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When To Wean Corgi Puppies?

When To Wean Corgi Puppies?

If you are a dog breeder, you are probably familiar with this topic. Weaning is a turning point in the life of your corgi puppy, right?

Whether you are someone who has been doing this for many years or just the owner of a female corgi who had puppies recently, this is bound to happen sooner or later. Therefore, it is very important to know when to wean corgi puppies.

On the internet, you are sure to come across many different options, but the information in this article is 100% verified. Weaning corgi puppies happens during the first couple of weeks, but this is not all there is to know about this process.

If you want to learn how to wean your corgi puppy like a pro, when is the right time for this, and a few more tips related to your cute pet, don’t go anywhere!

The Beginning Of The Process

You must have come across information on the Internet that told you that the right time is only after two or three months. If you didn’t know by now, this is a lie. When weaning, you don’t have to wait that long at all.

The right period to start weaning is when the puppies are 3 weeks old. Then, gradually, they need to start weaning from breast milk and getting used to solid foods.

Too early and too late weaning have their own disadvantages. In case you start too early with this, you can disrupt your dog’s metabolism. On the other hand, too late weaning will show consequences in further training and diet.

To be honest, if you want to succeed in breeding and adequately training your corgi, neither is good for you.

So, it would be best to take our advice and start this process after your puppy or several puppies have passed 3 weeks of life.

Before we start talking about this in detail and start explaining step by step, it would be good to emphasize a few more important facts about starting a weaning process.

The Term “Weaning”

Weaning is practically the process of separating a puppy from breast milk and their mother’s constant care and accustoming them to solid foods and a life that less implies the presence of their mother. This is a very delicate time in your puppy’s life, so it should be done with great care.

Puppies Without Mothers

Weaning is a period for puppies who have a mother and those who unfortunately do not have one. Although it was much more difficult in the past, today, there are specially-made formulas made for weaning puppies that are unable to be fed by their mother.


Nursing is the period preceding the weaning. This is the period that lasts from the birth of a puppy until some 3 weeks of life. During this period, you as the owner are not obligated to feed or water your puppy. The mother takes care of everything, and you shouldn’t interfere. 


Gruel is the type of food that is given to your puppy at the beginning of weaning. This is mostly food that consists of something soft boiled in milk or water. This is given for a few weeks. There are recipes online on how to make gruel easily.

Only after your dog gets used to this can you switch to some soft or canned food – but nothing hard in structure before that!

A common mistake made by corgi and dog owners in general is that they are not thoroughly familiar with the terms before embarking on some untested methods.

Weaning – Step-by-Step

Now that you are familiar with some important terms regarding the weaning period and what precedes it, it is time to get acquainted with the process in detail.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to wean your corgi puppy properly.

1. Make Sure The Mother Gains Some Weight

Before giving birth, it would be good to fatten the mother a few pounds to make nursing easier. You should go for + 15-20% of its weight. This means giving nutritional corgi food, which will at the same time be a healthy choice but also add the necessary weight.

2. Make Gruel For Corgi Puppies

After the mother has given birth and enough time has passed (3 weeks), it is time to start weaning officially. This means that you must first make the gruel (mentioned above).

3. Separate The Puppies From The Mother

The harder part of weaning is undoubtedly the physical separation of the cubs from the mother and breastfeeding. This is difficult for both the mother and the puppies, so it is important not to rush it.Instead, try separating one by one puppy.

There will probably be cases where the mother will be upset or even show signs of aggression. In case that happens, give her some time. On the other hand, the whining of the puppies is something you will have to get used to.

4. Start Offering The Gruel For Your Corgi Puppies

Once you have successfully made this according to the recipe, it is time to start offering this to corgi puppies. In this case, it is important not to overdo it and not to force your puppies to eat too much at once.

The correct way would be to fill a plate with this gruel, place it, and bring it closer in front of the puppies. In 99% of cases, they start eating on their own, so you’re safe.

5. Reunite The Puppies With The Mother Occasionally

Weaning of the puppies does not mean that they should be forever separated from their mother. Once you’re done feeding the puppies gruel, it’s time to spend some time with their mother again.

Violent separation can be dangerous for both puppies and the mother.

6. Getting The Puppies Used To Solid Food

After the puppies have been eating gruel frequently for some time, it’s time to switch to harder food. This means adding solid and canned food to their diet plan.

Attention: You should be extra careful during this transition. It would be best to consult a veterinarian and ask for recommendations and food brands.

Making Gruel

As I mentioned earlier, making puppy gruel is very easy with the help of recipes online.

If you currently have corgi puppies next to you that are about to start the weaning period and you need a recipe, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Here’s how to easily make puppy gruel in a few steps.

  1. Take a shallow dish.
  2. Pour two cups of high-quality dry food.
  3. Add a bit of minced boiled meat.
  4. Add the puppy milk formula.
  5. Fill up the bowl with warm water.
  6. Mix it well.

Here’s a video that might help you:

You may be done with the recipe, but that’s certainly not all you should know. So here are a few more tips:

With puppy gruel, it would be best to give this to puppies a couple of times a week. However, giving this food every day can cause terrible stomach problems.

The recommended dose is 3 to 4 times a week.

Allow the puppies to experience and eat this at their own pace. Like I said a moment ago, you shouldn’t rush the cubs. This food is new to them, and sometimes it will take time to get used to it.

After they have finished eating, the puppy gruel must never be returned to the refrigerator and used twice. This mixture is very perishable, and after a few hours, it can give off an unpleasant smell. 

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Why Is My Corgi Puppy Whining?

Welcome to the world of corgi puppies owners. From the moment your corgi puppy crossed your doorstep, you signed a contract for constant whining (at least until they grow up a bit).

This can be very irritating, and at some point, you may be wondering, “why is it whining now?”

Fortunately for you, so to speak, we are here to point out some of the possibilities and how to endure them without going crazy. Here’s a couple of most common reasons for your corgi’s sudden outbreaks. 

  • Your corgi is hungry – This is very common for any breed of puppies, but what sets corgis apart is the volume. These puppies don’t seem to stop until they are properly fed. Of course, a considerable amount of time and training is set aside for this.
  • Your corgi needs a nap – Corgi puppies are reputed to be one of the spoiled breeds. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where a corgi puppy cries because he is not close to its mother or a comfy dog bed. It’s really like having a baby.
  • Your corgi wants attention – If you are going to learn anything from keeping a corgi, it is that this breed of dog needs a lot of attention. And when I say a lot, I mean it expects you to be there 24/7.
  • Your corgi is in pain – Whining doesn’t just mean your dog is spoiled and eager for attention. Sometimes, whining is a red flag that something is wrong with the health of your corgi.

Maybe it’s an injury, and that’s why you should never ignore a corgi’s whine – even if it sometimes seems too annoying.

These were the most common reasons for your corgi’s constant whining, and here are the possible options on how to reduce this a bit if you can’t stop altogether.

  • Get your corgi a toy puppy
  • Cuddle with your corgi puppy on the couch or bed
  • Try sleeping in the same room for a while
  • Give him treats (but don’t overdo it)
  • Provide your corgi with a comfortable dog bed
  • Play calming music on your phone or computer
  • Never leave your corgi puppy without water or food

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