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Why Do Corgis Boop?

Why Do Corgis Boop?

Corgis became very popular in the last few years. And who can blame them? 

These cute dwarf dogs took over the world with their fluffy trunks and miniature legs. But there’s a lot more to these dogs than just their looks.

Their personality is the thing that makes them so unique. And then, of course, they do have trademarks that no other dog has.

One of the things that they just love to do (other than eat!) is to boop their owners. But what does this move even mean? Why Do Corgis Boop?

In this article, we will explain this behavior and also some of their signature moves and personality traits. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Why Do Corgis Boop?

So, here we are, with the million-dollar question – What’s a boop?

A ‘boop’ is when your corgi gets really close to your face and smacks his snout against your nose. Believe it or not, corgis do this A LOT. They just love it!

What does this mean?

Well, in a way, this is how they show their affection and love for you. Isn’t this cute? 

And also, one more thing – they like it when you do the same to them, with your hand or your nose. They never seem to mind it.

Although almost all of the dogs do the boop thing, we can vouch it’s one of the corgis’ trademark moves. 

Is It Okay To Boop Your Dog?

Many owners like to boop their fur babies. It basically means they will gently tap their pet’s nose with their finger. 

Some people even like to say ‘boop!’ out loud. It’s cute; we’ll give them that.

But the boop is not just touching your dog. It’s a way of connecting with your dog on a deep level. In addition, it can be a great way to greet your dog and show him you care.

If you have a cat and a dog, we can bet you’ve seen your cat do the boop thing to your dog once or twice! It’s how animals greet each other too.

Is Booping Your Dog Safe?

Booping shouldn’t hurt your dog. 

Even so, if your dog turns his head away, or if he gives you any other signs he doesn’t like it, then you shouldn’t force it. There are other ways to show your dog love.

As long as you do the boop in a very gentle and careful manner, your dog should be fine.

However, remember one thing – don’t overdo it. While your dog may seem to like it, it might also become very annoying for him if you do it too often. 

Do it on occasion, and make it your kind of special greet. Like some sort of unique ‘handshake’ humans have.

Should You Touch Your Dog’s Nose?

One of the most sensitive parts of a dog’s body is undoubtedly its snout. That’s why dogs can be really touchy about it. Some may even bark, recoil or growl (read: not corgis!). 

But they usually do it out of fear. Why?

It’s biological – the nose is one of their most valuable assets, and they will try to protect it at all cost. 

Dog’s nose is a very exposed region on their body that consists of fragile mucus glands. Any agitation or drying could be painful for a dog.

Having this in mind, you should remember your hands are full of bacterias, dirt, and oils. 

You could easily cloud your dog’s sense of smell, or worst-case scenario, cause some infection by touching the snout.

So, it is for the best you let your dog ‘boop’ you, instead of vice versa. 

Don’t get us wrong, you can do it tenderly and on rare occasions, as you probably won’t hurt your dog. It’s just for the best to avoid it for the reasons we have mentioned above.

What If Your Dog Doesn’t Like It?

Some dogs may show signs of discomfort when people touch their noses. Some may even show aggression. But don’t forget – it’s their defense mechanism.

However, if your dog will be, let’s say, around children or perhaps mentally disabled people, you need to train him for this. Your dog will need to be able to withstand touching his nose or other behavior he may find annoying.

In this case, it is probably for the best you leave this to a professional. Anti-aggression training in dogs could take months and many hours of hard work, so you definitely won’t be able to do it alone.

In the end, you shouldn’t worry if your dog whimpers, recoils, stiffens, or just pulls his head back when you touch his nose. These aren’t signs of aggression. It just means he doesn’t enjoy it.

Do Dogs Like Kisses?

Humans and dogs communicate in very different ways. Some researches show that dogs actually don’t understand what our kisses mean.

Still, just as we learn what some of their body languages means, they learn too. In a dog’s world, approaching straight on isn’t natural. 

Thus, putting your face close to a dog is very assertive behavior in their language. If the dog doesn’t know you, he may feel threatened. 

But, if you’re his owner, we think it’s safe to say it’s a whole different story.

The bottom line here is that most dogs will learn and understand what a kiss and a hug mean. They will associate it with affection and love and even return the favor in their own way.

Why Do Dogs Hit You With Their Nose?

Dog bumping their owner with a nose is usually a sign he is trying to say something. Bumping to dogs is nothing more than a sign of communication.

This could mean he wants your attention or something else. It typically means he wants you to pet him, give him food, play with him or take a walk. Some dogs, like corgi, will do it for no apparent reason. 

Where does this behavior originate?

It’s actually a learned behavior. Dogs will do it because they know it works. Let’s explain this.

Suppose your dog walks up to you and starts to hit you with its nose. He doesn’t stop it until you start to pet him and cuddle with him. 

Then what happens?

He will learn that touching you with its nose will get him cuddles. And he will do it every time.

Of course, if he does this for other reasons that you don’t approve of (food or he wants you to move so he can sit, etc.), you can easily change it. Just stop reacting to it.

It may be annoying for a while, but eventually, he’ll get the message.

