipping around the place. Cats, for instance, are soft and mysterious, which is a fun combo in and of itself.

But there’s one question that we always ask ourselves when we look at our pets, are they lonely? Yes, it’s true, even if you have the Corgi (let’s face it, they’re the perfect companion), you’ll eventually wonder whether or not you’re just a bit too boring for them!

You’ve probably seen Corgis playing around the park with other dogs; they have a blast out there! But what about when they get home? Do they just sit around and wait for the doggy company to arrive once again?

Well, all these questions got us wondering – Are Corgis Better In Pairs? Could it be that they need another short-legged Corgi around to feel complete? Well, we’re about to find out!

Do Corgis Do Better In Pairs?

To start this off, we have to get one thing clear – dogs love company. Whether it’s humans, dogs, or any other kind of company, they love the stuff! So with that said YES, a pair of Corgis could be better than just one. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

You’ve probably at some point in your life seen a dog that just seems to hate other creatures. It doesn’t want to play with others, and it only wants to hang with its human and do nothing else. 

While there are such examples, they are not as common as dogs, just plain love to play with others. This is because it’s actually not healthy for a dog to want to live alone and not socialize.

Just like humans, dogs are social creatures. They love to form little groups and hang out all day long. So does this mean that your Corgi could use another companion around the house? Well, it kind of does, but it is not strictly necessary.

On the other hand, what is necessary is that your dog always has a chance to socialize and meet new dogs! If your dog doesn’t have this chance, there could be severe consequences.

A dog with a chance to learn how to behave around other dogs right at home will know how to behave with other dogs when you go outside. This may not seem like the most important thing in the world, but in the dog-owning world – it pretty much is.

See, if you keep your dog in your house at all times and away from the opportunity to meet others, it won’t learn how to read other dogs. This means that there’s a chance of misunderstanding, say rough play, for aggression, which is not good.

Why Socializing Is Important?

You surely know that your dog’s ancestor, the wolf, always travels in a pack and that they have a sort of hierarchy that they live by. Well, dogs, obviously, are similar. So if you have ten dogs running around your house, there will probably be the one who’s on top, and everyone else will have a sort of role to live by.

Now, we’re not saying that you need to get a pack of Corgis for them to be happy. On the contrary! Your dog can be as happy as ever, just being in your family and playing with you all day long. It doesn’t even have to be a big family. One single person and their Corgi make up a family, as far as the dog is concerned!

But to know what to do in social situations, your dog needs to experience social situations. It can’t do that alone or in the company of humans. So how would a pair of Corgis work? Would they get along?

Well, there are multiple combinations of this scenario. Many factors come into play. Is it best to have two females or two males? Or would a mix be a better option? Those are great questions! So let’s check out what the best combos would be:

Corgi Combinations

If you spend about ten minutes online, you will probably find an article saying that two females don’t go well together in one household. Likewise, two males can be a bit difficult as well. But why is that?

Nobody quite figured it out, but there are some possible answers.

First of all, when females are in heat, they go through a stage in which they get aggressive towards other males, and then they go through a phase where they’re aggressive toward other females. But it’s not all the lady’s fault!

Like the females, males can get territorial around other males, especially if you bring a new dog to the household with an already grown CorgI! So what’s the answer?

Well, any combination can work; that’s important to remember. All The factors that need to be included in this equation are dependent on what your dog is like. 

Two Males

The first combination that we’ll look at has two males in the house.

The best-case scenario here is that you have two males that grow up with each other. This way, they will learn what the other one likes and dislikes over time, and they will know how to handle each other.

There will be fights here and there; you can be sure of that. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of rough play between two dogs! That is the beauty of them growing up together. They will know what aggression means, and they won’t respond to it when it is not necessary.

With all that said, bringing one grown male to your house with another on waiting home can be problematic. Corgis can get territorial, and you should only do this if you know that your Corgi doesn’t mind new dogs in the house.

To test this out, we suggest bringing your friend and their dogs to the house first. Then, if your Corgi is used to dogs running around its home and doesn’t mind it – you’ll be fine! But if not, you need to teach your dog that there’s no threat to new dogs entering its home.

Having a territorial dog really has no upsides.

The final male-male combo we’ll mention is bringing a puppy to a grown male or vice-versa. Older dogs tend to get attached to puppies quite quickly, which means that they will become a kind of big brother to them right away.

You can expect them to teach the puppies on how to behave, what’s allowed, and what’s not. It’s like sending your puppy to obedience school, but free and much cuter!

All in all, two males can live together, but it takes some training and getting used to!

Two Females

The following combo is two females in one household. Just like with two males, this combination can go both ways. Unfortunately, it can get a bit complicated fast because they will eat at some point and go into heat, which means they’ll see each other as threats. But this doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible combination!

If you know how to handle a female dog in heat, this combination can work. Just know that if they are not spayed, you’ll be doing a lot of separation between the two dogs. Not to mention that you’ll have periods in which you need to keep them both away from males and away from each other. It’s a bit complicated, we admit, but some would say it worth the risk!

All the rules for age differences in males apply here as well. You just have to account for the period in which your dogs will be in heat!

One Male One Female

The male-female combination of Corgis in a household is pretty much the holy grail of combinations. Of course, there is always a chance that the dogs just won’t like each other for one reason or another. But in general, one male and one female should work perfectly! 

We would have to mention that if you want zero hassle as far as altercations between the two fur-balls go, you should look into having them fixed. Doing this helps your Corgis live together and helps you live with them!

But still, even if you decide to pair a male and a female Corgi, don’t expect to be able just to leave them be and let them exist on their own. You’ll feed them and give them a home, sure, but having two dogs is much more of a commitment than having just one!

Your dogs will still get lonely when you’re at work, although they will have one another, which helps. They will still need to socialize with other dogs, and they will at some point be at each other’s throats.

It’s a huge responsibility that you need to be prepared for. So always start with one dog; that’s our advice, especially if you don’t have previous dog-owning experience!

It doesn’t matter if you have a Corgi, Lab, Husky, or Chihuahua – dogs are dogs. And dogs rely on you to take care of them! Getting a Corgi will be a crash course, believe us, but even then, you need to learn as much as you can about what your dogs need!

Final Words

So there you have it!

Corgis, like all dogs, love company. They love to learn from other dogs, and they’ll love doing little projects with a companion around the house. However, a pair of Corgis still need their human, much more than just one puppy would. 

The last thing we’ll essay on the subject is that everything we talked about here applies to pretty much all dog breeds. Corgis love other Corgis, but they love every other dog breed as well!

So if you feel like you need a little more doggy love in your house, get yourself a Corgi or any other puppy you can get your hands on! Of course, it will be pricier, and at times it will be annoying – but the one thing we know for sure is that it will be worth it!