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Do Corgis Need To Get Haircuts?

Do Corgis Need To Get Haircuts?

We’re pretty sure that owners of dogs with extremely thick coats will relate to this. At times, do you just look at your Corgi and ask yourself: Does my Corgi need to get haircuts?

It feels like it’s only been a couple of days since you’ve trimmed its coat, but it’s growing so fast – and your pup is already in dire need of another haircut. 

The truth is all dogs need to get their coat trimmed regularly. It’s just that some need it more frequently than others.

If you’re interested in why grooming is essential, how often you have to trim their coat, and some hairstyles that will look great on your Corgi, it’s all in this article right here.

So, put what you’re doing on hold, and scroll down!

Why Are Dog Haircuts Important?

Regardless of whether you own a Corgi or some other dog breed, you must make sure that its coat is groomed regularly.

Why is this such a big deal? Simple, it’s basic hygiene.

Your Corgi, like any other dog out there, uses its tongue to clean itself. It occurs more frequently than you think – and, well, it shouldn’t do it on an unclean surface.

Dog hair is a breeding ground for bacteria, dust, and parasites that collect on it every time your dog moves around. That significantly increases the risk of your Corgi getting sick or even being poisoned by the substances it picks up from its coat with its tongue.

Every breed is unique, and Corgi grooming should take place every 4-8 weeks. That’s what the experts suggest, anyway. You shouldn’t wait for your Corgi’s coat to become too thick and tangled, though. That could pose a problem for both your Corgi and you. 

Uncut dog hair can create a huge mess in your home – dog hair all over your apartment! That’s something neither you nor your guests would like to see.

There’s nothing wrong with the recommended period for grooming, but during fall and spring, you might need to take your Corgi to get haircuts more often.

The Corgi breed changes its coat and sheds like crazy during these two seasons, so to avoid loose dog hair all over your pillows and furniture, opt for a few extra haircuts.

If you want to give your Corgi a haircut yourself, be sure to clean your hands thoroughly before you start! Your hygiene is equally important. 

Also, when you’re done, you should disinfect the space you’ve been working on and make sure that everything is spotless!

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The Best Haircuts For Your Corgi

If you’re out of ideas for Corgi haircuts, these are some of the most popular options that will make your Corgi look cool and fresh!

Keeping It Short 

Imagine it’s the middle of July, and it’s 100 degrees outside. You’re hot, so you can imagine how your Corgi must be feeling. They’ve learned how to manage high temperatures, but you can make it easier on them by taking your Corgi to get a haircut – and a good one at that!

During summer, you should cut your Corgi’s coat as much as you can. It will significantly reduce the shedding and help your Corgi to withstand hot summer days.

Fluffy Ears 

One of the most famous attributes of your Corgi, in addition to their heart-shaped butts, are their fluffy ears. You can’t resist their cuteness – and that’s why a majority of owners decide to leave them uncut.

That can look adorable if a professional does it. Our recommendation would be not to count on your hairdresser skills this time, as it can go very wrong if your Corgi is impatient.

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Heart-shaped Tails

Since we have already mentioned their famous heart-shaped butts, some owners take this very seriously and are determined to show off their Corgi’s most famous feature.

Heart-shaped trimmed tails are extremely rare to see, but they are darn cute! As with the previous one, you might want to visit a professional groomer.

Natural Look

If you do not want your Corgi’s coat to appear too fluffy or too thin, then we suggest getting a medium trim. That will create a natural look.

With this choice, you are not committing to some significant changes – but just a slight trim now and then.

Lion Cut

You probably know what this one is about, huh? Many dog breeds that have a thicker coat get lion haircuts. The good news is your Corgi can get one, as well.

That means that the hair is thicker on the front of the body and thinner on the back. The emphasis is on the dog’s neck and head, where the white color can stand out. 

This haircut will make your Corgi look fearless!

The Spiral Cut 

If you want to spice things up, you should go to a professional groomer and ask for a spiral cut. What makes this haircut unique?

Well, it’s a bit unusual because your Corgi’s coat looks like a spiral. That is certainly not something that you’ll choose on a regular basis – but it will undoubtedly make heads turn when you show up at an event.

Additional Tips For Grooming

Grooming your Corgi might seem like an easy job at first, but you need to pay attention to so much other stuff – and not just how you trim its coat.

If you want to groom your Corgi at home, here are a couple of tips that can come in handy for new owners.

Brush Their Coat Regularly

Regularly brushing your Corgi’s coat will make it look shiny and healthy. With breeds known for shedding more than once during the year, you need to make a habit out of this.

Try brushing your Corgi’s coat once a week – if not every other day – to keep it from matting. Knots that appear due to lack of brushing can cause your dog pain, and it can get injured while scratching. 

Check Their Skin Beforehand

A majority of owners start with the grooming process without first checking on their dog. By this, we mean that you should check their skin for possible injuries, infections, or rashes.

If you ignore a problem such as infections, you can do great harm to your dog and cause further skin problems. Our advice is to take your pup to a room with good lighting before each grooming session and check for any red flags.

Don’t Bathe Them Too Often

You probably know all about bathing your Corgi. What you may not know is that there’s a limit when it comes to this type of hygiene. You see, bathing your Corgi too often can disrupt their hygiene and cause an unpleasant odor.

As a rule, you should bathe your dog every four weeks. In cases where your dog has been in an unclean environment or has just started to smell, you can bathe it after two weeks.

Caution: If your dog has an unpleasant odor even though you bathe it regularly, you should check with your vet. It could be a red flag indicating a skin or dental disease.

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Teach Them To Enjoy Grooming

Corgis are known for their lively behavior, and you can’t expect this breed to sit still for more than 15 minutes. Imagine how hard it must be getting them to stand still through an entire grooming session.

Some owners would say – mission impossible.

It can only be accomplished if you’ve successfully trained your Corgi. You need to teach your dog to enjoy grooming sessions, and most importantly – to remain patient!

Clean Their Ears And Nails

The two most sensitive areas of a dog’s body are its ears and nails. These two are breeding grounds for bacteria and dirt. If you don’t clean your dog’s nails and skip cutting them properly, the dust collected underneath them can cause severe rashes.

On the other hand, cleaning your dog’s ears is an inevitable habit, and you should practice it at least once a week. It might not seem fun – but it will save you so much trouble in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

You’ve been sitting at home wondering do Corgis need to get haircuts. Well, this is your sign to take your car keys and drive your Corgi to the nearest grooming professional.

Your pet Corgi is in dire need of a fresh new haircut. The good thing about taking your dog to get a haircut is that you have various options to choose from: 

If you want to keep it simple, you can opt for a natural cut. On the other hand, if you want your Corgi to stand out, you can ask the professional for a lion or a spiral cut. 

Either way, getting your Corgi’s coat groomed is a mandatory part of Corgi care.