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Do Corgis Need Jackets?

Do Corgis Need Jackets?

With corgis popularity rising, so does the number of their accessories. After all, if you buy a dog with royal lineage, it’s only human to want people to know about it. 

But is dressing up a dog and buying it clothes going a bit too far, or is it exactly what our beloved corgis need?

Those are some compelling questions given the cold weather we’re experiencing right now; the last thing we want is our pup catching a cold. 

In today’s article called “Do corgis need jackets?”, we’ll see if dog clothes are just another fad or something really useful that’s also cute and stylish. 

Instead of just listing random pros and cons, we’ll give you a somewhat simple rundown of some of the things you should keep in mind if you’re planning on buying your corgi a jacket. 

Finally, we’ll give you some of our recommendations for affordable and maybe not so affordable jackets. 

Alright, let’s dive into this. 

Do Corgis Need Jackets?

In our humble opinion, most of the time, your corgi won’t need a jacket. 

Sure, jackets are cute; they make your corgi look even cuter, if that’s possible. But unless you’re really itching to spend money, going for a dog toy instead might be a better long-term investment. 

But let’s go a bit more into detail; after all, not all corgis are the same, and not all corgis live in the same climates

There are a few cases where your corgi might benefit from having a jacket, and there are even fewer cases where a jacket is essential. 

But before we go over all of those, we have to look at corgi history and where they come from. This should help us explain why we think jackets on corgis are mostly unnecessary. 

Where Do Corgis Come From?

Unsurprisingly, Welsh corgis come from Wales. There are two corgi breeds, though. 

The Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi and they were named by the regions they originated from. 

The Pembroke Welsh corgis come from Pembrokeshire. Pembrokeshire is a coastal region next to the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Cardigan Welsh corgis come from Cardiganshire (how imaginative), which is today known as Ceredigion. It’s also a coastal region. 

Where these two regions are fairly similar is the climate.

Welsh weather is quite diverse. But looking at these two coastal regions specifically, they do get warmer compared to the Welsh inland. But they can also get wetter. 

The average summer temperature is around 63°F, sometimes going up as far as 75/6 °F, while winters can be as cold as 40°F. 

Basically, the winters are relatively cold, and the summers are mostly on the cooler side. 

“Why is this geography lesson important?” you might ask. Well, stay with us; we promise we’re not wasting your time. 

The Double Coat

We mentioned Welsh weather can be wet and cold. Well, corgis have a double coat that protects them from wet and cold weather (who would’ve thought). 

The first layer of coat, often referred to as the overcoat, is water-resistant. It’s there to keep your corgi dry, but it isn’t waterproof, so don’t go throwing your corgi in an icy lake just yet.

The second layer of coat, often referred to as the undercoat, is your corgi’s insulation. It keeps your corgi warm during the winter, and it cools them (yes, it cools them) during the summer. 

The doable coat is the reason your corgi sheds like somebody’s paying him by the pound

The doable coat is also why we think your corgi won’t need a jacket if she/he lives in some normal/everyday conditions. 

An important thing to mention is that corgis tend to have a thinner layer of fur around their stomach and lungs. 

Does this mean those parts are more exposed to the cold? Well, sort of, since the outer coat is thinner, it’s easier for your pup to get wet around those sections. 

 With all that being said, it’s time to finally give you some reasons why you should get your corgi a jacket.

Why You Should Get Your Corgi A Jacket?

Alright, if you need to justify a jacket purchase, we’ll give you some of the most common reasons how your corgi might benefit from it. 

It Can Look Fabulous

Depending on your corgi’s personality, a jacket might suit him wonderfully. It’s not rare to see a corgi wearing jackets and winter coats, especially in the past few years. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, not all corgis like wearing clothes, so be prepared for the option that your corgi doesn’t want to look fabulous. 

We’ll go a bit more in detail about this a little later in the article. For now, just keep in mind, it’s not the best idea to go out and buy a 100$ jacket for your pup without having him wear something else first. 

They’re Not Grown Up Yet

So you have a corgi puppy, and it’s getting colder outside. Since your puppy is still in development, it might not be able to withstand such harsh conditions. 

If that’s the case, buying a jacket is not the worst idea ever. 

Again, don’t overspend on the jacket. They’re still a puppy, they’ll outgrow it in 5 weeks, and you’ll just end up throwing it away (we mean the jacket, not the puppy).

Unforgiving Weather

You probably remember the whole Welsh weather section we had you read. By the way, you’re welcome; we’re educating you for free. 

Well, in that section, we’ve concluded that corgis can withstand some relatively low temperatures and some relatively wet conditions. 

But what if you live somewhere where it’s colder compared to Wales, like the North Pole or Russia? In those situations, putting some extra protection on your corgi is more than recommended. 

Also, if the conditions are both wet and cold, go ahead and buy a jacket for your pup; it’s bound to be cheaper than a trip to a veterinarian. 