Also, he may be touching you with his nose when you’re sad, angry or when he knows he did something wrong. If he had a positive reaction to that behavior from you in the past, he would most likely do it every time he recognizes the same behavior patterns from you.

In the end, if you don’t like being hit by a cold, slobbery nose, then it doesn’t necessarily need to be the way you communicate with your dog.

When To Avoid Dog Boops?

As we’ve already mentioned, not all dogs like booping. 

If you notice your dog is pulling his head away when you try to tap him on the nose, then don’t do it. Instead of that, you can do a gentle head or back scratch that he will surely love!

On the other hand, if your dog cowers, growls, or shows any signs of anxiety or aggression, it’s best to avoid boops too. Usually, children are the ones that don’t know how to tell the difference between a scared and a happy dog.

Also, if your dog has a nose injury of any kind, or because of some health condition his nose is dry, sore, and sensitive, it’s best to avoid booping. You certainly don’t want your dog to associate booping with the painful or unpleasant experiences he had.

Lastly, if your dog is eating, it is for the best you don’t touch his nose. You will probably scare or confuse him, and that’s the last thing you want.

Other Signs Your Corgi Loves You

There are many ways in which your corgi will show you he loves you. He may ‘boop’ you, lick you, or even nip your leg. 

But what are the other signs? To find out, keep on scrolling!

He Follows Your Orders

By now, we all know that corgis are very stubborn and smart dogs that love to do everything their own way. 

Having said that, if your corgi listens to you and does exactly what you tell him to do, it is a true sign he trusts you with his life, and he respects you as a leader.

He Noses You

Other than booping, dogs, especially corgis, like to nose their owners.

It means your dog will literally smell you. If your corgi does this a lot, it means he cares about your well-being, and he wants to know where you have been and if you’re okay. How sweet!

He Licks You

Dogs like to lick each other when grooming, so this would be a sure sign he loves you.

Why? Because it means he considers you as a part of its pack and respects you. 

He Protects You

When a corgi loves you, he will be very protective of you and your home. Truth be told, they are very good at this.

That probably comes from their herding background. In the past, corgis had to keep the cattle together at all times and protect them from dangerous predators. 

So, if your corgi acts protective around you, it’s because he wants you to be safe and doesn’t want intruders in your home.

He Makes Eye Contact

Did you know when dog owners look their dogs in the eyes, it actually causes the body to release Oxytocin (a hormone that promotes bonding)? 

Therefore, if your corgi looks you in the eyes often, it means he very much loves you!

He Puts Himself In Vulnerable Positions

If your corgi lays on its back, exposing its tummy and letting you rub him or does something similar, it means he trusts you, and that is another sign of love.

He Gets Excited When You Get Home

This means that your corgi is glad to see you and loves having you around. It’s pure love.

He Leans On You

Another sign that your fur baby loves you is when he leans on you. If your corgi leans on you all the time, it means he feels safe around you, loves to be close to you, and that he trusts you.

He Follows You Around

Corgis are very loyal dogs, so if he truly loves you, he won’t leave your side.

He Doesn’t Hide From You

Corgis actually won’t manifest a lot of things in order to show their human love. If he doesn’t hide from you, that means he trusts you and wants to be around you all of the time.

He Keeps Pace With You

If your corgi keeps pace with you in your walks, it also means he loves and trusts you. If it weren’t the case, your corgi wouldn’t keep up with you since it wouldn’t be interested in being near you.

He Brings Things To You

When your corgi brings you gifts, it means he wants you to be happy and wants to show his affection for you.

More About Corgi Personality

Apart from being adorable, corgis have a great personality

They have a big heart; they’re loyal to the bone, highly intelligent, stubborn, and they LOVE attention. Such a huge personality packed into such a small body, right? 

Oh, and needless to mention how energetic, affectionate, and tenacious they are. And because they’re very expressive, you will always know how they feel about something.

Intuitive and independent, corgis are known for having their own set of rules. However, they’re not malicious, but only strong-willed. 

So, it’s essential that you train your corgi right. Otherwise, he may train you!

Do Corgis Love To Cuddle?

Yes, corgis very much like to cuddle. They see their humans as part of the pack, which is scientifically proven.

Corgis are known to be cuddly and clingy dog breed. As we’ve already mentioned above, they’re trusty, affectionate, and always happy to please their humans.

What’s a Corgi Sploot?

This is another trademark of corgis. It is a special stretch where they lay on their belly, with their paws flat on the ground and spread to the side. Although they’re not the only dog nor animal that does the sploot, they’ve definitely popularized this stretch. That’s why it is named after them.

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Final Word

So, there you have it – a detailed explanation of why corgis boop and what it means. Put simply; it’s a form of communication and their way of showing affection. 

We also mentioned some of the other signs by which corgis show love and affection. 

In addition, if you ever wish to ‘boop’ your dog back to show them your love, make sure your hands are clean. Don’t forget that dog’s nose is very sensitive, so make sure you do it gently.

Ultimately, if your dog doesn’t like it, you shouldn’t force it. Let him boop you instead, and show him your love in some other way.