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Can Corgis Be Vegetarian?

Can Corgis Be Vegetarian?

We are what we eat. While it’s probably not a group of Corgis that came up with that saying, the same rules apply to them. What kind of diet your Corgi has impacts its health incredibly. 

So, how about we take a look at a topic that some might find a bit controversial?

Can Corgis be vegetarian? The question is straightforward, and yet the answer makes some people furious! But why is that? 

Well, certain people are against the whole lifestyle when it comes to us humans. So, you can imagine what they think of people who make their dogs’ diets meat-free.

The plan here is to give you the whole story – and to be as objective as possible. After all, the number one priority is for your puppy to be healthy, right? 

Because of this, it’s essential to learn about what your Corgi actually needs in its meal. 

Is it meat? Is it vegetables? Or is the combination of both the best option?

Let’s find out!

Vegetarian Corgis: Can Corgis Be Vegetarian?

While this answer may not be what some expect, the truth of the matter is that Corgis can live on a vegetarian diet. All dogs can! 

Now, we know what some of you are thinking; you probably saw some video online where a dog or a cat, when offered to choose between meat and veggies, decided to go with the meat like it’s nothing! 

Well, that’s not that surprising when you think about it. 

The whole point of a vegetarian diet in humans was based on a conscious moral decision. And some people don’t even like the taste of meat, so the transition goes well. 

But dogs like meat; that’s a fact.

All of this brings us to a crucial part of the whole story – most dogs do prefer meat, there are no two ways about it. So, switching to a vegetarian diet is s bit stranger for them than it is for us. 

That does upset some, and many people feel that it’s cruel towards dogs to limit their diets so much after thousands and thousands of years of them being carnivorous. 

Well, sorry to burst your bubble if you’re one of those people, but dogs aren’t carnivores – they’re omnivores. 

Now, some may think that there’s no critical difference here; it essentially means that meat was part of their diet. But that’s not at all what we’re pointing to here. 

We’re mentioning that because it shows us that dogs – unlike cats, for instance – are able to transform one amino acid into another. 

So, what does that mean? 

It means that your dog’s body will get all the nutrition it needs from a vegetarian diet. And health-wise, there’s no difference between giving or not giving them meat. 

But why is it then that dogs prefer meat? 

Well, they like it! Dogs, especially breeds like Corgis, have been around for thousands of years and are just used to eating meat. 

Back in the time of their ancestors, they hunted down prey to survive. That kind of instinct can’t be suppressed like it’s nothing. 

But let’s get something straight – your dog will love you like a god no matter what kind of food you give them! They just love to eat; their primary instinct, after all, is to survive, darn it. 

And it doesn’t hurt that they love fruits and vegetables, either. Have you ever seen a dog munch on a carrot or a banana? They adore the stuff!

Now, making the switch might be a bit hard for them, mainly if your dog is already used to meat. 

Like we already said, dogs do love meat. So, you’ll get a couple of looks if your Corgi’s a picky eater. That’s why we suggest you start with a combination of their usual food and the vegetarian diet that you plan on switching to in the future. 

Making Sure The Food Is Nutritious

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to address the elephant in the room: 

You are switching your Corgi’s diet to a vegetarian alternative, meaning you will have to prepare the foods yourself. And that means that you’re in charge of your dog getting enough nutrients, vitamins – and everything else a dog needs for its body to function correctly. 

Sure, there are vegetarian options that you can buy at the store if you don’t want this responsibility on your shoulders. But even then, you need to know what’s in those foods. 

That’s why you need to learn what exactly meat has that a vegetarian diet doesn’t. 

If specific nutrients are not present in a dog’s diet, there are particular health problems and conditions that your dog will be at risk of developing. 

Amino Acids

Now, we already mentioned that dogs have the ability to transform one amino acid into another. While this does make them good candidates for a vegetarian diet, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need a good amount of specific amino acids in their meals. 

There are two that are more important than others – L-carnitine and taurine.

When on a diet that is insufficient in these two amino acids, your Corgi is at risk of developing cardiomyopathy. This condition will give them an enlarged heart which can lead to some severe complications. 

Because of this, you must implement these amino acids into your dog’s diet. 

Now, while they can’t be found in plants, they’re easily found in the store. So, buy supplements of these two and make sure your Corgi’s meals include them!


Next on the list are proteins, the building blocks of your dog’s muscles. A diet low in protein is not healthy for any animal – so, you need to make sure your Corgi gets as much as it needs. 

Because we’re talking about a vegetarian diet and not the vegan alternative, the answer is quite simple – eggs! 

Egg whites and yolks are a better source of proteins than some meats, so always make sure to include them in your dog’s meals.

Besides the proteins, eggs are a healthy choice for dogs in many other ways, too. Your Corgi’s fur, eyesight, and many other things will improve with the addition of eggs to its diet. 

And here’s a pro-tip for you: They like the shells just as much as they enjoy the eggs!

Vitamin D

A diet that is insufficient in vitamin D can result in many health problems. The most severe ones are:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Osteomalacia, a disease that makes the bones soften
  • Rickets, a condition that results in bone deformities


When dogs suffer from a calcium deficiency, they’re at risk of losing muscle control, suffering from convulsions, and having seizures

Why Should Your Corgi Be A Vegetarian?

We already answered the question of whether or not your Corgi can be healthy on a vegetarian diet. But how about we look at why you should make the switch?

The decision can seem like a big one, after all. 

If your dog was eating dry food, for instance, maintaining a healthy diet consisted of going to the store and ensuring that your Corgi is fed at the proper times. That’s incredibly simple compared to planning out meals, buying each ingredient, and preparing the food. 

But all of that may take away from the primary purpose of this whole thing: 

Animal cruelty is a severe problem globally, and the moral of the story is quite obvious. 

So let’s take a look at the opposition just one more time.

Dogs did eat meat for a long time, and there are benefits to it – even though the alternatives have been proven to work just fine. But your dog is hardly eating quality meat if you’re giving it store-bought dry or wet foods.

Now let’s get it straight – some brands and foods use high-quality products. 

But preparing the food yourself makes it impossible for the sub-par ingredients to find their way into your dog’s meal. And we all know that the dog food industry is famous for using food that has been rejected by humans. 

That statement might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s how it works. Many brands use leftover meat that has been labeled “not for human consumption.” Now, last we checked, dogs aren’t humans. 

But does that sound like your Corgi – or any other breed for that matter – is getting the healthy meat that will make their body function properly?

We’re not saying this to get you to switch your dog to a vegetarian lifestyle; far from it. 

We support people’s choice to choose – but your dog deserves high-quality food. Some brands use actual meat for the pre-packaged foods you can buy at the store. But if you prefer meat, we would generally suggest giving your Corgi fresh dog foods!

That will come with a bit of a learning curve; nutrition is not the easiest subject in the world. But it sure is worth it. 

It doesn’t matter which diet you choose for your puppy; we suggest making it yourself!

Final Words

So, there you have it; can Corgis be vegetarian? 

Yes, Corgis can live a healthy life as vegetarians. Sure, the switch might not be an idea they’ll fall in love with, but it can be worth it.

The most important thing is for you to know what you’re doing. Get your puppy enough protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, and anything else it might need to run and jump around the house without issues. 

Our final piece of advice is for you to talk to your vet regarding all this. If anybody can guide you – or even teach you a thing or two – it’s a good veterinarian. They’ll know more details about your dog health-wise, so they’ll see if they need more or less of something in their diet. 

Just make the meals with love, and you’ll get the love right back – that’s a promise from your Corgi AND us!