Lingering Outside

We’ve all been there; it’s snowing outside, everyone’s having fun, building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other while our corgi is happy jumping into deep snow and wagging its docked tail.

The next thing you know, you’re at a veterinary clinic since your corgi is desperately trying to cough out its lounges. 

Not a pretty sight. That often happens when owners let their dogs enjoy the outside for a bit too long. 

Fifteen to twenty minutes out in the snow is something your corgi should be able to handle without much trouble. 

Anything more than that, and unless your corgi has been used to being outside for long periods of time, some kind of extra protection like a jacket is a must. 

Also, if you’re planning any hiking trips and want to bring your corgi with you, go ahead and buy him/her a jacket; it won’t hurt. 

One Thing You Should Never Do:

Corgis shed like it’s in their job description. As soon as mildly warmer weather starts, you can expect a weekly bag of corgi hair to be in your trashcan.

This is, of course, due to their double coat. But as we mentioned, their coats don’t just keep them warm, but they also keep them cool (or at least try to). 

Now, some loving owners have decided to make summers easier for their corgis. They went and shaved them, thinking that would help them stay cooler. 

Do not do this to your corgi, ever.

Firstly, the coat never grows back properly. It’s much coarser, and it takes on a sort of a woolly look that messes up with the aesthetics of your corgi. 

Secondly, if you want to help your corgi survive those scorching hot summers, there are far better things you can do for your corgi. 

Making sure it has plenty of water, making sure there’s enough shade if they’re outside, and that AC is on if they’re inside, just to name a few. 

However, if it suddenly gets worryingly cold and you didn’t know better and shaved your corgi, a jacket is probably a very good idea to keep him better insulated. 

The outer coat that people shave off is there to keep them dry; getting a waterproof jacket should be a decent substitute. 

Again, don’t shave your corgi, ever!

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Corgi A Jacket?

It’s simple; they don’t really need it

The cases we previously listed are not that common. 

Most corgi owners live in milder climates that shouldn’t endanger a corgi in any way.

But at the end of the day, it’s your decision. Jackets do make your corgi stand out even more.  

Jackets To Consider

Alright, after everything we’ve said, you still decided your corgi needs a jacket. 

Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got some interesting suggestions for you to consider from reasonably cheap to reasonably expensive. 

Before we start, we’d like to mention a couple of things. 

First, if you got a puppy, just like we said earlier, don’t spend too much money on a jacket. 

Unless you have a special trust fund just for your corgi, save some cash and get the cheapest, most functional option. They won’t be able to wear it in a month or two anyway.

Second, be a very vigilant measurer. 

Corgis tend to have weird proportions. Before you buy anything, take some time to measure your corgi and make sure the jacket isn’t too big or too small. 

A lot of owners get the “small” or “medium” size, thinking it will fit perfectly. Don’t make the same mistake. 

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s go over some options. 

The Cheap Option:

Vecomflu Fleece and Cotton Lining Dog Hoodie is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money but still wants protection for their pup. 

Is it the best-looking jacket around? No, it’s not. Is it useful for what it is and how much it costs? Most definitely. 

Since it’s a hoodie, your corgi will probably get some extra looks on the street. 

If you have a corgi puppy, it might be able to fit into this, but, as we said, measure first buy later. 

The Little Less Cheap Option:

Kurgo Dog Jacket Reversible Winter Jacket is a good option for those who don’t want their dog to get wet. 

It’s not as warm as the previous jacket we mentioned, but it will keep your corgi dry for longer. 

We recommend this to those owners who live or going to some wetter parts of the world with their corgi. 

In our subjective opinion, it’s not as good looking as the hoodie, but it’s not the worst looking jacket around either. 

The More Expensive Option:

Alright, so you want to buy your corgi’s love with money and nice things. 

You want your corgi to stand out and people to know you’re taking care of your pup like it deserves to be taken care of. 

Outward Hound Silverton Weatherproof Thinsulate Warm Coat for Dogs is the way to go then. 

There are two color options: grey and pink. We recommend pink if you want people to really notice. 

This jacket screams quality. It’s not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. However, unlike the previous jacket we mentioned, this is one properly insulated piece of clothing. 

Basically, if you want top-notch stuff for your corgi and you don’t care that much about the price of something your corgi will rarely ever wear, then go ahead and buy this baby.


As we said in the very beginning, your corgi doesn’t really need a jacket. 

Their double coat offers more than enough protection for the climates they live in. 

On the other hand, if you feel like a jacket is a must-have piece of clothing for your pup, then sure, why not, pick the one you like but make sure it fits your dog. 

One last thing to keep in mind, though, no matter how great he looks in it, as soon as it gets a tad bit warmer, don’t make your corgi wear a jacket. 

If they’re hot, they’ll drink a lot more water which isn’t really that great for their kidneys.

All in all, we recommend you save your money on this one and buy a great dog toy instead. Corgis prefer doing challenging stuff instead of looking good anyway.